Top 10 Fastest Growing Plants in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2017. When people think of the plant world, speed is not a trait that is usually associated with it. Some plants seem to take months, or even years before you notice any growth at all, but there are some members of the botanical world that may surprise you with their ability to reproduce. For some plants, rapid growth is a benefit, particularly if that plant produces something useful for humans. Plants can also be a pest if they grow too fast and have no other known benefit. You might be asking yourself, how fast can a plant actually grow? We have compiled a list of some of the top 10 fastest growing plants in the world, but there are probably many others that could be added to the list. Here are a few of our favorites.

List of Top 10 Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2017

10. Transgenic Eucalyptus


Genetically modified plants are leading the way in commercial scale production. Gene splicing has created some plants that grow at incredible rates of speed. One example of this is the transgenic eucalyptus this which was developed by splicing genes from fast-growing Brassica weeds into the eucalyptus tree. These eucalyptus trees can grow up to 30% more quickly than their natural cousins. Genetically modified plants will play an important role in agricultural production in the future.

9. Cretaceous Ginkgo

Cretaceous Ginkgo Top Most Popular Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2018

The ginkgo tree is one of the oldest types of trees in the world. During the Cretaceous. Oxygen and carbon dioxide levels were much higher on earth. This acted like an incubator for the plants and trees that fed the dinosaurs. It took fast-growing trees to feed the enormous beasts. In 2004, researchers put ginkgo seedlings in the carbon heavy atmosphere of the distant past. As a result, their growth rates tripled, making them the perfect meal for dinosaur-sized appetites.

8. Paulownia, Empress Tree


If you want a landscape tree that will fill in quickly and provide plenty of breathtaking blooms, the Paulownia, or Empress Tree may be just what you are looking for. It is one of the fastest growing hardwood trees and has stunning seasonal growth rates of between 10 and 15 feet per year. After only seven years the tree averages 85 feet tall. Beware though. It is considered an invasive species by the USDA. You also want to be careful of where you plant the Empress Tree in your yard. There were also landscape varieties of this tree that are not as fast growing or invasive. All of them make a beautiful show of flowers. This is one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2017.

7. Kudzu


Kudzu is one plant that seems to be on its own personal quest for world domination. It has sometimes been called the mile a minute weed. This is due to its habit of growing nearly a foot a day. Kudzu can quickly overtake a building and smother neighboring plants and trees by cutting off their access to sunshine. It has been known to kill off entire forests in this manner. Is considered highly invasive and very difficult to control.

6. Giant Sequoia

Giant Sequoia Top 10 Fastest Growing Plants in The World

The giant sequoia not only makes the list for its growth and height, but for the enormous circumferences that it can achieve. One particular tree specimen known as the General Sherman tree was considered the fastest growing tree specimen in the world. It expanded his trunk by 3 inches in 40 years. It was nearly 30 feet in diameter and is about 275 feet tall. Giant Sequoia’s are in danger due to habitat loss and damage from pollutants.

5. Duckweed

Duckweed Top Famous Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2019

Duckweed is upon plant with which most people are familiar. This plant makes the list not because of the size of a single plant, but because of its very fast reproductive cycle. This delicate looking little plant can quickly take over a pond, covering it with a sea of green. This pond plant completes his life cycle every 30 hours. It has been calculated that a single duckweed plant could produce enough offspring to fill an area the size of the earth in only four months. It may be tiny, but it has huge potential.

4. Algae

Algae Top Most Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2017

Algae is one of the simplest plant organisms that can range in size from microscopic to huge forests of seaweed that can grow up to 165 feet in length. It is estimated that there are nearly 20,000 species of algae in the world. Algae grow rapidly in the presence of chemical pollutants such as nitrates and can be used to monitor pollution levels. Algae bloom can arise quickly, turning the water into a big slimy mass. In its wake, it leaves a dead zone as it quickly consumes the oxygen in the area. Algae is responsible for what is known as the red tide, which can be toxic to humans who come in contact with it. Other forms of algae are used as a food source for humans and animals.

3. Acacia Tree

Acacia Tree Top 10 Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2017

The Acacia tree is prized for its shade. It enjoys a tropical rainforest climate, where it has plenty of nutrition and everything that it needs to grow as much as 35 feet in less than a year. If you watch and Acacia tree, you might actually be able to see this one grow. It can grow up to 5 inches every four days. They have growth down, as they have been on the planet for close to 20 million years. Some species are traditionally harvested by Australian aborigines and ground into a flour to make cakes.

2. Hybrid Poplar


The hybrid Poplar is another plant that has been produced through hybridization to become one of the fastest growing trees in the world. The reason for their development was to help solve issues of deforestation and the need to produce sustainable timber operations. It is often planted by individuals when they want to have a tree that will produce shade quickly. They can grow more than 10 feet in a single year, which is pretty good for species that is not known to be a fast grower in its natural form. Finding trees that grow quickly has become priority as the demand for wood products increases faster than the ability to replace it as a natural resource.

1. Bamboo

Bamboo Top Popular Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2018

Bamboo is the undisputed champion when it comes to fast growth. Some species of bamboo can grow up to 2 feet every day. Bamboo has a number of industrial uses including lumber, papermaking, and medicinal use. Many bamboo species spread by runner, which means they can quickly take over an area. This is why bamboo is quickly becoming a replacement for many other types of wood that are used in industry. It offers a solution to finding sustainable production methods.

These are the Top 10 Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2017. Now you know some of the undisputed champions of the botanical world. Some of them were artificially produced to be useful to mankind. Others found a way to win the race all on their own. Whether a fast-growing plant is desirable, or a pest depends on its use and effect on the environment around it. With advances in genetic engineering, it is possible that even faster plants will be developed in the future. There is no way of knowing what effect these new species will have on the ecosystem and the environment surrounding them. New development in this area has the potential to solve many issues that man confronts today, but it also has the potential to create just as many problems.