Top 10 Worst Reality TV Shows Ever

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Worst Reality TV Shows Ever till 2017. How do you go about making a determination of the worst reality shows ever? By definition, a reality show is the worst possible form of entertainment so picking the best reality show is kind of like being asked to judge a beauty contest where the contestants are all GOP congressmen who’ve held their seats for more than three decades. Oh well, being asked to judge any contest is better than not being asked at all, right? So here are the top ten worst reality TV shows ever.

List of Top 10 Worst Reality TV Shows Ever till 2017

10. Joe Millionaire

Joe Millionaire Top Most Popular Worst Reality TV Shows Ever 2018

Nobody except for the actor hired to play the title character probably can even recall what this show was about. Or how long it lasted. Or what network it was. Well, okay, that last one is directly tied to why it should rank among the worst reality shows of all time. Joe Millionaire aired on the Joe Millionaire of American TV networks: Fox, which is responsible for an ungodly number of shows making this list. The actor cast to play Joe Millionaire will remain a mystery on this list, but thanks to the fact that this reality show did air on Fox, the network shamelessly forced the producers of The Simpsons—also airing on Fox—to give that actor a speaking role on one of its episodes. While the value of being “invited” to make a guest appearance on The Simpsons has significantly declined in recent years as a result of other questionable choices, that in no way excuses the inexcusable: allowing an absolute nobody whose only claim to fame is starring on a forgettable reality show to experience the same honor extended to legends like Paul McCartney and Thomas Pynchon.

9. Survivor


For a brief few second following the actual—genuine—reality show about actual—genuine—survival that was the news coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, hope was held out that the producers of Survivor would simply be too ashamed and embarrassed to use that word to describe their carefully scripted show about carefully scripted “survival situations” that carried not one single second of authentic danger or potential for disaster. And then CBS showed their true colors by deciding to continue airing this abomination of the very meaning of the word that defines its premise. The only survivor here are those who turned the channel before their soul was sucked dry.

8. Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen Top Popular Worst Reality TV Shows Ever 2018

One would normally think that a reality show about cooking simply could not be so offensive that it would actually rank just below a reality show featuring Donald Trump as the host in terms of being the worst the genre ever had to offer. Yes, one would assume that. And, indeed, as far as reality shows go, those that focus on cooking competitions are generally among the least malevolent to be found. One of the saddest legacies of reality TV, however, is the rise of the certain type of personality to prominence. Often they are described as the person you love to hate. In reality, they are the person you should feel sorriest for. These are people whose self-esteem is so low that they crafted career based on the psychological trope that for a certain subset of people there is no such thing as bad attention. Any attention is good because without it, they simply lack the interior mechanism necessary to define themselves. The host—whose name shall go unmentioned—belongs to this category and it is due to his presence and only his presence that a show about cooking actually managed to make the list of the top 10 worst reality shows ever until 2017.

7. The Apprentice


Were it not for the 7th worst reality show ever, there very well may not have the worst reality show of all time. One can never know for sure, of course, but the link between those whose DVR has 10 reality shows for every sitcom or drama and those who support the Presidential fantasies of the host of The Apprentice seems far too obvious to deny. The Apprentice ranks among the worst reality shows ever not just because Donald Trump hosted it, of course. The show was also instrumental in annihilating the now-quaint concept that success in the workplace can be realized just as easily through cooperation as it can through cowardly, backstabbing competition.

6. Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty Top Most Worst Reality TV Shows Ever 2017

Never have so many suffered so much at the hands of so little. Duck Dynasty offers little in the way of entertainment, little in the way of something pleasant to look at, little in the way of life lessons and a stunningly huge amount of wonder at just who among their neighbors finds the story of such singularly uninteresting people so fascinating. And as if that weren’t enough, their politics are answer the question of why so many people continue to laugh at the South.

5. The Simple Life


See number 4 and replace the name Kardashian with Paris Hilton.

4. Keeping up with the Kardashians

Keeping up with the Kardashians Top Famous Worst Reality TV Shows Ever 2019

Until this bottom-dweller in the great big toilet of reality TV came along, the only Kardashian most people knew was the attorney friend of O.J. Simpson whose reaction of shocked incredulity at hearing the not guilty verdict is the best proof ever offered that Simpson is unquestionably guilty. That should have been enough. Americans never really even needed to know that bottom-dwelling lawyer and probably after-the-fact murder accomplice ever existed. They certainly didn’t need to learn that he had a murder of talentless children ready to foist their ignorance upon an unsuspecting viewership. The fourth worst reality show ever gave us a new word to describe those who become famous for absolutely no discernible reason: Kardashian.

3. American Idol

American Idol Top 10 Worst Reality TV Shows Ever 2017

The reason that American Idol belongs so high on a list of the worst reality shows is its legacy. The truth is that American Idol influenced mainstream music. And since mainstream music in America was already about to topple into the abyss when American Idol premiere, anything that corrupted the future course of events can only be termed a disaster. That being said: American Idol was a disaster of epic proportions. Not to mention the show made Simon Cowell rich which—and this has been fact-checked—is a felony in thirteen different time-space dimensions.

2. Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire?


The reward for “winning” this reality show—which is really just a new name for game show—was the opportunity to marry a stranger who is rich. Some called it despicable, but that’s not the real reason why it deserves to be singled out as one of the top ten worst reality shows ever. As far as reality show go, in fact, Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire is only one step down from the Bachelor and The Bachelorette and those things continue to get aired. No, what really made people uncomfortable about this entry in the genre is that…it was the closest thing to real life that any reality show has ever presented.

1. The 2016 Presidential Election


Make no mistake. Donald J. Trump turned the 2016 Presidential into a reality show. The basic underlying premise of all reality shows is the presentation as “reality” of a scripted alternate reality that bears very little relation to the fundamental concept of randomness that defines perceptual apprehension of what is taken to be reality. In other words, everything—every aspect of life—is manipulated for dramatic effect with no regard for the intrusion of those outside the environmental capable of taking part in the manipulation. The 2016 election presented a candidate so fully committed to believing that he was the start of a reality show that he actually was capable of making tens of millions of people believe the toxic poison which spilled forth from him on a daily basis was just show. Just words.

These are the Top 10 Worst Reality TV Shows Ever until 2017. While too early to celebrate the shockingly late coming of the end of the reality show genre, one can at least breathe easier now that network prime time schedules are back to featuring more shows requiring talented performers than shows requiring untalented performers. Of course, the damage has been one and may well be irreparable. Sure, the bullet of America actually being presided over by a reality TV show personality was dodged…but for how long?