Zara Larsson Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Zara Larsson Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Zara Larsson is a talented musician from Sonia in Sweden, within Stockholm County. The music queen has been actively singing for over ten years, and her music has thrilled fans all over the world, with radio stations playing her music all the time. Larsson first comes to the limelight after winning the reality series called ‘Talang.’ The songwriter and singer has released her album as well as over eight singles. Below are the finest ten songs in Zara’s discography.

Zara Larsson Top Song List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Zara Larsson:

10. ‘Weak Heart.’

Zari Clarkson released the song in 2015 from her album called ‘1′. The song receives positive comments from a cross-section of analysts, including those who do not love Zara. The song peaked at position 53 in Swedish media. Zara sings about a person who calls her, but she declines to pick. She changes her mind later and calls back, but they do not talk a lot. She loves the man so much that she can never resist. “Cause I’ve a weak heart, baby I’ve a weak heart.’

9. ‘This One’s For You’ (Feat. David Guetta)

Zara releases ‘This One’s For You’ as an independent track, and it does incredibly well. She collaborates with David Guetta, a producer, and DJ. The song does well commercially, as it tops many charts and is also boasts of the ‘Silver Certification.’ The song is well known for being the official track of the ‘2016 UEFA European Champions,’ with the duo performing it live during the closing and the opening ceremony of the games. ‘We stand stronger together.’ ‘This one’s for you.’

8. ‘Never Gonna Die.’

‘Never Gonna Die’ is track number four of the ‘1′ album. In the song, she sings about someone she loved but went away. She thinks it hurts most because he was her first love. She wishes he is back so that they can enjoy life together. She sings about a love that now turns into hate. Zara reminds him of his unfulfilled promises. The musician wonders whether it is worth to try, but she stays active. ‘The fire that burns, it ain’t ever gonna die.’ ‘No, it ain’t ever gonna die.’

7. ‘Girls Like.’

‘Girls like’ releases as an independent track. Zara collaborates with Tinie Tempah, a British artist who does Hip Hop. The song turns out to be an excellent commercial success, taking position twenty-seven in Sweden and position two in the United Kingdom. The son is boasts of a ‘Gold Certification’ from four states and a ‘Platinum Certification’ from two countries, Australia and the United Kingdom. ‘So go ahead and prove me right.’ ‘That’s what girls like.’

6. ‘Rooftop.’

‘Rooftop’ is the fifth track off the ‘1′ album. The album has a platinum certification from Sweden, although it trails in success, in comparison to other singles in the same album. She sings about a man she meets on the rooftop on one summer night during a barbecue. She greets him and realizes she is attracted to him. All that Zara hopes is that they will live to be soul mates one day. ‘One night at the rooftop, rooftop.’ ‘On sight at the rooftop.’ This is one of the Zara Larsson Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘She’s Not Me.’

The two-part track is single number two in ‘1′ album. Despite the first part of the song not being popular in the US, it peaked at position twenty in Sweden. In the song, Zara sings to her former boyfriend, telling him that his new catch is different from the real Larsson. She tells him that despite the girl trying to copy her, she never reach her standards, and their names are not similar, so she is not like her. ‘But you just know deep inside, she’s not me.’ ‘Baby she’s not me.’

4. ‘Carry You Home.’

The track is single number four in the l album, which rose to position two in Sweden and position fifty-five in the Czech Republic. In the song, she sings about being disappointed in a relationship, and she sometimes thinks one bends until she breaks. The song is emotional and encouraging. She offers to be the best friend at such challenging times, and she will always carry ‘you’ home. ‘I’ll be the one, I’ll be the one, I’ll be the one.’ ‘To carry you home.’

3. ‘Uncover.’

‘Uncover’ is the first song in ‘l.’ The song succeeded commercially and peaked at position thirty on various charts all over the world. The song receives a double platinum certification in Sweden and Denmark and Platinum certifications in three other countries. She sings about their love being a secret that nobody knows, and she prefers it that way. They burn on at night and during the day, and their love is sweet. ‘Far from others, close to each other.’ ‘That’s when we uncover, cover, cover.’

2. ‘Never Forget You.’

The song releases as a free single, in collaboration with MNEK, the British pop artist. The song succeeds in the commercial world and rises to position 40 on many international charts. The track makes a turning point for Zara, as it is her first hit to do well in the USA, commercially. ‘Never Forget You’ tops Electronic and Hot Dance charts. ‘I will never forget you.’ ‘You will always be on my side.’ ‘From the day I met you, I knew that you would love me till the day I die.’ ‘I will never forget you.’

1. ‘Lush Life.’

The song is the first track from Zara’s sophomore album. The song performs well commercially, rising to top thirty on many charts on top of receiving Platinum certification from eight countries. She sings about living every day as though it were the last and enjoying her life. ‘Now I’ve found another crush.’ ‘The lush life’s given me a rush.’

Zara Larsson’s New Songs 2016-2017

1. This One’s for You’

In her new song, Zara assures her lover that they are in love together and that she is ready to do all that she can to make it work. She chooses to sing with David Guetta, and the song is amazing, the two blend to give the best. ‘We are in this together.’ ‘This one’s for you.’

2. ‘Lush Life

In her latest track, she sings about the importance of having fun, as you only live once. She sings about going high and low but insists that it was just a crush. She sings that even if she dances till morning, it will still not be enough. The track is a thriller and a global anthem.

The world loves Zara Larsson, and love her music more. Listening to her music makes you relax and feel like you are on a summer beach holiday, somewhere Kenya’s South Coast or Fiji islands. Her songs have become global anthems, thanks to her talented singing style and her sweet voice. The queen knows how to shake her sexy body to the tune of the songs, and her videos are incredible. Her latest tracks prove that she will do better. All the best Zara, we love you.

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