Top 10 Best Dairy Providing Countries in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Dairy Providing Countries in The world 2017. Milk is a global commodity and it is traded around the world in the same way that corn or oil or other commodities are traded. A huge amount is produced by different countries and is imported by other countries, sometimes amounting to billions of tonnes of the white stuff. Of course, there are also loads of other dairy products, including cream and cheese and these are also imported and exported. Powdered milk is another popular way of transporting the product.

When we think of milk we might automatically think of cows but of course there are numerous other animals that produce milk and this is used as much as cow’s milk. Sheep, goats, buffalo and camels all produce milk and all of the products are made slightly differently and taste different, depending on the origin of the milk. Milk is an important product for the health of many people, as it is an important source of calcium which is good for bones and teeth. As it is such an important product and is traded in such massive volumes around the world it is important to have an idea of which countries are producing the most of the stuff. This list counts down from ten to one, ending with the country that produces the most dairy products in the world.

List of Top 10 Best Dairy Providing Countries in The World 2017

10. Turkey


Turkey famously produces a lot of milk so it is perhaps unsurprising that it has made it on to this list. Indeed, the economy of the country is to a large extent dependent on milk production. 42% of Turkey’s milk comes from cows with other animals making up the rest. The dairy industry is a major employer in this large rural nation. Whilst the population uses a lot of dairy, much of the product is exported elsewhere.

9. New Zealand

New Zealand Top 10 Best Dairy Providing Countries in The world

The New Zealand climate is perfect for dairy farming and it is well known for it, along with sheep production. With a small population itself it is a majority export nation when it comes to dairy products, and especially milk, with almost 90% of its milk going overseas. There are now about 4.5 million cows in the country which is more than 1 cow per person on the islands. The dairy industry continues to grow and become more innovative as it looks to the future and to expand its share of the the global market.

8. France

France Top Most Dairy Providing Countries in The world 2018

Being supported heavily by the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union means that many of France’s dairy farms can afford to be mixed. There are lots of dairy farms and they export a good deal of their product overseas. Of course, France is famous for its cheese and a huge amount of this is also exported, especially to its northern neighbour across the sea, the United Kingdom. The emphasis for France is generating a quality product that can be sold anywhere as well as ensuring self-sufficiency.

7. India

India Top Famous Dairy Providing Countries in The world 2019

Indian dairy products are diverse, especially given the provenance and origins of the animals used. Cows, goats, sheep and others are used to get milk products. In 2012 54 million tonnes of milk was produced, a record even to date. The federal government directly supports dairy farming and even has a National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) to oversee projects which encourage growth in the sector. India has a high internal population but there are also thousands of small producers. The focus is usually on satisfying local markets.

6. USA


There are almost 51,000 dairy herds in the United States which focuses on producing a range of products, mostly for the domestic market, including yoghurts, powdered milk, cheese and of course liquid milk. Only a small amount of dairy produce is exported, with 97% used domestically. However, the size of the market means that the sector is still massive and booming. Approximately 23 billion gallons is produced every year.

5. Germany

Germany Top Most Popular Dairy Providing Countries in The world 2018

The second country within the European Union to feature in the list, Germany has a rich livestock sector, with milk coming from cows, sheep, buffaloes, goats and others. It focuses on exporting cheap, good quality milk and this is consumed all over the world. In 2015 29.34 million tonnes of milk was produced. This production rate is increasing as herds are consolidated and the German dairy industry aims to become more efficient. This is one of the Top 10 Best Dairy Providing Countries in The World 2017.

4. Pakistan


Pakistan’s economy is completely reliant on a booming dairy industry. From small producers ot large ones, there are thousands of people involved in the dairy sector and thousands of jobs depend upon it. Yoghurt, milk and cheese are popular products within the domestic market but a substantual proportion is still exported overseas as better prices can be achieved.

3. Brazil

Brazil Top 10 Best Dairy Providing Countries in The world 2017

Brazil is on eof the biggets dairy producers in the world mainly due to its enormous cattle ranches which it clears the rainforest in order to make way for. Huge amounts of soya and maize is grown to satisfy the need of the industry. In total there are more than 205 million cattle, that’s nearly 50 times the number of New Zealand. They produce near to 28 million litres of milk each year. The state of Minas Gerais produces the most milk in the country, a whopping 26% of the proportion. The Rio Grande Do Sul contributes 15% and Parana 12%. A lot of it is consumed within the country but a significant amount is also exported elsewhere.

2. Russia


Russia may not be the first choice for being so far up the list but in fact this huge country also produces a huge amount of milk. The NPO is their dairy organisation which is responsible for the dairy industry. Their focus is on encouraging producers to bring about milk of a high quality and without any impurities. The diary industry makes up to 20% of the country’s wealth, which is signifcant given the other natural resources of oil and gas that the country is famed for. The counter however also imports a large amount of European cheese.

1. China

China Top Popular Dairy Providing Countries in The world 2017

At the top of the list is China, which is rapidly growing and becoming more and more tolerant to dairy products. There are numerous small producers across the country who perhaps only have one or two cows but focus on supplying their local market. At the same time, there are enormous mega dairy operations that multi-national corporations are trying to support, to grow the industry on a different scale. Of course cows are not the only animals and goats and sheep are popular dairy livestock. Nonetheless, cows are the most plentiful with perhaps 14 million giving milk. China hits the top not because of the size of its herd but the potential it has for growth, both to feed its massive internal domestic market but also for export. Milk can be produced cheaply and so a high profit can be achieved on the global marketplace which is what big companies are interested in.

These are the Top 10 Best Dairy Providing Countries in The World 2017. As the world slowly becomes more wealthy and more tolerable of dairy then milk based products are likely to grow even further in terms of the amount that is produced. All of the countries involved in the top half of this list are large scale in terms of area but they are also developing rapidly. It is therefore most likely that we will see rapid change in terms of the amount of exports that they do in the coming years.