Top 10 Best Fish Markets in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Fish Markets in The World 2017. A fish market is a place where you can buy and sell fish products. The marketplace can be dedicated to the fish merchants and the fishermen. There is very many fish market that is found in many parts of the world. The markets are either big or small; they range in size. In the marketplace, you can get all kinds of fish, and many people will prefer going there to buy fish. The advantages of buying fish in the market are because you will get the fish you want and fresh fish.

Many people will be dedicated to selling the best fish for you in the market. In the world, there are very famous and known markets that have been rated the best. They are rated the best considering the kind of market according to its functionality. Below is a list of the top 10 fish best fish markets in the world.

List of Top 10 Best Fish Markets in The World 2017

1. Tsukiji Fish Market


Tsukiji Fish Markets is the best fish market in the world that is located in Tokyo Japan. The market is the biggest bazaar in the world in the matters of the markets functionality, size and measurements. The place is the best priority market in the world and known for the different fish markets. The market is situated in an excellent place, and you can enjoy all the sea foods. The market sells there to fish the retailers and to the small and huge restaurants.

The market is known to handle more than 400 different species of seafood that ranges from all prizes. The most expensive and the cheapest seafood will be found in the market. The market has created employment for very many residents of Tokyo and even outside. There are those who sell the fish to the market and those who are in the market selling the fish. The market was constructed many years ago.

2. Mercado de la Nueva Viga

Mercado de la Nueva Viga Top 10 Best Fish Markets in The World

Mercado de la Nueva Viga is the second best market that is located in Mexico City Mexico. The market is the main store for fish in Mexico. It is found in the far inland from the coastal region of fish. The market handles over 1,500 tonnes of seafood on a daily basis. The amount sold can represent 60 % of the size of fish that is found in the market. Mercado de la Nueva Viga has been centred in Mexico for a long time. The coastal could be the market, but the fish is located in Mexico City. The market is located there because the Mexico City history of being the best economic centre hence the market was brought there.

Mercado de la Nueva Viga market was established near La Viga Canal was named after the 19th-century ranch. The market was set up in the year 1990 because of the high demand for food, and the old market was not able to distribute the fish to the people accordingly. The market lies on a government’s property that lies on 9.2 hectares of land. The market welcomes all kind of buyers. The wholesale retail and any seller who have been certified to buy and sell the seafood can access the market for business.

3. Sydney Fish Market


Sydney Fish Market is the third best market that is located in Sydney, Australia. There are over one hundred types of fish that are that are traded in the bazaar. The market is rich in superiority, variety and unsurpassed market in a realm. You can get the various sea foods that are found in the place. It is one of the major stores for the people in the Southern hemisphere.

The Sydney Fish Market was first opened in the year 1945 by the government of Australia and started the store. After an operation for many years as a government’s property, the market was sold in the year 1994. The market is well known by the resident as a place where you can get all kind of seafood at a very subsidised price. The market is clean hence making the environment conducive for good fish.

4. Billingsgate Market

Billingsgate Market Top Best Fish Markets in The World 2017

Billingsgate Market is the fourth known best market in the world. The market is located in the London United Kingdom. The market is positioned at the centre of London. It is one of the United Kingdom’s Inland fish store that is the major one. In the 19th century, the market was rated to be the major fish store in the world before the above fish stores came up. It remains to be an amazing fish store up to date.

Those who need to trade fish or any other seafood must get a license to permit them to work in the market. Thew market has been celebrated a couple of time of the realm of being the best market. The market not only sells the fish to the local places around London but also outside the state and the country. Fish in the market are from the Aberdeen Sea Port.

5. Hamburg Fish Market

Hamburg Fish Market Top Popular Fish Markets in The World 2019

Hamburg Fish Market is the fifth best-known market in the world. The market is located in Germany and the finest bazaar around the Germany. Hamburg Fish Market is also known as the search store. The market does not only deal with the sea foods but also other things such as fruits and tea. The market has been in place for over 300 years and functioning very well. It is a traditional but a functional market. The market is also a popular attraction site for the many people who visit Germany.

Other than Hamburg Fish Market being a place of visit by those who visit the place, it has also created job opportunities for very many people who live in and on the outskirts of Germany. In this case, the market is beneficial to all the people. This is one of the Top 10 Best Fish Markets in The World 2017.

6. Busan Cooperative Fish Market

Busan Cooperative Fish Market Top Most Famous Fish Markets in The World 2018

Busan Cooperative Fish Market is one of the known markets in the world that are well known. The market is situated in Busan in South Korea. South Korea is well known because of this market and the fame of the business involved in the market. The market is one of the major markets found in South Korea. Fish marketing is one of the businesses that is flourishing in the country of Korea. It is known for the supply of fish to other countries around and even outside the continent.

Busan Cooperative Fish Market is building and has built almost 30 % of the part that is covering the entire South Korea. The market was realised first in the year 1963 and has grown tremendously. The market is creating the best fish food in the world.

7. Feskekorka Gothenburg

Feskekorka Gothenburg Top Most Popular Fish Markets in The World 2018

Feskekorka Gothenburg is the seventh best market in the world that is situated in Sweden. Feskekorka Gothenburg is among the interior markets in the world. It means that all the fish businesses are undertaken in an enclosed area. The market is joined with restaurants that also do the business of preparing the seafood. The market is popular for the variety of sea food that is found in the place.

The market was first recognised and on the underway on 1st November 1874. It is a priority for the purchasing of the seafood market. The market is also a travellers spot, and there are some tourists who visit the fish market and relish a different kind of seafood.

8. Fulton Fish Market

Fulton Fish Market Too Most Fish Markets in The World 2019

Fulton Fish Market is the eighth best market available in the world. The market is situated in New York in the United States of America. The market was first recognised 1822 and acted as a food marketplace. The fish that is found in this fish market are from the Atlantic Ocean. The traders that are located in the market then sell their fish to the restaurants and other people. The market receives support from many places to support the ongoing of the market.

9. Aberdeen Seafood

Aberdeen Seafood Top 10 Best Fish Markets in The World 2017

The Aberdeen market is the ninth best market that is located in Aberdeen in Hong Kong. This is one of the known sea foods that is located on the Island of Hong Kong. It positioning at the market has provided a wider diversity hence making the market get too much seafood on the market. The market has moved the small village in Hong Kong. The market as some traveller attraction and every year, there are those who visit the place to employ time. Most of those in the place spend most of their time in the boats looking for the fish to sell in the marketplace.

10. Taipei Fish Market


Taipei Fish Market is the tenth in the list and the fish market is located in China and serves as one of the biggest. Chinese are among the groups in the world that love eating fish. The food they eat contains various kind of seafood. The fish in the place are loved by many and are very fresh from the ocean. The market is also an attraction site in Taipei. The market also exports the fish to other neighbouring countries or beyond.

These are the Top 10 Best Fish Markets in The World 2017. Fish is a white meat that is loved by many all over the world. In every country, there is a place where the fish is sold and sold in large number. The list above is only for the first ten, but the list continues with other bets markets.