Top 10 Most Beautiful Flags in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Flags in The World 2017. Every country has a flag and is a symbol of their culture or how far they have come. Each flag has a different color that has a special meaning of the color. A flag is not just picked up, but it is will designed to remember the culture of the country. Not long ago when the flags of all the countries in the world were brought together, and they were all arranged in the order of the most beautiful flags 2017.

The collection of these flags was excellent because all the flags are beautiful. But the difference is that the flags can be arranged to form the most beautiful flag. Many colors are there. Some of the common colors on the flag are red, black, green, blue white, purple, yellow and many more colors. Below is a list of the tip ten beautiful flags in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Flags in The World 2017

1. United Kingdom


Many people believe that the flag of the United Kingdom is the most beautiful. I believe too that the flag is the most beautiful flag that you will ever come across. Statistics also show that the flag is beautiful as well. The flag consist of a stunning Red Cross and a white background. The red color of the flag is a combination of the cross of St George that represents Red Cross that is on a white background. The cross of St.Andrew that is representing White satire that is on the blue background.

2. Canada

Canada Top Popular Beautiful Flags in The World 2018

The flag of Canada is the second most beautiful flags in the world 2017. The flag has a combination of two colors. It has red and a white color making the flag look great. The combination of the colors of the flag makes it appear as the second most beautiful flag in the world. At the middle of the flag, there is a symbol of a maple leaf. A maple tree is a common tree that grows in all parts of Canada and the maple syrup that they occasionally make.

The white color denotes the tranquillity and the sincerity that the people of Canada have. The red color is a symbol of force, courage and bravely.

3. Mexico

Mexico Top Famous Beautiful Flags in The World 2019

The flag is a combination of three colors that are white, green and the red colors. The green color is the first color and the flag, white color at the middle and the red color at the end. At the middle where the white color there is a national court of arms with an eagle that holds a serpent at the edge of the beak. The talons of the eagle are on a cactus that is growing in the centre of the lake.
Below the eagle, there is a wreath of oak and laurel that is tied on the green, red and white colored ribbons. The white color is a symbol of honesty, the red color denotes strength and bravely while the green color is a symbol of joy, love and hope.

4. The United States of America


This flag is exquisite. Although it is ranked as the forth most beautiful it is the color of the flag combination that I love. The flag has thirteen strips with a red and white color. The flag has blue squares that have fifteen stars that act as a symbol of the fifty states that are the USA. The thirteen stripes that are on the flag are a symbol of the thirteen colonies that are in the USA. The white color denotes innocence and being pure, the red color shows valour and bravely while the blue color shows perseverance, vigilance and justice.

The stars on the flags denote the sign of celestial and heaven goals, and the stripes represent rays that are coming from the sunlight. This is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Flags in The World 2017.

5. India

India Top Most Famous Beautiful Flags in The World 2018

The flag is also known as Tiranga; the flag is among the prettiest in the world. The flag has a combination of three colors namely, red, white and saffron. At the middle of the white-colored stripe, there is a blue wheel known as Ashoka Chakra. The saffron color is a symbol of courage and self-sacrifice. The white color shows the honesty, cleanliness in India and harmony that the people have. The green color denotes the fruitfulness of the Indian country, the faith and wealth of India. The wheel on the flag is the wheel of law and dharma and symbolizes that life is still moving. The flag was accepted in the country in July 1947 and made in Khadi.

6. Spain


The flag of Spain is amazing and attractive. The flag has yellow and red color is making the combination of the flag look great. The red-colored stripes are on the top of the flag and other at the bottom of the flag. The major and central part of the flag is the middle part that has the yellow color. Two pillars have a white and a gold color. These pillars are a symbol of Pillars of Hercules.
Also on the flag, there is the crowned shield that is in between the two pillars. That crown is a representative of the kingdom that is ruling.

7. Pakistan

Pakistan Popular Beautiful Flags in The World 2019

The beauty in the flag of Pakistan is very high. Syed Amir is the one who designed the flag, and that was creative. The other people who designed the flag were the basis of the flag was Muslim League’s original flag. The flag has two colors green and white. At the middle of the green color, there is a crescent moon with a star that has five rays.

The green color shows the Islam value and the color were the favourite of Prophet Muhammad and Fatima who was the daughter. The color is a symbol of paradise, the white color represents minority religions, the Crescent denotes progress, and the star is the light and knowledge.

8. Australia

Australia Top 10 Most Beautiful Flags in The World 2017

The flag of Australia was first flown in 1901 after the country became a republic. On any occasion or festival, the flag has to be present because they take the flag as the pride of Australia. The flag consists of three elements of blue-black. On the upper side of the Union Jack, there is the symbol of Australia relationship with the United Kingdom. Beneath the Union Jack, there is a star of the commonwealth.

9. Portugal

Portugal Top 10 Most Beautiful Flags in The World

The flag has many colors. These colors are green, red, white, blue and yellow. There are fair notes that are in the five blue shields that show that five cuts of Christ. Seven castles are all around the shield from the moon. The yellow color shows the world that is exposed to the 15th and 16th century by the Portuguese navigators and those who they navigate will exchange ideas. The different colors of the flag show the different overview of Portugal-Hope is the green color, red shows bravely and blood that was shed by those who were fighting in the warfare.

10. Brazil

Brazil Top Most Beautiful Flags in The World 2017

The flag of Brazil was approved in the year 1889 in November. This was for days after the Annunciation of the Republic of Brazil. The colors talk more about Brazil. The green color is a symbol of the field off Brazil, and the yellow is a losang that symbolizes the wealth that is found in Brazil. The blue color is an indication of the sky that was on the November 1889’s at night. The star symbolizes that state of Brazil “Order and Progress” that is written on the flag. The flag was approved in November 1889 just after an announcement of Republic. This is one among the Top 10 Most Beautiful Flags in The World 2017.

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