Top 10 Hottest Hairstyles for Women 2017

Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 Hottest Hairstyles for Women in 2017. Hairstyles have become specialized in 2017. More colors, cuts and different hairstyles have evolved in the air art sector. In the reviews on the hottest hairstyles 2016, most of the civilians and celebs asserted pink hair on their heads. This year, hair watching is still remaining a sport which is funny .Whether thick or thin hair, they all look beautiful when styled in a perfect way. Your face can also determine the hairstyle that will fit you the best. In instances where women have thick hair, they can choose to make it look that they have more or make it to look that they have less.

Through the experts of the hair industry, stylists who are also celebs and salon owners, the following are the hottest hairstyles for women in 2017:

List of Top 10 Hottest Hairstyles for Women 2017

10. Gigi Hadid’s dark roots.


This is a long hairstyle. It is among the hottest in 2017. It is a hairstyle with a blonde which is golden. This is best way for a free spirited girl vibe.Gigi Hadidi’s dark roots is among the best hairstyles where you can spend the least time possible on the styling chair.

09. Hazel

Hazel Top Popular Hottest Hairstyles for Women 2018

This is a hairstyle for thick hair. To make your thick hair skinny, you need to style it straight. You start the whole process by applying the styling gel when it is wet. The second step is to blow dry your hair by the use of a brush for styling. You are then required to apply a thermo protector and then smoothen it with a flat iron. The last and foremost step is to apply a shiner and set your style.

08. The wob hairstyle


This is among the hairstyles that are the best. Not only based on an individual woman, this is a hairstyle which is dominant among women in 2017.The styling director, Kevin Lee said that this is an hairstyle that has the great potential .It is also known as the wavy bob.

07. Shorter long hair

Shorter long hair Top Famous Hottest Hairstyles for Women 2018

This is a hairstyle that debut a blunt look. It is the hairstyle that requires the least mantainance.Hello and Kate hairstyles fall under this class. It is a hairstyle that can keep you cute as ever. The hairstyle can be styled in a straight way or in a curly form. You can also toss it in a pony way. They are the best since they can be styled in many different ways.

06. Long hair, Don’t care


This is the hottest hairstyles for women 2017.The long hair can be embellished or pulled and tied tightly. It has different ways of styling it. It is a hairstyle that has been adopted by many celebrities.SelenasGomez, Tina Fey, Lauren Conrad. Lady Gaga, Chriss Teigen and first lady Obama are among the celebrities who love the hairstyle. In this year (2016), people have grown their hair and it is the coolest than any hair hairstyle.

05. Extra volume on top.


It is also the hottest hairstyle which many celebrities are experimenting. Pumping extra hair on top is an amazing hairstyle. This effect can lengthen the face that is shaped like the heart or the round one. When trying out this hairstyle, ask for a perfect cut that seem longer on the top. In the back and on the sides, you can ask them to crop it.

04. Curls

Curls Top 10 Hottest Hairstyles for Women 2017

After several years of flat ironing, women have now decided to turn on to curls. The curls and waves embrace a pretty look. On this hairstyle, one can use different types of products such as diffusers. You can also set it in many ways to air dry. This hairstyle can also use rods of different sizes for the best ways possible to curl it. This can create an effortless look.

03. Grace hairstyle

Grace hairstyle Top Most Hottest Hairstyles for Women 2017

This is an haircut where the hair is made shorter on the sides and also the back. At the back, the hair is cut to embrace the round shape of the head. It gives the head a feminine of beauty. At the top, it is layered to be long. It is a hairstyle which is the best for people with faces which are oval or heart shaped. It suits people with medium texture or those with high density textured hair. When using the sprays for the texture, you need to apply it on the hair and not on the surface.

02. Natural hair hues


The natural hair is a big thing in 2017. It is among the hottest hairstyles for women of the year 2017. This makes the hair to grow in a healthy manner when it is compared to the color protecting products. These products are only for air kisses. The women have decided to change their hairstyles from pink to just natural.

1. Textured bobs

Textured bobs Top Most Popular Hottest Hairstyles for Women 2019

This is the hottest hairstyle for women in 2017. It are a relaxed and funny way that you can keep your hair. This is a shape which is classic to endure valleys and peaks when the woman is popular. It is the biggest hairstyle which is trending Jennifer Lawrence, the actress is among the people who like this hairstyle

Women are now growing in their hair to graze at the shouldiers.This is done to achieve the hairstyles which are sophiscated The other women have gravited their hair texture since it creates an amazing look.