Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies in America

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies in America 2017. Selecting the insurance company for car insurance cover is not a walk in the park for most people. One has to first look for the insurance company that will guarantee him or her peace of mind in the event that he/she makes claim. The claim may be due to an accident, stolen car, or any other event that warrants one to make a claim for compensation by the insurance company. It is disheartening to go through hell when making claim and to avoid being taken in circles, it is prudent that one makes an informed decision on the insurance company for the car plan. Therefore, this article explores the best car insurance companies in America based on the value of their services, cost of their plans and responsiveness.

List of Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies in America 2017

10. The Hartford


Hartford is among the best car insurance companies in America and it is the eleventh largest in the country. The company has been in business for over 200 years. Its customer service and the excellent claim processing make it one of the most attractive insurance companies in America. This partly explains its longevity and steady rise over the years. It offers numerous policy options and benefits on car insurance. Its vehicle discount insurance and Auto claims satisfaction is certainly the best by any insurance company in America. Hartford has an excellent purchase experience, helpful up to date policy benefits and mechanical breakdown coverage that rank it among the best in the country. One can access the agents through an online platform or through the phone any time as they are available round the clock. The company’s major drawback is low claim satisfaction according to a survey by J.D Power which revealed that less than 50% of its customers were unsatisfied by their claim processing. Few online learning resources make its competitors have undeserved advantage in auto insurance plans.

9. AAA insurance company


This is one of the best insurance companies in America with its headquarters in Washington, D.C. it boasts of over 54 million customers in the country with branches spread across America. The company offers specialized insurance policies to drivers of specific vehicles as well as online education to drivers at a discount. AAA insurance company is the most reliable for the new drivers. Its customer care services are incomparable, response time is just awesome and professionalism is out of this world. This is one of the best insurance companies for anybody seeking a car insurance policy in America.

8. Nationwide

Nationwide Top Popular Car Insurance Companies in America 2018

The company was formed in 1925 and has grown from a local insurance company to nationwide with branches spread across America. It has one of the most affordable rates for its car insurance plans. Its coverage, roadside services, and low rates are attractive to the low-income earners in the country. The company does not have extra charges common with other insurance companies. Its customer satisfaction is unmatched. The company has an incredible online platform for its customers seeking services and information on their plans.



The company is certainly the best in customer satisfaction. Its customer satisfaction in a study by J.D Power ranked USAA top in claims satisfaction. It is fast and efficient in claim processing and highly responsive to customer inquiries. Initially, the company was reserved for Officers and their families but has since opened doors to all active army and non-commissioned officers. Final settlement of a claim by this company has excited its clients and their diverse cover plans just cement their spot among the best insurance companies in America. Its major drawback is that it is not open to members of the general public.

6. State Farm

State Farm Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies in America

This insurance company was established in 1922 and its customer satisfaction and financial stability serve to boost confidence in those seeking auto insurance policies. Its online platform and individual service to clients is its greatest asset that has endeared them to many. One can easily get quotes online saving time required to visit a local office. The company has an unmatched mobile application and website that contains all the necessary information an insurer may require. It also offers personalized help to clients through their agents spread across America or in local offices. This is the one of Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies in America 2017.


GEICO Top Most Car Insurance Companies in America 2017

The company’s low rates for their car plans and excellent customer service are attractive to many seeking auto policies. They can be contacted anytime whether day or night through a network of their agents. It offers discounted services as well as other insurance policies other than car plans. This ranks among the best in customer claim satisfaction.

4. Progressive

Progressive Top Famous Car Insurance Companies in America 2019

The company offers car plans at relatively low prices and its insurance rate comparison has become its conspicuous feature. They offer customer service day and night and process documents very fast. The company offers a wide range of auto insurance policies that cater for every client’s needs.

3. Allstate

Allstate Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies in America 2017

This company is focused on employing women and minority in the country. Their swift response and compensation plan that takes few days makes it stand out among other insurance companies offering auto policies. The company’s car insurance plans are cost effective and save a lot of time due to their faster processing plan. It is suitable for the low-income earners and minority groups in America.

2. Esurance


This is an online car insurance company providing clients with claim resolution tools and one can easily sign up, change the auto plan or even renew their policies with much ease. Their rates do not keep escalating like in other insurance companies. Their online platform is superb and takes few seconds for one to sign up, pay bills and even change the car policy. This is the most convenient, time-saving insurance company in the United States.

1. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual Top Most Popular Car Insurance Companies in America 2018

Arguably the best insurance Companies in America today. This company is honest, professional and friendly to its clients. Its rates for car plans are certainly one of the lowest in America. They process claims in record time and their customer satisfaction is just excellent. This is one of the oldest insurance firms in America offering a wide range of comprehensive insurance plans.

These are the Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies in America 2017. The decision on the insurance company for car insurance is vital in order to avoid the stress associated with some dishonest firms when launching a claim. The above list gives insight into the best and most efficient insurance companies in America that any car owner should consider.