Top 10 Most Expensive Flowers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Expensive Flowers in The World 2017. The most common and natural beauty in this world is the flower. They add so much to our lives by decorating our landscape, adding natural beauty to special parks and roadways. They are also the preferred gift to give to express so many feelings. Flowers are sent to celebrate an occasion, express gratitude for an event, and even to convey sympathy for sicknesses or death. They fill our lives in the most stunning ways as wedding decorations and symbols. We show our appreciation to important people in our lives such as on Mother’s Day or our wedding anniversaries.

Most flower bouquets are affordable to the general public, yet there are some people who will go to extreme lengths to obtain the rarest, most precious variety of flowers to convey their messages. These are top 10 most expensive flowers of the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Flowers in The World 2017

10. Lily of the Valley


Lily of the Valley sells from $15 to $50 a bundle. This flower is sweetly scented and poisonous but is popular with its dainty, delicate appearance. The bloom on this flower is shaped like a tiny little bell and in old Christianity was referred to as Our Lady’s Tears. It will bloom in the late spring around March after a mild winter as passed. They are common in the Northern Hemisphere and have stalks that reach about 15 to 30cm tall. The stalk is covered by two long leaves and the flower will measure 5 to 10cm in diameter. The Lily of the Valley has a short life span and if harvested incorrectly it will last even less time. If a dog or cat eats this plant, they will suffer severe signs. Clinical signs from animals eating the Lily of the Valley will display; diarrhea, a drop in their heart rate, vomiting, possible seizure, and even severe cardiac arrhythmia.

9. Gloriosa

Gloriosa Top Most Popular Expensive Flowers in The World 2017

Gloriosa sells from $6 to $10 per flower. This flower can only be found in Asia and South Africa. It is highly expensive as it is very rare and unique. The Gloriosa has long tendrils supporting the bloom’s weight. Its leaves can grow up to 3 meters long. This unique flower is known for its showy flowers that are pronounced by flexed petals. The color of the Gloriosa blossom changes colors from the tip to the center and can be found in yellows, oranges, yellow-green, and deep reds. This species is adapted to summer rainfall followed by a dormant dry season. All parts of this plant are dangerously toxic if ingested as it contains colchicine. Skin irritation will occur if parts of your skin come into contact with leaves or stem. The Gloriosa also has medicinal value among the natives of Andhra Pradesh.

8. Saffron Crocus


The Saffron Crocus sells from $12,000 to $1,500 per pound. The Saffron Crocus gained its fame as a spice but is also commonly sold as a flower. It is a rich purple in color with a rich yellow stamen which is what makes it so unique. It will take almost 80,000 flowers to create 500 grams of spice from the stamen which explains why this flower is so expensive. The stamens all have to be hand-picked and then dried before becoming a spice. This is used mainly for coloring in cuisine in addition to high seasoning. The Saffron Crocus is an autumn-flowering perennial that is only known as a human cultivated plant. There are no natural growths of this plant in the wild.

7. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid


The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid sells for approximately $200,000. There are no natural growths of this orchid in the wild; it is a completely man-made flower. The name comes from the group that conducted the experiment which resulted in the growth of this incredibly beautiful orchid. It took the group eight years to grow and observe the creation of this flower. The orchid will only bloom every four to five years and even though it has outstanding beauty, it is said to have a delicate taste. The price is set so high for this flower due to its rarity, background, appearance, and cultivation. One of these flowers was sold at auction for a shocking $1.68 million dollars. It is the most expensive flower of the world in 2017.

6. Kadupul Flower

Kadupul Flower Most Expensive Flowers in The World

The Kadupul flower does not have a price tag. The reason for no price listing, making this flower priceless, is because it cannot be picked without causing it great harm. This rare flower is a bloom from a cactus which only appears during the night and dies the next morning. The Kadupul flower gives off a lovely, calming fragrance. The only way to enjoy or experience this flowers fantastic scent is to buy a bottle of Kadupul-inspired perfume. This flower cannot be bought as once picked it will last only a few hours and would never make it to a shop. It cannot even be purchased online.

5. Lisianthus


The Lisianthus sells from $10 to $35 per bundle. The Lisianthus is also known as the Eustoma and blooms annually with a 5cm blossom in diameter. This plant can grow from 15 to 60cm in height and has a wide ruffled, delicate oval petal. The colors of this incredible flower range from lavender, white, pale purple and blue-violet. While the plant itself is long-lasting, the flowers when cut from their stem will only survive two to three weeks before dying. This short lifespan after cut makes it very hard to market them and is why this flower has such a high price tag. The Lisianthus is called the ‘paper flower’ as most in the color white and are very fragile.

4. Hydrangea

Hydrangea Beautiful Expensive Flowers in The World 2018

The Hydrangea sells for $6.50 per stem. This flower is popular due to its unique circular cluster of little flowers growing from each stem. The Hydrangea plant generally grows in a shrub-like form that can measure from 1 to 3 meters tall in height. They begin to grow in the early spring and will last through the late fall. Colors of the Hydrangea range from; light purple, pink, blue, and violet. The flowers will easily wilt and droop and should only be bought on the day you intend to use them. Even though they have a very short lifespan, they are still commonly used for many occasions, especially at weddings. The price for these flowers reflects the difficulty it takes to harvest and cultivate them.

3. 17th Century Tulip

17th Century Tulip Top 10 Most Expensive Flowers in The World 2017

The 17th Century Tulip sold for $5,700 in the 17th century. Even though this flower is quite simple and common, in the 17th century the price for this flower bubbled. It was highly admired by the Dutch due to its shape, lush, and deep colors. During the 17th century, there was no other flower with such a strong color and it was incredibly rare during that time as well. Since this time, people have regarded the tulip as being a status symbol if you were able to grow them in your garden.

2. Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid Top Most Famous Expensive Flowers in The World 2018

The Gold of Kinabalu orchid sells for $6,000 per flower. This orchid is very rare and beautiful and is why it has such a high price tag. It has beautiful long, green petals with red spots and can only be found in the Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia. This orchid can only be found in one place and is extremely hard to grow. It will only grow between the months of April and May and it often takes years for a bloom to appear once you have the plant growing. The name reflects both how hard it is to find and its price tag.

1. Juliet Rose

Juliet Rose Top Most Beautiful Expensive Flowers in The World 2019

The Juliet Rose sells for $15.8 million. The Juliet Rose made it debut at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2006. The world loved this incredibly elegant and beautiful rose. David Austin is credited with developing this exquisite flower that took him 15 years to cultivate. This flower has an unusual and sophisticated color that has not been found in roses of the past. It’s pale peach buds will open to show deeper inner tones that are neatly arranged within. You will notice a light fragrance from this rose reminding you of snowdrops and daffodils.

Most flowers are natural beauties, aside from those specifically developed for their unique characteristics, and are the preferred gifts for loved ones. Flowers are accepted for almost any occasion as a token of love and appreciation. While you may not be able to send all of these flowers for your next event there are some within an affordable price range to perhaps send a stem or two. The next time you have an event that requires flowers, you should check out this list of the top 10 most expensive flowers of the world 2017 and see if one fits your budget.

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