Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Brands in The World

Take a look at the below List of Top 10 best selling and Most Famous Fashion Brands in The World 2017. Our fashion status started to change form the word go from time of creation. That is why everybody started to ensure that he/she is always ahead of others. If you walk around town, you will realize that there is no one that is not found to fashion and are struggling to wear something that is trendy. Now, I always wonder why there is all this mix up. But I have come to realize that people always try to maintain their status by trying to be ahead of others.

The modern world and the past have everything in common because they have ensured that brands always change from one year to the next so that they can be able to suit to the current trends and needs. But there is something that will always catch your attention, which most of the brands that are famous are going to be acquired by the rich who can be able to afford them. That is why most of the people are running behind these famous brands so that they are able to look classy and fashionable.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Brands in The World 2017


coach, Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Brands in The World 2017

This is a company that has been known to be famous when you go to America. It works started off in the year 1941 and has grown over years to become one of the best when it comes to the use of leather products in the world. It is involved in the manufacture of diverse products which include shoes, bags and many others in the fashion market world. What has made them famous also is the fact that they have gone step ahead and opened other stores around the world, in USA they are believed to have almost 600 stores. The company has profound success and makes almost $3.2 billion. They have even partnered with other like Billy Reid and have come up with the most expensive bags.


fendi, Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Brands in The World 2018

This is a brand that is owned by Italy and I can assure you that it has many people around the world that are aware of its existence because of the works that it has been doing over time. It has been in the fashion industry for a longer time, since 1925 and has always done tremendous jobs in ensuring that its customer base does not fall short of any models. It has its main store in Italy but it’s known to be a company that will never relent in putting up other stores wherever it wants. For instance, it has known of having around 117 stores in different countries.


burberry, Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Brands in The World 2019

This is a most famous fashion brands of 2017 that belongs to Britain and started to work in this field from as early as 1856 and has its headquarters put up in London. It is involved in the manufacturing of bags, scarf, shoes, and a lot other products that you can think of. It is also Nonsense Company and when it goes to work, it ensures that it has come up with the best brands. That is why its brands are estimated to be $4.2 billion. It has put up its stores in almost 50countries worldwide and that is why it is able to ensure that its supplies are able to reach a wider group of people easily. The most costly item that they have is a coat that is made of peacock feathers and it will need you to have at least $35,000 to own one.


cartier, Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Brands in The World 2017

This is a Paris brand found in French and is respected for its making of jewelry and watches. It started to work in the year 1847 and has grown through ups and downs and has managed to hit a brand rate of almost $6.3 billion. It has managed to open other venues in almost 125 countries in the world with almost 200 stores in number. The treasurable product that they have is the Watch Tank Anglaise which is estimated to cost around $32,000.



This is a private company that owns this fashion store and was started off in 1909 with its headquarters being in Paris. The make bags, shoes, and also perfumes. What has made the company to be known across the world is its production of Perfume called Marilyn Monroe which they respect as their ambassador. The classic bag that they have designed is the one that is rated as the most costly among the rest as it needs you to have $261,000 as it is made with some diamonds in it. The company has grown over years and they all attribute their success to determination and hard work.

5. Rolex


Rolex started its work back in 1905 and the world knows it for its watches. Its headquarters is working in Switzerland. If you want the best watch which is fashionable, Rolex is right here to give you what your heart desire. You can purchase its watch and maintain your status and even show off others. If you want to look beautiful with the best watch, you can get a copy which is available at reasonable price but with the same design. Its’ expensive watch was sold in almost $53,000 but don’t say that you can’t afford that item, you can now get copies of their watches which are available and highly affordable by everyone and the goodness is that they have the same design. This is one of the world’s top 10 Most Famous Fashion Brands 2017.

4. Prada


This is Italian brand which started its work in the field of fashion brands in 1913 and since then, it concentrated in making high-quality products and what the Prada will offer you are sunglasses, watches, shoes and handbags which are beautifully crafted and durable. Reports have proven that this company has increased its value and it is about 63 percent and it is moving towards producing high quality products that will end up attracting more customers. If you want the most expensive bag that everyone will admire, Prada is ready to give you. You might be there asking yourself why is that bag expensive, you can’t imagine a bag that is made of ostrich leather, yes that is the bag you will get here. Glasses and handbags of this company are available in copy and they have low prices making them easily affordable.



Don’t find yourself choosing those brands which come to industry yesterday, because the one which started its work long time ago and maintain its name, then it is clear indication that that brand produces high-quality products and that is the main agenda of GUCCI. It started its work back in 1921 and since then, it managed to gain popularity and now known as one of those famous fashion brands in the world 2017. It is owned by French company and what make it famous are its handbags, scarf, bags and many other products. If you want the best product, come here and it will worth your money with zero frustration and risk free. You will find crocodile shoulder bag that will suit your needs and look cute and fashionable.



Hermes didn’t come to industry the other day, but it started its work in 1837 and its main store is found in Paris. It is known to be most famous brands in the world and you will find its stores in several countries. What you will find here is bags, shoes and belts. If you want to buy the best shoes for your loved one, Hermes is right here with fashionable things to meet your needs. If you want products which will last longer in your life without showing any signs of wear or tear, then this is the best brand for your money.

1. Louis Vuitton


This famous fashion brand started its work back in 1984 and it has crowned as luxurious brand in the world which is most valuable. It sells products which are of high-quality. Its value is almost $28.4 billion and it has been ranked in Forbes list in 2013 to be one of those luxury brands and some of its famous bag of this brand was sold in $10,000. If you want the best watch collection, that is beautiful and expensive, Louis Vuitton is the best choice for serious people. Don’t buy cheap things and expect them to last longer that are not the case. This fashion brand is ready to give you high-quality things with zero regrets. The major products of this brand are bags, sunglasses and shoes.

So, these are the Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Brands in The World 2017. We are fond of fashion and at least we admire to wear something which is trendy but money is an issue. You might want to purchase something which is fashionable to maintain your status or even show off to others, but you will love that these products you need are now available in copies. You don’t have to go for those brands which are expensive.

Like buying things in Louis Vuitton will break your bank, but since you can find the same design in your country, I think you will be able to maintain your status without pinning your wallet. Nowadays, several people prefer famous brands and since we know that famous products are expensive; you need to plan yourself according to your wallet. If you have heavy pocket, you can find the original product to look beautiful and if you’re on the budget, find the copies of these product you want and few people will notice about that.

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