Top 10 Foul Smelling Flowers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Foul Smelling Flowers in The World 2017. When most people think of flowers they think of good smelling plants that are scented and fresh. Many people would be surprised to know that there are some really awful smelling plants that would cause their noses to permanently pucker up. The following material will describe the top 10 foul smelling flowers in the world and the types of scents that they produce.

List of Top 10 Foul Smelling Flowers in The World 2017

10. The Carob Tree


The Carob tree grows along the Mediterranean regions of Northern Africa and Western Asia. This particular tree has a very strange fragrance. It smells like a human male’s sperm. This foul smelling plant produces fruit that is often consumed by the locals despite the horrible aroma.

People consume the Carob fruit because it is loaded with nutrients such as Vitamins A, B2 and B3. It also has iron, calcium and magnesium. The tree tends to bloom in Autumn and it has a medium size. The Carob tree will only grow in tropical regions of the world.

9. Arum Dioscoridis

Arum Dioscoridis Top 10 Foul Smelling Flowers in The World 2017

Arum Discoridis is a stinker. This plant grows in forested areas that lie in southern Turkey and the Middle East. The smell that it produces is repugnant and it attracts a lot of flies that it uses as pollinators. It has a rod shaped appearance and is surrounded by a bract that can be yellow, green, purple or brownish color. This plant can also be seeded in order to grow into other areas.

8. Western Skunk Cabbage


Lysichiton Americanus is another species of skunk cabbage. It is often found in wooded areas with a lot of moisture and along streams. This version of skunk cabbage usually grows in the northwest part of the country near the Pacific coast. Places such as Oregon, Northern California, Alaska, Idaho and the state of Washington produces this plant.

Lysichiton Americanus has a yellow color and it is also called skunk cabbage. Some of the locals refer to it as swamp lantern. This plant blooms two times within a year. Once during the winter time and then in the winter. Scavengers are attracted to the foul smell of this plant and they pollinate the flower.

7. Eastern Skunk Cabbage

Eastern Skunk Cabbage Top Most Popular Foul Smelling Flowers in The World 2018

Skunk Cabbage is a foul smelling plant that is native to North America and Asia. It has a brownish-purple color and a height of 4 – 6 inches tall. The plant thrives in swamps and wetlands. The smell of skunk cabbage is very repugnant. The awful smell is necessary for this particular type of plant. Certain insects such as bees and butterflies are attracted to the plant and help to spread its pollen. Also, this particular type of cabbage has a purple and brownish color and it grows to a height between 4 and 6 inches.

6. Stapelia Gigantea

Stapelia Gigantea Top 10 Foul Smelling Flowers in The World

The Zulu Giant is a 3 cm thick corpse flower that will stink up any environment. The Zulu Giant is commonly known by its scientific name Stapelia Gigantea. This plant is also called the African Star Fish by the locals.

Stapelia Gigantea has a red and yellow color. It also has a wrinkled appearance with hairs. The plant emits a foul odor to attract flies. This odor smells like a cross between an outhouse and dead flesh. Stapelia Gigantea only grows in South Eastern Africa. This is one of the Top 10 Foul Smelling Flowers in The World 2017.

5. Dragon Arum

Dragon Arum Top Most Famous Foul Smelling Flowers in The World 2018

The Dragon Arum is a deceptive plant for many reasons and not just its smell. First of all, this plant grows in various parts of Eastern Europe such as the Balkans and Greece. So the plant is available in some key areas of the Mediterranean basin.

The plant has a maroon and purplish color and is very attractive to the eyes. But when a person takes a whiff of its odor, they will instantly be taken back. This plant smells like rotting 10-day old flesh. The Dragon Arum can grow to a height of 80 cm. People nicknamed this plant black arum, stink lily and dragonwort.

4. Bulbophyllum Phalaenopsis

Bulbophyllum Phalaenopsis Top Foul Smelling Flowers in The World 2017

Flies are foul insects that are known to be attracted to filth. This is one reason why the Bulbophyllum Phalaenopsis plant uses these creatures for pollination. Scientifically speaking, this plant is the worse orchid in the world. It only grows in New Guinea. The Bulbophyllum Phalaenopsis can reach up to 4 feet in length and it blooms all year long. The flower actually smells like rotting meat and the smell can travel for miles.

3. Hydnora Africana

Hydnora Africana Top Popular Foul Smelling Flowers in The World 2019

Southern Africa is home to the Hydnora Africana. This plant is another odorous parasite and its roots grow underground. Keep in mind that this particular plant species has to emit a foul odor to survive. A fleshy flower grows through the ground from the roots below.

Once this flower releases its unnatural odor into the world it attracts dung and carrion beetles. Once the beetles come to the plant they will then get trapped inside of the flowers. These insects will then spread the pollen so that the plant can take root in other parts of the area.

2. Rafflesia Arnoldii

Rafflesia Arnoldii Top Most Foul Smelling Flowers in The World 2019

The Rafflesia Arnoldii is not only a very funky smelling plant it is also a parasite. This plant feeds off of the tetrastigma plants. The rafflesia Arnoldii is eliminating these plants to near extinction. The plant has to feed off of other plant life because it lacks chlorophyll.

Sumatra and Borneo rainforests are the home to this particular organic lifeform. It has an extremely foul odor that resembles decaying flesh. Since the plant has this smell it is known as the corpse flower. People who live in the Sumatra and Borneo cannot get used to the smell and try to avoid the plant as much as possible.

1. Titan Arum


The Titan Arum is a flowering plant but it produces an extremely horrible smell. This plant stinks very bad. People often refer to it as the corpse flower and it commonly grows in rainforests. This flower is very rare and people will not see it because it blooms every three years.

When the Titan Arum does appear it blooms for only a few days then it disappears. The flower has a height of 3 meters and the smell from the plant typically last for about 12 hours. The odor attracts some of the foulest insects and nastiest creatures in the area.

The flowers mentioned here are not the only foul smelling flowers in the world 2017; they just have the worst stench out of the bunch. Most people try to avoid these flowers whenever they can but there are some individuals who collect these unusual plants for their personal gardens or park areas.

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