Top 10 Best Selling 90s Makeup Trends in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling 90s Makeup Trends in The World 2017. The cycle of fashion keeps changing, with trends and styles that were initially considered modern and beautiful, later becoming unpopular or unfashionable. These unfashionable trends are later worn again, continuing the cycle. The past seems to recur with the saying “What goes around comes back around” used to explain fashion trends.

The 90s trends are now being seen everywhere on the runway, streets and also in stores. I’m going to show you how to wear the 90s make up trends. Below is the top 10 best 90s make up trends that made a comeback in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling 90s Makeup Trends in The World 2017

1. Blue eye shadow

Blue eye shadow Top 10 Best 90s Makeup Trends Returning in The World 2017

The blue eye shadow was the tinge in nineties whether it was glittery or muted. The beauty industry has without doubt brought back the frosted blue eye shadow. On recent runway appearances we’ve seen the cerulean, bright cyan, and sparkled navy eye shadows. This make up essentially makes your eyes look intense in a way that people will find it hard to forget.

Miss Aguilera was spotted wearing this make up back when she was a genie. Today Kendall Jenner has rocked this make up on the runway and out in the streets.

The recommended products for this look are: Rimmel, Savvy and Burberry.

2. Glitter

Glitter Top Most Popular 90s Makeup Trends Returning in The World 2018

Glitter make up is carefully applied to make the eyes pop. The glitter was the cornerstone to 90s glamour. The shine and sparkle of the 90s is hard to forget. The glitters were not limited only to the eyelids but also, you could wear them on the lips, hair and body. So, if you missed out on this playful yet sophisticated look, you are lucky because glitter is back.

The colors range from smoky silvers, gleaming and gemstone colors. Gwen Stefani rocked this make trend with belly tops.

This look can best be adapted through the softening and warming of the gold or silver. The recommended products for this look is: Bobbi Brown, Max Factor X and Kevyn Aucoin.

3. Burgundy lipstick

Burgundy lipstick Top Best 90s Makeup Trends Returning in The World 2017

This gives you a dramatic alternative to the already known red lipstick, which enhances your look especially during spring. You won’t fail to spot a dark berry with a tint of brown in the old photos of celebrities. This make up trend was most worn by celebrities in the 90s. The new version has a gloss finish the likes of stain finish or Dior.

The Burgundy should be worn with light brown shadow, flawless foundation and black mascara. Dark lips will always go well with light face and eyes. Burgundy lipstick can not only be worn in fancier festivities, but also as daytime wear. But yet, it has to be toned down, and you can add a lip liner if need arises. The recommended products for this look are Ilia, the minty balm, the seductress, and MaybelliIne.

4. French Manicure

French Manicure Top Most Famous 90s Makeup Trends Returning in The World 2018

French Manicure gives your nails a polished look, with pale pink or nude base. This look can easily be done for yourself or others, and it looks simple but yet stylish. The new look of French manicure has a lighter base color and the crescent one has dark and more bold colors.

It also looks creative rather than just classic, especially with green or black tips. The look also makes your finger tips pop but it is at its best when the nails are allowed to grow long. With this, you can look good without spending a penny at the Salon. The recommended products for this sophisticated look is Kester Black, Essie and Juku.

5. Grunge Eyeliner

Grunge Eyeliner Top Famous 90s Makeup Trends Returning in The World 2019

This eyeliner is thick, messy and has that slept-in look. The new grunge eyeliner gives the look of the smokey eye rebellious look. There are diverse looks that you can choose from, including the racoon or Elie Saab look.

To apply this eyeliner, you first need to line both eyes, and then use your pencil to draw a diagonal hash symbol on each eye. Completely blend the liners so as to create the wing and then add a black eye shadow to cover any gaps. Lastly, wear two coats of mascara.

6. Shimmer lip gloss

Shimmer lip gloss Top Popular 90s Makeup Trends Returning in The World 2019

After the bare lip make up trend, the shimmering gloss was the next big thing with lip make up. Presently, the shimmer lip gloss has made a comeback and stylish ladies can be seen rocking it. It has a wide variety of colors and just like in the 90s, it seems to be competing against the bare lip trend. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling 90s Makeup Trends in The World 2017.

7. Brick-brown lipstick


Lipsticks with dark color were trending. The secret to pulling off this look is that you wear minimal make up. This will enhance your natural look in a good way. This look was never complete without a choker necklace.

8. Thick eyebrows


In the recent past, the thicker eyebrows you have the better. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Cara Delevingne took this to a whole different level. You will always be on “fleek” with this perfectly groomed eyebrows.

9. Nude lipstick

Nude lipstick Top 10 Best 90s Makeup Trends Returning in The World

Nothing looks better than matte neutral lipstick. Rocking the neutral lipstick was the in thing in the nineties. To adapt this look you should lay a moisturizing balm that conditions the mouth. Bend backwards and make an outline using the side of the pencil and not the tip. Finally, you get the natural look of the pretty nude look.

I’d recommend you to use Gucci, Clarins Rouge Eclat, and Bobbi Brown Lipstick for that nude look. They are priced at $40, $26 and $28 respectively. Pinky-brown shade suits everyone you should probably get yours today. Avoid picking lipstick that is too opaque, light and beige.

10. White eye pencil


A little touch of this white liner on the bottom lash line was introduced by Kevyn Aucoin. This make up made Janet Jackson and Julia Robert’s look pretty and dashing. It should be best applied when you are not feeling sleepy or hangover. For this look one should try NYX slim eye pencil at $4

These are the Top 10 Best Selling 90s Makeup Trends in The World 2017. The modern era has resurfaced and you and your friends should not be left behind. Allow your inner teen experience the make-up come back of the 90s. As a tip for a more natural look, keep your make up neutral.