Top 10 Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women 2017. So you just found out you are pregnant. Great now you need to think about you are your baby. You do not have to change everything you do from day to day but you do need to think about changing up your diet a little. Now that you have a little person eating from your body you may want to think about all the vitamins that you need and why you will need them. You need to see what will help your baby in certain areas. If you think just sitting around snacking will still be something you do then correct because you will be snacking just on healthier foods that will help your baby develop in many different ways. Eating certain things while you are pregnant can help you grow plus your baby.This is a list that will educate you so that you will know the best foods to eat while you are pregnant so that you will have a great pregnancy and your baby will come out healthy as well.

List of Top 10 Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women 2017

10. Avocado


This is rich in all the good fats and has plenty of vitamins and minerals. It is an outstanding choice to make for healthy food while being pregnant. One avocado alone has healthy fat, carbs, folate, potassium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, and a few other amounts of other vitamins that are just as important and also contains minerals that are good for the body at this time too. You can add it to a salad or even a sandwich, or even better enjoy some guacamole with any type of chips that you feel you want.

9. Chicken

Chicken Top 10 Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women 2017

This food is a great source of protein, iron, and has tons of B vitamins. Always remember to choose a lean chicken and make sure to remove the skin because it contains cholesterol and is also high in animal fat as well as calories so none of that would make for a healthy choice unless removing it. You can bake it, grill it, or fry it in some olive oil and you have a healthy meal.

8. Kale

Kale Top Popular Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women 2018

Even if you only eat a small amount of this food it is still loaded with nutrients and it contains fiber, calcium, potassium, vitamin C, folate, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, and has a moderate amount of vitamins E and B6, zinc, niacin, phosphorus, and magnesium. This one has a whole butt load of nutritional supplements that are perfect for a pregnant lady. It is great for a base in salad, you can use it when you make stir fry, or even blend it up into a smoothie. If you are not familiar with Kale then research online some recipes, there are a lot of great ones that are also very tasty.

7. Wild Salmon


Has a numerous amount of mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids, also loaded with protein, vitamin B12, niacin, potassium, phosphorus, and zinc. Wild salmon is a great source of nutrients for the baby during its’ development time. The Omega 3 fatty acid, which salmon is particularly loaded with, is very important in the brain development of a fetus which happens through out the entire pregnancy.

6. Chocolate

Chocolate Top Most Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women 2017

Dark chocolate has several important nutrients like iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, niacin, and mono unsaturated fatty acids. There has been recent research that shows a small amount of high cacao chocolate can help to reduce blood pressure and improve the insulin levels during your pregnancy with out affecting your weight gain. Remember that even though the chocolate will be beneficial to you it is still high in calories and fat and caffeine so when eating it make to limit the amount of intake. Try to keep it at one ounce of chocolate per day and always aim to eat the dark that has seventy to eighty five percent cacao solids in it.

5. Raspberries

Raspberries Top Famous Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women 2019

High in vitamin C, fibers, and vitamin K, and manganese these raw raspberries can not only reduce constipation but it might probably give you some elasticity to your skin that will help reduce stretch marks because of there vitamin C amount that they carry. Just one cup of fresh raspberries will give you enough fiber, carbohydrates, iron, a little amount of vitamin K, some folate, zinc, and a few other vitamins that are helpful to the body during pregnancy. These are awesome with smoothies or even alone. This is one of the Top 10 Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women 2017.

4. Walnuts


These are another great nutrient source for your baby to grow a healthy brain. One ounce of raw walnuts has more that a daily dosage of needed omega three fats. They are full of fibers, and iron, and has the good polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are high in calories so snack on the smartly. They can be used for making trail mixes, added to a salad of choice, or simply eat them alone for a midnight snack.

3. Sweet Potatoes


High in fiber, carbs, potassium, and many other nutritional vitamins and minerals that every ones body needs but are all especially great for the pregnant body. Because of the vitamin B6 and carbs they carry this will help reduce nausea and vomiting. If you have the energy, well due to being pregnant and all, try to make some sweet potato fries, or make some mashed potatoes for a side with your dinner one evening.

2. Spinach

Spinach Top 10 Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women

It is another great source for folate. Just one cup of boiled spinach will meet almost half of your daily folate needs. It is also rich in potassium, vitamin A, and magnesium. The best ways to get the spinach you need is to use it in a salad or cook it for a side dish with one of your meals.

1. Lentils

Lentils Top Most Popular Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women 2018

In the early stages of pregnancy folate is a key ingredient since it is involved in a lot of developing processes from the start. Having an adequate amount if very important to the process. Lentils are more packed with folate than any other foods out there. One cup of this and you will have almost met your daily limit. They also have tons of other ingredients that your body needs to have a healthy development time for your baby’s growth period. Lentils are good in soups, salads, or as a side dish, or even alone.

If you start eating correctly the day you find you are pregnant then you will start feeling better and have more energy. These foods will make you feel better through out the day plus keep your from getting constipated during pregnancy. Some foods will even help stretch your skin so that you will not get so many stretch marks. If you wake up feeling sick follow these foods to make you less nauseous and feel better. No matter how far along you are you always need to make sure you are getting the correct amount of certain foods during the day.

If you wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry or just craving something salty or sweet then you may want to eat some dark chocolate or even some walnuts to help with that craving. Some foods taste better with certain things so try new things and see what happens. If you start feeling sick then more and likely the baby disagrees that it is something good and maybe you should try it a different way next time. If that does not help then you may want to forget about that food until the baby is born. Make sure if you are not getting the right amount of protein you eat some kind of chicken but leave the skin off because it is not as healthy with it on.

So, these are the Top 10 Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women 2017. Having a baby is a lot of work on your body so you need to keep your health up so that you do not get sick and have to be in the hospital more than you should. Remember you no longer can think about your self. It is about you and an unborn child that you will over as soon as he or she comes out. Eating right is just the first step, after the baby you may want to keep up the diet so that you will get your figure back and still feel good about your body like you use to. Baby’s make your skin stretch so do not feel bad about the stretch marks they where made from the beauty you have in front of you today.