Top 10 Best Dental Insurance Companies in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Dental Insurance Companies in The World 2017. Have you ever gone for a root canal or tooth removal? If you have, I bet you know how expensive it is due to the many checks up you have to have with the dentist. They are supposed to be 3 but most the times, the checkups exceed more than 3. The dentist mostly checks in your sick tooth if the canals are painless that’s if you are having a root canal, if it happens they are painful he will tell you to come back again hence you will be paying more money for the procedure.

To save you all these troubles and money, in this article we are going to discuss the best dental insurance companies in 2017. These companies liaise with medical companies that offer quality dental care to offer you subsidized but magnificent dental care. If you are already a member I bet, you are already benefiting from them. These companies are:

List of Top 10 Best Dental Insurance Companies in The World 2017

10. eHealth

ehealth, Top 10 Best Dental Insurance Companies in The World 2017

No doubt that this magnificent and exceptional dental insurance company deserves to be in this list this year. It is a dental insurance company that has been on an upward trajectory. Last year it didn’t feature in this list but this year it has managed to be on number 10. Some the dental insurance benefits it offers its customers include a twenty-four-hour live chat and support, it has a dental indemnity plan, it also offers you an online management account. It also offers prices that are highly competitive from major providers like Delta Dental.

9. Delta Dental

delta dental, Top 10 Best Dental Insurance Companies in The World 2018

Who doesn’t know Delta Dental? With a network of 292,000 office locations across the whole country and 145,000 dentists who can miss knowing Delta Dental? They are everywhere and they dental insurance package can be matched by very few insurance companies in the market. Its market reach is 60 million customers; this is a third of the whole of the American population. In a year, it processes more than ninety-three million dental claims with 99.7 accuracy.

8. Guardian

guardian, Top 10 Best Dental Insurance Companies in The World 2019

They are truly your guardian, they guard your dental claims and ensure you are accorded unrivalled and unmatched dental care in any of their dental outlets or in any of their partners’ dental clinics. Its provider networks are one of the largest in America. It has more than 171,000 locations across the country, it also has more than 83,000 providers. Guardian is also one the largest insurance companies in the world. It has a processing accuracy of 99% with discounts of 30%.

7. Humana


Humana is one of the best health insurance companies.They truly deserve the number 7 spot on this list due to the excellent dental insurance services they have been offering during this year and the past years. Humana has been in the business of offering dental insurance services for quite some time and they are quality has not diminished in fact it is on an upward trajectory. For discounted services, there is no waiting time. It offers its services online.

6. MetLife


Metlife has a dental insurance coverage that is matched and rivaled by very companies currently in the market. It is reaches surpasses more than 191,000 dentists, they are scattered all over the country so as to provide quality dental insurance services to its customers. There is no waiting time for certain groups of people.

5. Ameritas


Just like its logo, it is a buffalo in the sector of dental insurance. It is a well-managed dental insurance company with very few bureaucracies when processing a dental claim. It has made its chain of command to be very accessible to its customers, this is what it has led it to be one the best dental insurance companies in America. Another thing that has contributed to its excellence is that it specializes on family and individual dental insurance.

4. Cigna Dental


Who doesn’t know Cigna dental? If it happens you don’t know them then you must be living outside America. Cigna is one of the most popular and liked dental insurance companies in America. This is primarily due to it having no referrals for specialist care and also you can choose any dentist you want. It also has no claims submissions. With over a dental network of more than 72,000 dentists be sure to find Cigna anywhere in America.

3. Aetna


The companies that are number 1, 2 and 3 on this list truly deserve to be those numbers infact it is hard to differentiate them. The only disadvantage of being a being a Aetna dental insurance holder is that you will be limited to their services as they are only based in Pennsylvania, Illnois, Delaware and Arizona.

2. DentalPlans


They have a thirty-day refund policy, you have thirty plus dental savings you can choose from, they give you very detailed dental reports and also have no annual limits for those who want to save more using there dental saving plans.

1. Careington


With over a network of more than 67,000 participating dentists, you can easily find this dental insurance company anywhere in America. It has no limits on use as anyone who wishes to join them is accepted willingly.

These are the Top 10 Best Dental Insurance Companies in The World 2017. In the list above, all the companies deserve to be the number they currently hold, in fact it is expected that new companies will have dislodged them from this list. Such is the high competition between dental insurance companies.