Top 10 Best Gas Producing Countries in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Gas Producing Countries in The World 2017. The gas reserves that are always in this world are equally distributed but you go to the Middle East and former, you will realize that you are going to get larger gas fields than other regions in the world, with the Soviet Union having 40% – former 35% respectively. You cannot not ignore the presence of oil and that is why when you are in the oil fields, you will find that 1 m of oil always contains about 85cubic meters of natural gas. Many countries or regions that are going to of do better are ones that work hard to produce oil as it will also help out in giving them gas. In this section, we are going to ensure that we bring the latest of the countries that have strived to be in this list and surely, without them, then we could be suffering from oil and gas deficit all the time. Here are the top ten gas producing countries in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Gas Producing Countries in The World 2017

10. Algeria

Algeria Top 10 Best Gas Producing Countries 2017

The key sectors that have always been there for the countries well-being and progress is oil and gas because they always ensure that they take care of the market and the economy of the state. It has it the largest reserve of shale gas and that is what even places it at a good position at the market world for shale production. Algeria has been a member of OPEC as early as from 1969 and started its oil stock as from 1958. In its exports in today’s market, you will realize that oil and market always make a bigger percentage than others types of goods. You are going to find the rich reserves situated in Ghadames basin.

9. Venezuela


The country has always been known to be having some the best and big gas reserves in the world and when you to South America, you will find that it is the largest in the region. What is ailing it is the poor transportation infrastructure which has always hindered it from hitting the limits of is resources. The 70% of the domestic gas production that the place has always made sure that the petroleum industry. The company that is leading in this sector is the PdVSA and the largest private producer is the Repsol-YPF.

8. Nigeria

Nigeria Top Popular Gas Producing Countries 2018

In this country, you are going to get 260 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The gas that you will find here is going to be triple what you will get in the nations crude oil resources. Other than having gas, it also has a rank of being the largest flaring country in the planet. But there is one thing that has not made it climb up the ladders and be the best, it does not fully harness its resources and those has made it to lose as estimate of 18.2 million US dollars on a daily basis. When this problem will be curbed, then you are going to get big things done the right way in the country.

7. United Arab Emirates


You can find up to 6-trillion natural cubic meters. This has always been an increase when you look at its gas production in the year 2009 which was 3 trillion cubic meters. If you are an investor that wants to invest your money in the sector, then you are going to be welcomed a lot. Abu Dhabi is one rich place that you can visit and do your investments. But things have always been problems to the place due to transportation issues and that is what has made it to export minimum quantities of oil and gas.

6. Turkmenistan


The reserves that it has will sum up to 265 trillion cubic feet. The place where all this is done is the Galkynysh Natural Gas field and is also rated as the second largest field. What you are not going to ignore is that the country needs better ways of moving the oil from one place to another. A better pipeline is needed to do the work due to the hydrocarbon richness that is found in the area. That is why the country always partners with foreign partners to invest in pipelines that are going to better the place.

5. The United States


The reserves that the country ha has always rose up by 9.7 % so that it reached around 354 trillion cubic feet at around 2013. The US has a use of twin technologies that uses hydraulic fracturing and also the use of horizontal drilling. The rose of the reserves that it uses from Pennsylvania rose by a good margin of around 37 percent. There are also other certified reserved that have also grown in the country including Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, North Dakota, Texas, and also Ohio.

4. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Top 10 Best Gas Producing Countries

Being situated in a place that is very vital, then you will realize that this is a place that is going to be among the largest reserves of natural gas that are situated in the gulf. A portion of this gas production is situated to be found in the Ghawar region. The country is known for gas production ad is expected to do a lot. What makes it unique is that it has not increasing its investments to increase this massive industry. All those that have passion to be part and parcel of its success are always invited to take part in its investments. This is the one of Top 10 Best Gas Producing Countries in The World 2017.

3. Qatar

Qatar Top Most Popular Gas Producing Countries 2018

This is place that is known to be having a better part of world supply of natural gas as it has 14% of all the known reserves that exist in the world. The portions that are known to be the ones that harbor the bigger portion of this is found in the north field which is able to hold to hold up to and additional of 450 trillion cubic feet. That is why it has been recorded that in the ear 2009, it managed to generate up to 3.15 trillion cubic feet. It is a country that does not plan to go behind any time soon in its production prowess.

2. Iran

Iran Top Most Gas Producing Countries 2017

The rank that it has been given here is one of a kind but not for free because it is a region that is known to do work far and wide to ensure that the world gets enough oil for its everyday use. The reserves that it has will give you up to 1046 cubic feet which is rated to be at almost 15.8% of the total reserves that you will get in this world. You will not run dry of gas when you are in the country and it also produces oil I large quantities which together make the country to have a rich export of the products.

1. Russia

Russia Top Famous Gas Producing Countries 2019

Other than being the best of the gas countries, it is also resected in being the second largest coal reserves. The gas that you can find in the country accumulate up to 32 % of the total gas. That is why after Russia identified the sector as being key in the production market, then it went ahead to take it into its passion so that it ensures that you get a better way to use gas to give you energy. It always ensures that it exports up to 196 billion cubic meters of gas worldwide. Business in its stations never stop because they always fight day and night to bring you the best way you can get energy from their gas.

These are the Top 10 Best Gas Producing Countries in The World 2017. The business of gas is one that is always a challenging one but we cannot ignore the fact since the invention of the product, things always seem to move smoothly as things are always made to be easier each time we need energy driven machines. The countries that we have talked about above always struggle to give you quality from what they can produce and you are entitled to never run dry of the product. That is why they always work day and night without any rest at all in the industries.