Top 10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles in The World 2017. Hair in the current world that we are living in needs to be maintained such that it is either short and neat or if its long it needs to be well maintained. Thus for everyone it is advisable to be presentable. The social figures especially are the ones that are especially required to be as role models to all the other people. As a result they are the ones that are used as pace setters to all the other people in the world. They also are the ones that people copy off to gain new hairstyles that they plait or either shave to be like. This makes the article below be relevant. Here is a list of all top 10 best celebrity hairstyles throughout 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles in The World 2017

1: Blunt chop bob

blunt-chop-bob, Top 10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles in The World 2017

This hairstyle was rocked this year by Charlize Theron. The hair is generally long that it reaches the area around the neck region. The choppiness in the bob enhances the texture of the hair. The choppiness is the easiest and the best way to make sure that you are noticeable. Adding colour to the hair makes it really amazing and hard to forget. This makes the hairstyle popular such that most people would like to do the same hairstyle to enhance their looks.

2: Asymmetric angled Lob

asymmetric-angled-lob, Top 10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles in The World 2018

The hair was done by Jessica Chastain. The hair in this style is also long such that it reaches the shoulders and covers the back of your neck. This hairstyle has an edgy vibe reflection to the person at hand. This look can be improved by either adding colour or by adding curls to the hair. To make this look have an impact on people one side is tucked behind the ear while the other is let free above the cheeks.

3: Overgrown layers


This hairstyle was showcased by Lily Aldridge. It has a way of making you look insane or crazy. It portrays you as a person who is not afraid of anything. This hairstyle makes the hair look dangly at the back of your head. It generally is long and it reaches just below your shoulders. It also has many styles that you can shape it as fast as possible just as you are about to leave your house. This also applies when you have a hair emergency.

4: A fringed shag


Taylor swift was the person who wore this look this year. In this look, the hair is a little bit shorter than in all the rest. It only reaches the neck. The shape of this hair is mostly recommended for chicks with heart or round shaped girls and who possess thick hair. Making the hairstyle either coloured or curly makes the look even more appealing to any one being. The look is also appealing for mostly blonde ladies as it makes it look freaky.

5: Soft bouncy curls


The soft bouncy curls have been a major look and this year was generally represented by Elizabeth Olsen. The actress had a little bit long hair that extended below the shoulders. The style is good for many occasions and can also be viewed as an official hairdo. This look is easy to achieve if you are in a hurry since it only requires a tong. As a result it has been in the minds of most people with long hair.

6: Rocker chic


The look was associated with Emma Roberts. To wear this look your hair has to be uneven. Such that it is short around the face but as it goes to the back it tends to grow longer. It also has to be wavy and as some might say it has to seem like it is not kempt. This look can be the best during the summer times since you have to wear shades for the sun and as such bring out the outer beauty.

7: Straight Bangs and even lengths


The celebrity to bring out the best of the said hairdo was Selma Blair. Here the hair that graces your forehead has to be short and also to be in a straight line. In all the other regions the hair has to be of the same length and also be longer than the one on the forehead. Adding more curls to the look makes it look even sexier and also you might go for the adding of colour depending on your complexion. This is one of Top 10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles in The World 2017.

8: A lob with pointy layers


This killer look was brought to light by none other than Alessandra Ambrosio. The look is made such that the hair is all equally long around your head. After, there is a line that is made in the middle of the top of your head. After this, the hair is combed on either side of the hair including the back. This makes sure that no hair is on your forehead.

9: A rounded lob


It was worn by Sienna Miller. Here, hair is split just as in the lob with pointy layers but the hair is generally shorter than that. On top of this, the hair is curled and also should look a bit rugged. It is best achieved if the person to wear it is generally blonde.

10: Ultra long and layered at mid-point


This look was rocked by Riley Keough. The hair is long and is of equal height. On one side the hair is tucked behind the ear and on the other it is let loose. The hair has to be lower beneath the neck region of the person in mind.

These are the Top 10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles in The World 2017. All these and many more hairstyles have different ways to generate. It all depends with the person doing the job and the taste of the client.