Top 10 Largest Trees of the Planet Earth

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Largest Trees of the Planet Earth by volume 2017. We humans are alive today because of trees. They play a major role in supplying oxygen to our world. Some trees are able to thrive and survive for thousands of years. Trees can be seen in all sizes from being extremely small to very large. There are short trees and tall trees. Some are so tall, they appear to touch the sky. There are thousands of species of trees on our planet. Some of these include flowering trees, fruit trees, seed trees, and simple shade trees.

Top 10 Largest Trees of the Planet Earth 2017 can really make people wonder about their size, beauty, and origin. Trees can be found growing on all continents and in all climate conditions. Some trees thrive in hot environments, while others thrive in freezing temperatures. After all, trees in our world should be protected and highly respected.

List of Top 10 Largest Trees of the Planet Earth 2017

10. Australian Oak Eucalyptus-

australian oak eucalyptus, Top 10 Largest Trees of the Planet Earth 2017

By Volume this tree measures 337 m³ (11,920 cu ft). It is also known by a few other names that include brown top, brown top string-bark, messmate, messmate stringybark, stringybark and Tasmanian oak. This is a hardwood tree and is native to south-eastern Australia. It thrives a wide range of soils in hilly or mountainous areas. These types of trees can be used for a variety of things that include in house building, joinery, flooring, and furniture.

9. Quinault Lake Red-cedar-

quinault-lake-red-cedar, Top 10 Largest Trees of the Planet Earth 2018

This tree is the largest known western redcedar in the world with a wood volume of 500 cubic metres. You may find this tree thriving near the northwest shore of Lake Quinault north of Aberdeen, Washington. It is near the Pacific Ocean, in fact, about 34 kilometres away. This tree remains part of the Quinault Rain Forest, a temperate rain forest.

8. Queets River Spruce-

queets-river-spruce, Top 10 Largest Trees of the Planet Earth 2019

This tree is the largest Sitka spruce in the world. It can be found thriving in the Valley of the Rain Forest Giants. There is a short trail to the tree just past the resort’s general store on South Shore road. It is the largest species of spruce. This is a coniferous evergreen. Moths and butterflies love this tree for food. Spruce trees are useful for timber, food, medicine, pulpwood, tonewood, basket weaving, sculpting, fences, and ornamental purposes.

7. Arbol del Tule-

arbol-del-tule, largest trees of all time

This tree is found thriving in Oaxaca, Mexico and it is a cypress tree located in the town center of Santa María del Tule. It is about 1,400 years old. It has the widest trunk in the world. This type of tree is a riparian tree, growing along upland riversides, but can also be found next to springs and marshes. In Mexico, cypress is sacred to the natives. This tree is the center of attention each year at a festival held in the city to give recognition to the tree.

6. Tane Mahuta-


This tree can be found thriving in the Waipoua Forest in New Zealand. This is a giant kauri tree found in the Northland Region. It has an estimated age of between 1,250 and 2,500 years old. It has a Māori name that means Lord of the Forest. Its name speaks for itself because it is so large. This is a coniferous tree. Kauri forests are the most ancient forests in the world. Their wood is favored for wood building construction, cisterns, barrels, bridges construction material, fences, moulds for metal forges, large rollers for the textile industry, railway sleepers and braces for mines and tunnels, and shipbuilding.

5. Rullah Longatyle-


In English this name means strong girl. This tree is native to Tasmania, Australia. It is known as the largest eucalypt and largest Tasmanian blue gum in the world. This is an evergreen tree that is also widely cultivated. These types of trees are favored for making herb teas, honey, pulpwood, essential oils, and the timber for making railroad ties.

4. Eucalyptus Regnans-


This tree is an evergreen species and it is also known by a few other names that include giant ash, mountain ash, or Victorian ash. This tree is native to southeastern Australia, in Tasmania and Victoria. The tree produces flowers. It is known in the timber industry as the Tasmanian oak. This species of tree is logged for its wood and grown in plantations in New Zealand and Chile as well as Australia.

3. Lost Monarch-


This tree makes its home in the United States in the state of California. This type of tree is a Coast Redwood tree. It has other names that include California Redwood tree and Coastal Redwood tree. The forest community in which the redwood trees live in includes coast Douglas fir, Pacific madrone, tanoak, western hemlock, and other trees, along with a wide variety of ferns, mosses, mushrooms, and redwood sorrel. They thrive in rainy environments fog drips, and cool coastal air.

2. Red Creek Fir-

red-creek-fir, Top 10 Largest Trees of the Planet Earth 2017

This tree makes its home in British Columbia, Canada. This tree is evergreen conifer species native to the western North America region from west-central British Columbia, Canada southward to central California in the United States. It is a Douglas Fir tree. The tree is at least 1000 years old. You can find it standing on Vancouver Island.

1. Giant Sequoia-


known as General Sherman- This is known as the largest tree in the world today. This tree is a ripe age of 2000 years old. There are many people who say this tree is the largest living thing on earth. This tree is not the tallest tree in the world, and it is not the thickest tree at the base either. Its title “largest trees in the world 2017” comes from its total wood volume or its total trunk volume. Giant Sequoias are ancient and massive trees and are native to California. They are coniferous trees. These types of trees have even learned to adapt to forest fires by having fire resistant bark. You can find this tree thriving in California’s Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park where it attracts the attention of visitors from all over the world.

Taking a trip to visit one of these largest trees in the world 2017 could prove to be adventurous, educational, and exciting for the whole family. Don’t forget to take your camera along to share with those you left back home. It is important for everyone to understand how essential trees are to our world as well as to insects, wildlife, birds, and humans.

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