Top 10 Best Wedding Flower Ideas in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Wedding Flower Ideas in The World 2017. There is a Spring, an Autumn, a Summer and a Winter wedding about to take place somewhere in the world but right now as we welcome Thanksgiving in the USA and New Year’s Day all over the globe it is this time of year when weddings are at their premium.

Some of the most exciting trends that will follow through from 2017 into the next year are stunning and will comprise colours, design, textures and styles with floral and fruit varieties overflowing from aisles to wedding banquet tables.

Numbered from 10 to 1 is a list of the Top 10 of the Best Wedding Flower Ideas for 2017 and we trust that our descriptions will whet your imagination so that you might find inspiration from what you read.

List of Top 10 Best Wedding Flower Ideas in The World 2017

10. Seasonal Blooms


Flowers in this category are locally grown and are generally used by the eco-conscious couples who are aware of Mother Nature’s whims and plights. This year, we’ve seen a reflection of the region with a wild, but elegant bouquet that inspires woodlands and nature with lush green fern fronds and a lot of greenery with branches laden with foliage. Wood is an accent in this bouquet with a lean toward forest and trees.

9. Loose and Organic

Loose and Organic Most Famous Wedding Flower Ideas 2019

Wide bouquets are being sought now rather than the tightly bound round ball-shaped bouquets which have had their day. Brides are looking toward bulk, not tightly bunched and with flowers that look as though they have been freshly picked from the garden, the arrangement is horizontally stretched to form a loose flounce. Visually the lines are gracefully depicted by branches and vines with generous foliage that cascades down one or both sides, giving the bouquet a look of “Splendour in the Garden”.

8. Vintage Chic


Rustic has been replaced with an elevated, glamorous arrangement that introduces and embraces the vintage look that is redolent of farm-fresh where flora is coupled with unique vases for the table whilest the bouquet is paired with mercury glass and or antique mismatched vessels. The flowers lend a richer, fuller texture with deep purple making a re-entry and the accessories are in vintage mode. All is designed to add a kind of old world charm that will never lose its popularity. Designs in deep blush appear timeless while being introduced with a blush sparkling wine reception.

7. New Fashion Favourites

New Fashion Favourites Top Popular Wedding Flower Ideas 2019

It is not always a case of out with the old. Old fashioned often becomes the new trend and incorporating the common carnation or Chrysanthemum into a bouquet gives it shape and form. The flowers of olde also lend a style that is redolent of an heirloom, that with smaller flowers in pastels coupled with English sweet peas and long stemmed carnations, give the bride an old fashioned charm. Delicate shades of apricot with the filly scented heirloom carnations are making a grand entrance once again. Pairing long stemmed sweet pea with ruffled double zindarella zinnias and a small train of verdant green ivy transports one back to the old days when love bloomed not only within the flowers.

6. Bridal Tables

Bridal Tables Top Best Wedding Flower Ideas 2017

It used to be the norm when one centrepiece per table was sufficient. Now it is multiple florals that are designed for those extra long bridal tables. Whilst round tables are still popular, providing a visual interest to each long table is via elegant and slightly raised compotes and satellites that have been strategically spaced along the length. Wooden planter boxes spilling loads of roses or shorter vases are being used to show off just a few flowers or even a single stem. This arrangement offers an appearance of space without clutter across a wide range of table shapes and does not deflect but rather enhances the settings. Rose gold, gold and bronze as an accent with trails of rustic, burnt orange vines are replacing the traditional sterling silver centre pieces as a point of interest. This is one of the Top 10 Best Wedding Flower Ideas in The World 2017.

5. Berry Blush

Berry Blush Top 10 Best Wedding Flower Ideas 2017

According to the trends of 2016, Rose Quartz is the colour for the year and the graceful pink hues have manifested in florals. A palette of pink, pastels, rose and berry incorporating blushing peach-pink hues that are enhanced with only a hint of verdant greenery. There is an additional complexity and depth that takes on more interest when soft orange and coral hues are subtly added. Some pinks lend themselves beautifully to those of warm sherbet and even rust. Perhaps even blush coupled with deep moody colours like berry with dark foliage tones and browns of Marsala would work.

4. Foliage Backdrops

Foliage Backdrops Top Most Famous Wedding Flower Ideas 2019

For a different visual and one that lends a stunning distraction, is a beautifully designed backdrop which is an alternative approach for ceremony sites that incorporates the use of leaf filled branches, vines threaded throughout the structure and the occasional floral such as the headily scented gardenia. The traditional arch or garden arbour adorned with florals and foliage can be the most remarkable compliment to a traditional bouquet.

3. Wearable Flowers


There are many ways to use the timeless flower and many brides are opting for a delicately designed headpiece like a halo with vines subtly woven throughout. There are styles now that have introduced large coral crowns having been resurrected from years past and have turned many a head. Necklaces in succulents are being worn, rings and floral bangles instead of a wrist corsage have been introduced as something stunningly different. Passionflowers woven into wedding day hair with tiny hints of foliage throughout is something that steers away from the traditional tulle veil. A most attractive alternative.

2. Ribbons and Beads

Ribbons and Beads Top 10 Best Wedding Flower Ideas

From bridal bouquets where satin ribbons and faux pearls cascade in a waterfall of colour, to flowing ribbons and seed pearls in the bridal hair, the colours are exquisite and multiple layers of silk ribbons compliment the gown with a look of luxury that extends to a more feminine appearance. Ribbons are also available that have been dyed with natural plant colours and come in a range of silk strands that can be introduced into hand-held bouquets or hair or centre pieces. Long, layered ribbons encrusted with tiny beads introduced throughout an arch arrangement with flowers preceding are a gentle suggestion of old fashioned gardens where baskets laden with blooms were carried by maidens on their wedding day.

1. Floral Food Designs

Floral Food Designs Top Most Popular Wedding Flower Ideas 2018

Mixing edible elements into floral designs is a new trend that is welcomed due to its originality. Anything with an array of herbs, fruits, chocolate and other edible delights is accepted. Brides have introduced a fun side to their wedding day with food and anything with peony, ranunculus and wild fruits is a must for the foodie design. Food supports the seasonal florals and piques an interest as each fragrance of the fruit, flower and herb integrate as their textures meld. Fruiting, thornless vines like blackberry with their rich, black purple fruits, pears and kale, strawberries and rich white chocolate and bouquets of mandarins with rivers of delectable dark chocolate. The possibilities are endless. Edible floral elements lend a delightful surprise and fruits such as pomegranates add to the flavour.

There seems to be more of a demand of the grown not flown as far as blooms and vines with generous foliage is concerned, giving the local florist an opportunity to source what is near rather than what comes from a wide reach. With optimal choice, the seasonal flowers seem to be the bridal option now days and it makes for a more realistic tone.

Whether a bride chooses a more organic, garden-inspired design where her colour palettes blend from the palest peach and ivory to the darkest jewels like deep, rich ruby reds and russets, every bloom, branch and vine covered here is only a handful of what is possible.

Textural elements such as succulents with their soft foliage have been introduced as have seasonal blooms like tea roses, dahlias and peonies coupled with vines and branches. Whatever the mood, whatever the hour, there is something, always, that will inspire and perhaps drive you toward a design that is unique, delicate and romantic as you, the bride-to-be is.These are the Top 10 Best Wedding Flower Ideas in The World 2017.