Top 10 Best Short Hairstyles And Haircuts For Fall

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Fall 2017. Looking for cute, short hairstyles and haircuts or maybe you just want a little encouragement to go there. With many short hairstyles that take you from chic to pixie, to flattering, to sexy, whatever the cut, have a read of the collection of the Top 10 Short Hairstyles and haircuts for Fall of 2017. It’s coming up to the New Year and you want a do that is going to take you there.

Something from our list here will have you grabbing your scissors and handing them to your favourite stylist. We’ve covered the short, the cropped, the tapered and the hairstyles for the older gals. Because hair rules have gone and the women over 50 who want a chic hair cut can adopt today’s trends too. In fact, some of the styles will have you rockin’ through the streets whilst you ooze confidence.

As they say, there’s nothing like a good haircut; a haircut is as good as a holiday. So here’s to the cut and style ideas to get you started.

List of Top 10 Best Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Fall 2017

10. Textured Lob


This style will take your hair to a choppy, shaggy look, shoulder length style that is an effortless, low-maintenance hair cut that will be trendy every morning. Your stylist should ensure your hair has lots of movement and lots of the choppier ends so that you can have that touselled look all day. At home, just spritz with a texturing spray and curls some of your hair in the opposite direction then shake is out loosely with your fingers.

9. Shag

Shag Top 10 Best Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Fall

Has it ever really gone away? The Shag seems to have remained popular since it came into vogue in the seventies. This is a do with lots of layers particularly framing the face. It’s a crop that is also maintenance free and your hair needs to be long enough to sweep back into a ponytail. The ends will be long enough to brush your shoulders and short enough to give you shaggy bangs. At home, on dry hair, spritz the texturising spray from the middle of the hair to the ends and then with a curling iron, loosely curl an inch or two of each section, then shake it out with the fingers.

8. Petite-Coif

Petite-Coif Top Famous Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Fall 2019

Short hair will frame the face in whispers of varying length over the top of the head and around the ears and nape. Feather-like hair will have the same overall length on the bangs so that it can be swept aside if desired. Using gel on your hair will give it direction and can be touseled with the fingers to shape it. And if you like, give it a blow with a warm, not hot dryer to give it a little bit of lift. It’s very pixie-like, very cute and super feminine.

7. Full Fringe

Full Fringe Top Popular Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Fall 2018

The full fringe is pretty and very 70’s that will add a softer frame for the face. It’s a glamorous look that softens the frame of the jawbone and cheeks. Go for a blunt fringe to bring a little drama to the eyes and texturise around the face with a layer or two. It is a style that works with most hair types and can be air dried to enhance your hair’s natural texture. Using a curling iron can add interest to the sides where the curl can sit gently at the ears lending a very feminine look to the face.

6. Long Bob with Fringe

Long Bob with Fringe Top Most Popular Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Fall 2018

This style is kept at a tiny bit below the shoulders, cutting the hair to the chin which makes it into the bob but the fringe is kept long adding interest and shape. Your hair, when it’s dry will touch your chin and the fringe is cut with a shorter layer but creates bangs that are long, blended into the style and barely there. At home, to add interest and lift, rake a finishing cream through your hair with your fingers, separating the shafts giving your hair more emphasis on the layers and making it appear full. This is one of the Top 10 Best Short Hairstyles And Haircuts For Fall 2017.

5. Curly Afro with Bangs


Your stylist will cut your hair dry and introduce layers for volume and lift. Cutting dry hair ensures she or he won’t cut your hair too short as wet hair can trick you. With curly hair, which can be worn on every face shape, you will be able to add emphasis to your face with the layers. It’s about healthy curls so hydration is what you’re aiming for. Whilst your hair is damp, to keep it bouncy, seal your hair with hydrating products that nourish and add moisture. Rake your fingers carefully through your hair with product spread over your palms, to prevent frizz.

4. Choppy Layers

Choppy Layers Top 10 Best Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Fall 2017

This style is all about layers, so figure out where you want the first one to be, how high it will sit will determine the next layer and so on. Usually, layers that are meant to flatter the face sit below the jawline but with choppy layers, they’re less uniform and more a messy do. At home, you can rub a little wax over your palms and through your fingers and then run it through the ends of your hair. The wax will lift the ends and give it volume. If you desire a little more fun scrunch your hair with a little more wax and you’ll add bounce and more volume.

3. The Midi


The midi is a medium length cut that sits just below the jawbone but softly sweeps the collarbone with long layers. The ends are texturised and left alone, otherwise, if you feather your hair, you’ll finish up with a shag look. The ends can be curly or straight and with the ends slightly bent, you’ll add detail and softness.

2. Curly Bob

Curly Bob Top Most Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Fall 2017

This is a style for curly hair that is fun and gives a playful look to your hair. This cut is a blunt angle cut or a wedge that stacks at the back and connects with the front with tendrils that are in different lengths. The curls can be defined by using a strong hold gel that can be gentle raked through your hair. This motion with a lot of tight scrunching from root to tip will add volume and definition to your face. You also get to change which side you part your hair on.

1. Trapezoid Afro


This style asks for a cut that will be tapered at the bottom with curls and weight focused on the top giving the final shape a heart or a diamond. There will be plenty of bounce and volume in this hair, keeping the curls rangy and healthy. There are more benefits with this cut that allows part placement anywhere you desire to down either side, down the centre or no part at all, thus completely hiding it. And to prevent it becoming an outright frizz-ball, use an afro pick spritzed with hairspray.

These are the Top 10 Best Short Hairstyles And Haircuts For Fall 2017. If you’re going to take the plunge this fall and chop it, ensure you have the idea so that you can let your stylist know exactly what you want. From short, short, to medium short, always remember, if you’re not keen on your style, and it happens, there’s a ton of product out there that will carry you through until your hair grows back. And it’s amazing how little time it needs to grow.