Top 10 Banned Video Games For Instantly Absurd Reasons

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Banned Video Games For Instantly Absurd Reasons till 2017. Who knew they would make a game that could get banned from being played by everyone. You have your kid games you have adult games then you have games that no one should have every even seen or heard of. The kid games as you know it are for usually 17 and under. Then you have 17+ for adults. But who does not know a kid that has a game that is not age appropriate. Either the parent has decided to get the game for their child best they just do not care or because they got tired of the kid whining that they want the game. So you go to a friends house play the game with the kid and get in trouble by your mom. These games that are being talked about was made and then banned because of the reason that they made the game or because of the game itself. Kids should not play games with blood and gore because personally what parent wants a crying kid in their bed at two in the morning because of a game they played that day.

List of Top 10 Banned Video Games For Instantly Absurd Reasons till 2017

10. KZ Manager

kz-manager,Top 10 Banned Video Games For Instantly Absurd Reasons 2017

This game won the award for “Most Unnecessary Game of the Year” at the IGN Awards in the early two thousands. Not long after it was banned in Germany even despite its popularity. The reasoning for its ban? All because the game player has to play like they are a Nazi Concentration camp manager. The players responsibilities include managing prisoners of the camp, keeping check on the prison gas supply, watching over the money and different weapons, as well as listening to the public’s opinion of the running of the camp. I guess it would be hard for any one person to manage the teams that are Jews, Turks, or Gypsies.

9. Homefront


Apparently, this South Korean game was not user friendly all because the concept of the game was to have fake fights between the United States and North Korea. Homefront is a first person shooting game. The game is set in the year two thousand twenty seven and in the year two thousand thirteen is one year after the death of Kim Jong-il, his son Kim Jong-un reunites North Korea and South Korea the game takes you back to two thousand ten and other years. I am going to say Kim Jong-un loved his nuclear weapons just a little too much.

8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


This game takes place in the nineties when Carl Johnson goes back home because his mother has been murdered, his family has fell apart, and his childhood friends are heading down disastrous paths. Only problem Carl has is once he returns to the city two bad cops frame him for a homicide he never done. Now he is forced to go across the city everywhere in order to save his family and friends but to also take control of the streets because of the gang trouble and the drugs and corruption that are happening. Indonesian authorities have taken steps to get this game band from being used due to its violent graphics, drug exploits, and weapon use. Children should not be allowed to play this game either, not only because of the three named facts but because of the sexual nature of the game.

7. Football Manager 2005


China was not impressed by the focus of this one game all due to how it focused on Tibet being an independent nation even in sporting events. This soccer game just was not what some people expected.

6. The Darkness


This game is about a man named Jackie Estacado, a mafia hit man for the Franchetti crime family. Jackie awakens on his twenty first birthday and what awakens with him is an awesome but yet terrible power of the darkness. Now he must learn how to fully get a handle on the Darkness so that he can have control back over the Franchetti family, which is currently ruled by his uncle Paulie. Singapore was the first country to ban this game. The reasoning behind it was because the game contains violent acts and a lot of meaningless different contents. The game player was suppose to participate in using different weapons to win each task it gave and since children played the game that was the sole reason for the ban. This is one of the Top 10 Banned Video Games For Instantly Absurd Reasons till 2017.

5. Battlefield 4


Muslims all over the world was not happy with this game since its focus was on the Pakistani army and apparently revealed the country as being a horrible one. It became decided to just ban it on a permanent basis instead of keeping it on shelves and people getting the wrong idea about the country.

4. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift


This was a fighting game and just like any other fighting game on the market it promoted violence in a positive way. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift became banned in the United Stated, the UAE, and many other nations. Authorities determined the game was not children friendly even though many others like it was on market at the same time.

3. Saints Row 4


We learned from this game how highly conservative Australia can become when any video game is in the mix. All because the game boasted a weapon with the name of “alien anal probe” the game was banned. Apparently the Australians had a problem and felt they was making a good argument but also did not need anyone exploiting them on their conservative ways.

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


This game contained a lot of content about the Russian military and many fights that were eventually removed from the game due to security reasons. In technical actuality this game was not banned. It was only edited to make it a more user friendly game.

1. Command And Conquer: Generals


This game was one of the weirdest ones to come on the market. China are the ones that apparently banned it in their country all because it supposedly showed the country in a bad light. Apparently, portraying this country in negative ways is just not accepted according to officials.

These are the Top 10 Banned Video Games For Instantly Absurd Reasons till 2017. These games have so many reasons for being banned but when it comes down to it they was just way to bad to even be put on shelves or they got put on the shelf but eventually they decided to take them off. Some of the games ended up edited that way they was view able for kids so that they could play the famous new games just as much as others. Plus kids are the main gamers in this world. They love all the technology and all the new tech that comes out every day. They wait and wait for a game that was suppose to be out ages ago then come to find out they can not even play the game because they are to young. Some kids will even try to get their parents to buy them the games so that they can play it but if the parents pay attention then they will see the game should not be played by kids because some games are really horrible for a small brain. So next time you think of a game and want to play it then you will see that some use to be different then what they are today.

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