Top 10 Most Amazing Digital Wonders in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Amazing Digital Wonders in The World 2017. Technological advancements have literally gone beyond our imagination. The younger generation will never know the struggle of punching number 7 three times to get the letter S while texting. All they know is that they just got to touch the letter S on the screen. Just a touch! It really is astonishing and truly amazing to witness such technological changes through the years. Let’s take a look at some of the most remarkable digital wonder the world has to offer.

List of Top 10 Most Amazing Digital Wonders in the World 2017:

10. Digital Currency

Digital Currency Top Amazing Digital Wonders in The World 2017

Digital currency has made transactions so much easier than the cumbersome physical currency. With digital currency we do not need to bother about making or receiving payments with another party who is miles apart from us. Digital currency has made possible an easier and hassle free transaction system.

9. Kindle


Kindle has drastically changed the way we read. Kindle allows us to have easy and quick access to a million of books with a single touch. It is anti- glare and therefore will not damage your eyes if you love to constantly read. Books, magazines, newspapers; Kindle allows you to read anything of your choice. The best part is that it is portable and therefore you can literally carry a million books with you while you travel.

8. Digital Photography

Digital Photography Top Popular Amazing Digital Wonders in The World 2018

Gone are the days when we could take just a few pictures at a time and wait for a long time for it to ‘develop’. Today we can click a picture with one touch and delete it (because it may have not been taken at the right angle) and continue clicking until we get the perfect picture. Digital photography has made it a breeze to send pictures back and forth via the internet. We can have access to pictures taken in remote areas of the globe only because of digital photography.

7. Computers

Computers Top 10 Most Amazing Digital Wonders in The World 2017

Decades before was the desktop that took up almost half the space in our room, today we can just fit its advanced variations in our lap or hand (laptops, tablets). Earlier the desktop could perform only a limited amount of functions, but today we can do almost anything on our personal computers. From the simplest to the most complex of tasks can be done within seconds by this amazing invention.

6. Microprocessors


A microprocessor is the small chip inside a computer and other products. It enables different functions to be performed faster and better. Making our lives that much easier are this little tiny piece of technology, that controls the modern and advanced digital devices.

5. International Space Station

International Space Station Top Famous Amazing Digital Wonders in The World 2019

It is only due to technological advancements that the International Space Station exists. Countries have come together for the purpose of scientific knowledge. This massive spacecraft is the only home to astronauts. This international space station has a scientific lab in order to carry out scientific experiments. Technology is so advanced that it has allowed man to visit other planets and live in space. This is one of the Top 10 Most Amazing Digital Wonders in The World 2017.

4. Smartphones


This has got to be the coolest digital wonder after the internet. With just the one smartphone in our hand, we hold our entire life. An alarm clock that wakes us up every morning, a camera to capture our precious moments, a music player to play our favorite songs, games to play when we get bored and the list is literally never ending. Smartphones prove to be a real blessing in this hectic busy life we lead.

3. Global Positioning System


The Global Positioning System is popularly referred to its abbreviated form GPS. Gone are the days when a map was a long sheet of paper with direction that could confuse even the smartest of us. Today all we need is a smartphone plus internet and voila! GPS is able to pinpoint on the globe your exact location with perfect accuracy.

2. Google

Google Top Most Popular Amazing Digital Wonders in The World 2018

Undoubtedly the world’s most used and most preferred search engine. You need to find out how to cook pasta? Google it. Planning you next vacation and not sure which destination would be best? Google it. Opened a new business and looking to hire? Google it. Basically just google anything and everything you wish to know about and yes, you’re definitely going to find an answer. If there is one thing we can be sure about Google, it is that Google never disappoints.

1. Internet

Internet Top 10 Most Amazing Digital Wonders in The World

Hands down, the Internet supersedes all the other digital inventions. The internet is no longer a luxury neither a privilege. It has become a necessity. From the moment we start of our work day by connecting to the internet, to the moment we sleep after posting our favorite ‘picture of the day’, we use and need the internet for everything. It is only because of the internet that we can find out within seconds if our friend in another country has slept well or skype with doctor in the wee parts of the morning. Granted that we need other technology like computers to access the internet, but it is the internet itself that has turned to be the epitome of globalization.

These are the Top 10 Most Amazing Digital Wonders in The World 2017. These are just the best among the countless other technological innovations that may be smaller but make life so convenient. This digital world we live in continues to expand while transforming our lives and thinking.