Top 10 Best Hair Color Ideas for Fall

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2017. These hair colors for fall are so wonderful you will wear them during any other month. You can find these hair colors online so you can do it yourself or you can go to a salon and have it done for more money than doing it yourself. Make sure you know the color you want to apply to your hair because if you do it wrong you can look really bad. Doing it yourself can be a problem sometimes. If you are going from a dark color to a light color and have never changed hair colors before then you may want to get someone to help you that has done it before.

Be very careful and please make sure you are not using too much because your hair may fall out. Do not swim in the pool for too long because the chemicals can change your hair and make you have green hair without wanting it. Always wait a good month to two months before even trying to dye the hair again. If you want to add a little color then you should really look at highlights to enjoy. Some people love the bright colors but they can look funny when on certain people. You should always make sure the hair color is going to go with your skin tone. Light skinned people should never go blonde unless they have tried it before. Good luck and enjoy your new hair.

List of Top 10 Best Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2017

10. Milky Blonde-

milky blonde, Top 10 Best Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2017

This hair style is only done in certain places. Mainly Korea and most of the time they do not like changing their hair. If you want this dye you will have to search really hard. It is a great color if you want almost white hair. Great for getting color out and waiting to dye your hair again soon. Never go this color if you do not want to look like a ghost if you have light skin.

9. Chesnut Blonde-

chesnut blonde, Top 10 Best Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2018

This makes dark hair lighter. Very easy to apply to the hair. Cut the tip and mix the bottles. Apply in strips and around the scalp. Try not to get it straight on the scalp because, it cause burns if left on to long. It looks better than any other color you would spend more money on. Do it yourself or have a friend help you with it. Have a daughter? If she is over the age of fifteen you could have her help you. use a mirror or just attempt without one. Make sure to get it all over the hair so that you do not have your hair color plus the new color still in your hair.

8. Wine Red-

wine red, Top 10 Best Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2019

This is for hair and beards. It is a dark red and you can not use if you have dark hair. It will not change the color to what color you will be wanting. This dye is natural and will not hurt your hair when using it. The natural ingredients that it uses will change the color and keep it that way but it has no chemicals in it so no worries of damaging your hair. You will not be able to change this hair color with chemical dyes. you will need to wait for the color to leave your hair before you can change it.These dyes are great for your hair because the chemicals that are not in it.

7. Pink Highlights-

pink highlights, Top 10 Best Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2020

One step brush on color highlights with pure concentrated color, highly visible even on the darkest hair. Has a patented highlighting wand makes it easy to experiment with either a few bold flashes or an all over effect. Do not use this on relaxed hair. You can use this on black hair and still get the hot pink you are looking for. It last in your hair for a long time and you will enjoy the bright pop of the color.

6. Chocolate Brown-

chocolate brown, Top 10 Best Hair Color Ideas for Fall

Flattering for every skin tone out there, the deep brown is a color to have when you want to go darker instead of lightening things up like those around you. It is rich in color and will have a beautiful shine to it. It is never a basic color when it comes to the color brown.

5. Red-


This has been a color that not many people are using anymore but it seems to be making a huge turnaround. The singer Meghan Trainor has died her lovely locks the shade of ginger and they look fantastic. Red will go with most skin tones but you just need to be bold enough to rock the color.

4. Desert Rose-


It is perfect for almost anyone because it will leave some of your natural hair in sight but have other tones like red, blonde, and some brown mixing in with it all. It is a subtle color and will leave you breathless with the result. It is absolutely beautiful and perfect for the ones that are not quite ready to dye their hair a full blown red. There are different results you can go for with this color because it will blend with any hair color. Whether you are blonde and want to dramatize things up a bit or if you are brunette and just want a little hint of the color, it will all look trendy and gorgeous. this is one of the Top 10 Best Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2017.

3. Deep Brown-


There is nothing wrong with going to a dark shade and being different than others. Just like with the chocolate brown, this is perfect for any skin tone. You could add some highlights or just leave it as is with the darker strands being the only color. If you go to this color you will enjoy the shine that it gets from being in the sun. Some people may see a small tent of red because of how dark it is but you will still love it. Go to this color to make your hair look more natural and flowing. The conditioner you get with this is really refreshing and makes your hair so soft you will not be able to keep your hands out of it.

2. Peach-


This is a temporary dye but it is still cute and can last a little while. Doing it this way can ansure that if you did it for good that you liked it and would not mind walking around with it on your head. This is a light color so if you did not like it it is very easy to cover up. Or you could just wait and wash it out. The light color will shine in the sun and really show the color more. Just test it out before doing it for good.

1. Platinum Blonde-


This color will give you brilliant results. The fact that it is a platinum blonde will really make your hair look more white. If you want to do that then this is great for you. Using this color is great for people who want to put some other color in their hair with it. It will last a long time. This is the colors that will make your hair change green if in pool water to long. be very careful with this color or any other color if you have dark hair because you could end up with patches if not done correct.

These are the Top 10 Best Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2017. Dying your hair is a huge step you really need to think about before you even do it. It is something that you will get used to and the chemicals in it can harm your hair and your scalp. So when thinking of doing this you will want to make sure that you use the color you will be happy with. The best way to do it is getting it professionally done. Doing it yourself can be a hassle and you could mess the color up easily. If you have dyed your hair before then you should be fine. If you have never dyed your hair then you really should have someone help you so they can make sure you have the color all over and it is even. Never put dye on your scalp it could burn your scalp or even dye it. You can buy a stripper to get the color out of your hair but that will hurt your hair more and could change it to a color you do not like. So I suggest going to a good salon and paying to have it done. You can get dye in a foam form or other kinds.

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