Top 10 Best Bridal Hairstyles in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Bridal Hairstyles in The World 2017. Sooner or later just about every woman will become a man’s wife. When the time is right, she will formally marry the man of her dreams. On her special wedding day, a woman wants to look her best for this grand occasion.

While the type of wedding dress that she is wearing is extremely important, she will also need to have the right type of hairstyle to complete her look. The following top 10 best bridal hairstyles in 2017 will be listed here. Each of these hairstyles will make a bride look ravishing for her groom and happy that he married.

List of Top 10 Best Bridal Hairstyles in The World 2017

10. Free Flowing Locks

Free Flowing Locks Top 10 Most Bridal Hairstyles in The World 2017

Many women love to let their hair down since it makes them look very feminine and appealing. When a lady lets her hair down she wants a man to pay attention to her. A groom will find his bride hard to resist on this special occasion. This is especially true on a female’s wedding day when she is the center of attention.

Free flowing locks is a simple but effective hairstyle that a woman can pull off during her marriage ceremony. She can wear a tiara that will not interfere with her long and luxurious hair. Her soon-to-be husband will appreciate the look and really enjoy her during their honey moon.

9. The Low Curled Updo

The Low Curled Updo Top 10 Famous Bridal Hairstyles in The World 2018

The low curled updo is a hairstyle that is curled at the top and on the sides. It is a traditional style that makes a woman look like a superstar on their wedding day. This style is easy to put together and it is a great look for a woman to sport on her wedding day with a veil. Simple styles such as these generally work best for a bride on her special day.

8. The Tousled Updo


Updo hairstyles really popular for brides. The Tousled variety is loose and sexy. This style created by curling a woman’s hair and then loosely pulling it back onto her hair. A few strands of hair are left across her face to highlight her features. This look is completed when a woman leaves this style slightly undone on her mug. This is a natural look that will make a man simply desire his wife and want to hold onto her forever.

7. The Sideswept Pin

The Sideswept Pin Top 10 Best Bridal Hairstyles in The World 2020

The sideswept pin look is a great because it is a classic look for brides. It requires a bride to style her hair to the side while letting her locks flow over half of her face. This look brings out the feminine and soft features of a woman’s face. Women who sport this hairdo often add flowers to help spruce it up. Her husband will enjoy it and this is simply a wonderful hairstyle for a bride to have on her wedding day.

6. The Sophisticated Updo


This type of updo is twisted in a spiral motion at the top of a female’s head. The hair can either be braided or twisted and then wrapped to create an elegant style for her wedding day. Once a lady’s future husband sees this look he will immediately appreciate his bride’s fantastic look. This hairstyle makes a great wedding day look for any bride-to-be.

5. The Maiden Braid

The Maiden Braid Top 10 Best Bridal Hairstyles in The World 2019

The maiden braid is an old school look that has been around for ages. This look is often featured on many brides from the Old Country. To pull off this style, a woman would simply need to have a hairdresser put a thick and long braid in the middle part of the hair. To really pull off the look, a female must slightly undo the braid. This is one of the Top 10 Best Bridal Hairstyles in The World 2017.

4. Bombshells and Curls

Bombshells and Curls Top 10 Best Bridal Hairstyles in The World 2017

The bombshell curl will make a woman look so tantalizing on her wedding day. This look is created by taking a big barrel curling iron and curling a woman’s hair. The curls should be made big, bold and thick with lots of volume. Once the curls are made they should be relaxed looking and not stiff. A female sporting this look for her groom is going to make his day extremely special. He will definitely remember how beautiful his bride was with this magnificent look.

3. The Half Up Side Braid

The Half Up Side Braid Top 10 Most Popular Bridal Hairstyles in The World 2018

Braids make a great hairstyle for a wedding day. The half side up braid will make a bride tempting and alluring to her wedding day partner. This type of braid is displayed on one side of a woman’s head and the other side of her hair is pulled into the same direction of her head. This style is sophisticated and it looks amazing when it highlights a wedding dress.

2. The Simple Twist


Twists provide a great look for females on their wedding day. A female has to get her hair designed with simple but elegant twists that can be made with a straitening comb, crimper or a flat iron. Once the twists are made she can then top it off with a tiara or veil. Men love women with twisty hair. A female who sport this look on their wedding day will appear as an extravagant bride that will make her man really glad that he chose her to be his wife.

1. The Princess


A woman’s wedding day is a time for her to look like a princess or even a queen (depending on her age). Younger brides want to be a princess on her special day. Many of them really enjoy this type of thing. So, wearing a princess hairstyle will give them this type of look. Traditionally, the princess look is shown off with a bun. It is arguably the best hairstyle for a woman to display during the greatest day of her life. This is one among the Top 10 Best Bridal Hairstyles in The World 2017.