Top 10 Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously till 2017. A recent spate of high profile aircraft that have gone mysteriously missing may lead the uninitiated to assume that planes going down and never being found is a relatively recent phenomenon. Such an assumption would be tragically misguided. While perusing this list of the top 10 airplanes that disappeared mysterious, keep in mind that these examples are a mere dip in the water. The phantasm of the missing airplane was really one of the first conceptualizations to arrive after the invention of the plane itself. And don’t go thinking that only unknowns fall victim to mysterious plane disappearances.

List of Top 10 Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously till 2017

10. Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s Military Aircraft

Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s Military Aircraft Top Most Famous Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously 2018

Antoine de Saint-Exupery is best known as the author of the classic philosophical treatise masquerading as a simple children’s book titled The Little Prince. Like one of the central characters in that fantasy, de Saint-Exupery was a pilot himself. On July 31, 1944 as the tide of World War II was starting to change forever onto the side of good, de Saint-Exupery took to the skies as part of the Free French Air Force. The last radio contact from the plan was with the base back on the island of Corsica. For 60 years, the ultimate fate of the plane remained one of the biggest mysteries of World War II. And then, in 2004, wreckage was finally discovered.

9. Indian Air Force An-32


As of October 2016, the most recent mysterious disappearance of a plane occurred on July 22 of that same year when a twin engine turboprop transport aircraft belonging to the Indian Air Force took off with 29 people aboard who have not been found alive or dead since. The final radio contact with the pilot indicated that everything was proceeding normally; seconds later the plane vanished mysterious from radar readings. On September 15, 2016 the search and recovery mission was called off with everybody on board presumed dead.

8. Édouard Jean Bague

Édouard Jean Bague Top Most Popular Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously 2018

Bague is almost certainly the first victim of a mysterious disappearance in the air that can truly be said to have involved an airplane. Flying in a Blériot XI monoplane, Bague attempted to become the first aviator to cross the Mediterranean, but shortly after taking off from Nice on June 5, 1911, his craft suddenly disappeared and neither he nor the plane was ever seen again.

7. Flying Tiger Line Flight 739

Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 Most Popular Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously 2019

Until that Malaysian Airlines passenger jet disappeared without a trace, Flight 736 of the Flying Tiger Line was the most populated mysteriously vanishing airplane. That 21st century disappearance more than doubled the 107 people whose bodies have never been found since Flight 739 succumbed to a suspected in-flight explosion in 1962. Since another plane belonging to the Flying Tiger Line also crashed the very same day, sabotage has long been suspected with the motive much to do with its intended destination: Vietnam in the earliest days of the Vietnam War.

6. Frederick Valentich

Frederick Valentich Top Famous Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously 2019

What makes the disappearance of Frederick Valentich’s plane so unusual is that unlike most mysteriously vanishing planes, there is actually a wealth of information about the circumstances leading to the mystery. The lesson to be learned from poring through all the carefully scrutinized and analyzed information, however, is that even when the evidence is there to study, disappearances can still be equally mysterious. The plane and the pilot just went poof! Gone forever.

5. Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller Top 10 Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously

On December 15, 1944, Glenn Miller was as famous any entertainer in the world. Like so many other entertainers, Miller doing his part to help keep the world safe from Adolf Hitler and on that tragic day he was scheduled to fly from England to France for a scheduled performance by the United States Army Air Force Band in a celebration of the liberation of Paris. What was to a short trip across the English Channel became instead an unscheduled flight in the twilight zone. His plane disappeared without a trace which eventually gave rise to theories that the story might well have been nothing but a cover-up to keep the world from finding out that Miller did not die a hero in uniform, but under less admirable circumstances. Evidence supporting those theories have proven as difficult to find as the wreckage of the craft itself. This is one of the Top 10 Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously till 2017.

4. Andrew Carnegie Whitfield

Andrew Carnegie Whitfield Top Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously 2017

In the annals of unsolved mysteries, the name Andrew Carnegie Whitfield does not loom up there among the Bigfoots and Nessies, but the story of his mysterious disappearance while flying an airplane is actually one of the strangest stories in aviation history. Whitfield himself was piloting the small plane that took off in April 1938 for what was to be nothing more eventful than a 22 mile long flight from Long Island to Brentwood over one of the most heavily populated areas in the country at the time. Sometime after 9:00 AM, both the plane and Whitfield seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. While that alone would make this worthy of its high place among a list of the top 10 mysterious airplane disappearance, there’s another aspect that makes this story even more mysterious: Whitfield’s middle name is no mere coincidence. He was a nephew of the fabulously wealthy Andrew Carnegie and enjoyed an affluent lifestyle himself, thus setting up conspiracy theories ranging from kidnapping to faking his own death to explain the disappearance.

3. Malaysia Flight 370


The mysterious vanishing of Malaysia Flight 370 is the most infamous or infamous airplane disappearance of the 21st century so far. What is especially distressing about this disappearance is that despite all the latest in 21st century technology both on this large commercial airline and positioned around the world and in the sky to keep track of what might have happened…nobody yet has even a clue as to what actually did happen. The combination of the plane going off-route, the utter loss of communications and the fact that all scientific gadgets that keep track of information that could lead to solving the mystery have so far proven utterly useless in helping to solve the mystery is more than enough to make anyone think twice between stepping on a plane.

2. The Mystery of Flight 19


Mysterious plane disappearances and the Bermuda Triangle go together like bikinis and sand, but the most famous mysterious occurred on December 5, 1945. Five Avenger bombers took from Ft. Lauderdale on a routine training flight when things suddenly went from routine to downright weird and bizarre. Radio messages indicated that the entire squadron had become disoriented and incapable of finding their way back home. Over the course of two hours, intermittent and incomplete radio transmissions detailed a harrowing account of something utterly inexplicable happening to the ultimately tragic crews of all five planes. The mystery remains unsolved to this day.

1. Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart Top 10 Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously 2017

The most famous case of an airplane that mysterious disappeared remains that of Amelia Earhart’s last flight. Earhart remains the most famous aviatrix in history, possibly due to the fact that the mystery of her vanishing has yet to be solved. An attempt to fly around the world in 1937 ended with some transmissions allegedly received by ham radio operations around the world and lots of theories. Several theories start with the suggestions that the around the world attempt was really just cover for a spy mission to gain better information on just what the Japanese were up to as the world moved nearer to the brink of war. One possible answer to Earhart’s mystery, therefore, is that she died as a prisoner of war of the Japanese. Other possibilities include that she simply got lost and ran out of gas, crashing into the ocean below and either dying instantly or surviving for a while as a castaway on small uninhabited island with limited natural resources.

These are the Top 10 Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously ever till 2017.The planet is far less populated—geographically speaking—than its billions of citizens would suggest. The truth is that there are vast expanses of land and sea where airplanes can go down suddenly without ever being heard from or seen again. Nevertheless, almost every mysterious plane disappearance manages to generate at least a few conspiracy theories intended to explain away the unknown. The good news is that for every plane that takes off and mysterious vanishes, tens of thousands manage to reach their destination without incident.