Wiz Khalifa Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Wiz Khalifa Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. One of the few labels present in the hip-hop universe today is Wiz Khalifa. The man never plays with conventional rules but makes up his rules. Khalifa’s spirit takes him to the top of the rap game, while at the same time making him controversial. However, we are concerned with Wiz Khalifa the artist, not the ‘person.’ Below are Khalifa’s top ten songs, the finest tracks that thrill his fans all over the globe. Have a closer look at song number ten, down to position one.

Wiz Khalifa Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Wiz Khalifa Till 2017

10. No Sleep

When people are in school, they do not sleep to study and cram for exams. They call that ‘Team No Sleep.’ However, Wiz Khalifa’s eyes are on for a different assignment, which is to party the whole night. That is a luxury that few people have, but we always experience that once in a while. ‘No driving, no sleeping.’ ‘Live it up like it’s the weekend.’ ‘When the DJ play the right song.’ ‘Gonna drink, gonna party all night long.’

9. The Race

Wiz Khalifa, the weed blazing man, rose to fame in 2011. One of the tracks that make him rise to prominence is ‘The Race,’ but the song is taken at ease and is not awarded the attention it deserves. ‘I’m in a race, and taking the winners place.’ ‘No foot on the brakes.’ ‘One the best, homie that’s what they call me.’ ‘It’s lonely at the top, got no company so.’ ‘Now I just stunt on my own.’ ‘Now I just stunt o my own.’

8. Pittsburg Sound (All in my blood)

Wiz Khalifa records ‘Pittsburg Sound’ as a tribute to a rap sound famous in the Steeler’s land. The song deserves attention, at it rocks so well. ‘I got That Pittsburgh Sound.’ ‘And Imma Always Hold Pittsburgh Down.’ ‘Its Wiz Khalifa Man.’ ‘U Can’t Tell By Now.’ ‘Pittsburgh Imma Swell My Town.’ ‘That Steel City Damn.’ ‘And I’m from Pittsburgh where the Green and the eatin is good.’

7. Ink My Whole Body

‘Ink My Whole Body’ is a signature track for Wiz Khalifa, and many people identify the musician with the song. Although the musician’s chest is so bare that you can hardly see any flesh, he still produces some excellent songs. The track uses beats from Blackbird’s Song titled ‘Mysterious Vibes.’ The song takes Khalifa on top of the rap game. ‘Ink my whole body, I don’t give a mother**k.’ ‘Ink my, ink my, whole body, I don’t give a mother**k.’

6. On My Level

If a rap musician fails to have ‘Too Short’ on a song, then the musician is not up to the standards. Wiz Khalifa is lucky that he knows that, and he involve an Oakland legend on the song ‘On My Level.’ The record has very simple premises, all they want to say is that nobody is on their level, and they leave it there. ‘See after drinking champagne all night.’ ‘Never worry bout a damn thing, Y’all might.’ ‘Homie I’m on my level (yeh).’ ‘I’m on my level (yeah).’ ‘I’m on my level (yeh).

5. Memorized

Wiz Khalifa boasts of many rap ballads over his entire music career. Some are widely accepted, while some are only known to his fans. ‘Memorised is a hypnotic beat that brings Wiz’s lyrical tricks on board. ‘And them bitches they mezmorized, they recognize, I keep it so G, I keep it so G.’ Get you some money f**kin,’ f**kin with me. This is one of the Wiz Khalifa Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. Say Yeah

‘Say Yeah’ is the moment that Khalifa began introducing pop sounds into his music. ‘The song has a poppish sound that has proved it can work excellently. ‘Say Yeah’ is the best commercial track that Wiz Khalifa has ever done. ‘Drop it low like a pro, bring it back, that’s what’s up.’ ‘All my dogs up in here, plus they’re hoes everywhere.’ ‘Niggas stunt like you don’t care, throw that money in the air and say yeah.’

3. Make It Hot

If you carefully listened to ‘Make It Hot,’ you will realize that it sounds like a techno song with rap lyrics. Khalifa does an excellent job on the track. That is what makes the song a top three song in this list and its recording is the best. ‘Yeah, I am the man.’ ‘You know who I am.’ ‘Girl I’m in the spot, I make it hot.’ ‘I make it hot, I make it hot.’ ‘Never enough for you.’

2. Younging on His Grind

The theme of the song is about things coming up when someone is young, rather than when they are grown up. A majority of Khalifa’s songs came to him when he was young, and that is the same time when he wrote the tracks, long before the songs got commercialized. The song is harder than most of the songs he has released recently, and listening to the song makes you wonder why Wiz Khalifa cannot release a new song daily.

1. Black and Yellow

‘Black and Yellow’ is the best song that Khalifa has ever released. People know Wiz for the song, despite some of those who love it not knowing the musician behind the hit song. The song blends Khalifa’s commercialized present and his underground times. The song is an anthem, and you are not a Wiz Khalifa fan if you haven’t listened to the track.

Wiz Khalifa New Songs 2016-2017

1. See You Again

The song is the most popular with the artist. Almost everyone has listened to the track. It plays at funerals and other significant events. ‘It’s being a long day without you, my friend.’ ‘And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.’

2. Cabin Fever 3 mixtape

‘Cabin Fever 3′ is mixtape number thirteen by Wiz Khalifa. The song is recorded by Taylor Gang Records and Rostrum Records. The song is the third installment of Khalifa’s ‘Cabin Fever Trilogy.’ Listening to the mixtape makes you get crazy with Wiz Khalifa.

Wiz Khalifa is a talented musician. It is important to mention that one of his most favorite song is ‘See You Again,’ a collaboration with Charlie Puth. Khalifa is currently known for the song, and it continues to thrill fans all over the world. He is a great artist, and we highly recommend him. All the best Wiz Khalifa.

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