Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in The World 2017. How do you show off your feelings to someone in the world that we are today is the kind of flowers that you give them. Mm, the lovebirds will always look for the best flowers, regardless at how much or the cost they will get it with. That is why flowers are always non to be a simple and sincere way that you can use to lift up our spirits better each day that comes and goes. If you have wronged someone, the remedy is to show him/her that the person is still as unique and good as a flower. Beautiful flowers are not easy to get and maintain but here are the best beautiful flowers 2017 that exist out there.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in The World 2017

10. Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Most Beautiful Flowers in The World 2017

If you are living in Japan, then you can understand the importance of spring. During spring season, you will notice cherry blossom trees in their full bloom. Spectacular display of these blossoms which arrival in the season are being celebrated by festivals in U.S and also Japan. Popular colors of these flowers are pink and white and who doesn’t love flowers? These flowers always remain beautiful when they are still on their trees and also even when they are carpeting on ground, they still look gorgeous. You can plant them right there in your garden so that when US and Japan are celebrating, you will celebrate too right there at your home.

9. Dahlia


Dahlia is known to be genus name to Mexico, Colombia and Central America. The flowers are characterized as tuberous, bushy and perennial plants and easy to grow. The name of this flower was found after the botanist Anders Dahl and their beautiful flowers will capture your attention when you spot them from far. If you love flowers, then Dahlia will steal attention with its sweet scent which can attract everyone. There are thirty species of Dahlia in the world 2017 and at least twenty thousand cultivators. If you love and value flowers, then you need to grow this one and when you smell it sweet scent, you will realize that you’re a new and relaxed person.

8. Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in The World 2017

You can find these flowers either in white, pink or red and even when you don’t love flowers, you will get your right choice. These flowers mostly appear in April to June ready to capture your attention. They are whimsical and almost fairy like blossoms. The flowers are known to be traditional favorite shady gardens and they are easy to grow. They are called bleeding heart because their shape resembles heart. If you to grow flowers, then bleeding heart is your right choice and even your friends and neighbor will come to your house want to see them. Bleeding heart will make your garden look attractive and so if you don’t have any flower, then bleeding heart is what you need to grow.

7. Canna


Also known as canna lily and they are not true lily. It is genius of 19 species of flowering plants. They have beautiful flowers and their leave are wide. Growing them is very easy and they need regular watering since their leaves lose a lot of water through transpiration. Some of the closest living relations to this plant are some other families of order Zingiberales which are ginger, bananas and more. You can propagate them easily and they take short season to grow and reach maturity. They look gorgeous when they reach flowering stage and the best part about these flowers is that they are resistant to drought and are able to be grown in pots easily. You can also grow them in your garden and they will add bold statement to your home’s surroundings.

6. Rose


Every one of us know the rose flowers as the most romantic flower. It is also characterized by wonderful scent and when you smell its scent you feel fresh and relaxed. When you visit a sick person or your loved one, the first thing to remember is to take a rose flower. Giving rose flowers to your love one has meaningful significant. You can take yellow rose which are meant for friendship and the red rose are meant for true love. It is woody perennial shrub and varieties of stems are thorned. Several of the species are found in Asia, but the goodness is that several of them are distributed all over the world. If you want to decorate your garden, then rose flowers are what you need to grow and they will attract everyone including pets! They are known to be most beautiful ornament plants that everyone with a garden need to grow.

5. Tulip

Tulip Top Most Famous Beautiful Flowers in The World 2019

It is one of the most cultivated flowers found in the world 2017 and it has been distributed from South Euro, Africa to Asia. It is very easy to plant in ports and some of them are fresh cut flowers. They have beautiful flowers and the first commercial cultivation started in Iran. It needs regular watering and maintaining them is easy. People that are mostly known as potential growers of the product are the Dutch but I have to give you a secret that the potential commercial cultivators were first found in Iran.

4. White Lotus


That is not the only name that you can find this plant with because another name that it has is the Egyptian white waterlily or in other terms tiger lotus. Start by knowing that the species of the plant is known as Nymphaeaceae and is able to be found grown in various parts that are found in Asia and also in the Eastern parts of Africa. They float on water and they are always supported by its lily pads. If you want a plant that you can grow in ponds and even in an aquarium, then you are at the right place to find the best of them all.

3. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley Top Most Popular Beautiful Flowers in The World 2018

Known as a delicate flower, it is a sigh of fragrant sigh of spring and has been one that inspires most legends to use it. There is one Christian legend that is known to have said that the tears that Mary mother of Jesus had shed on the cross had turned out to be lilies of the valley. That gives people reason to sometimes refer to the flower as ‘Our Lady’s Tears’. That is not all because another sample of them have ben believed to have emerged to grow from the blood of St. George when they were fighting with the dragon.

2. Oriental Poppy


Get to know more about this flower as it is referred as a perennial something that is contrary to what many people out there name it to be. What is funny about the flower is that it grows and thrives in droughts and also in summers due to the fact that it totally sheds off its foliage. If someone asks you what color you prefer the plant to have, then I know you might be confused on what to give out. But let me shorten them down for you because it has either white, red, pink or sometimes multicolored colors.

1. Plumeria

Plumeria Top Popular Beautiful Flowers in The World 2018

Having a flower alone does not do you any great other than beautifying your environment. This is a flower that will give you more due to the reason that it has more and better smell than any other that you have encountered in your life. But the sweetness and the scent are not bad enough to make you uncomfortable. Unlike others in the market, they are white in color and have been given a little touch of a yellow look. When you have it on your table or room, you are going to love everything that is going to give you something to cherish about.

Ensure that your environment is going to be decorated and what will do that is the fact that it is going to be humane and beautiful to be at all times. There are very many beautiful flowers out there in the world 2017 but what makes them differ from each other is the fact that they are going to remain unique at all times. The above have been given the best color in the world and there scent also makes them be the best of them all.

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