UB 40 Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of UB 40 Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. UB 40 is named after a British unemployment form, and no one ever thought that the band would transform to be a global thriller. The band changes from virtual unemployment to a top selling band, with their blend of reggae and pop becoming a hit for people all over the world. The group has been singing for over three decades, which explains why they are so perfect in their music. Sit down and take some red wine, here are the top 10 songs by UB 40 of all time.

UB 40 Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 Songs by UB 40 till 2017:

10. ‘Bring Me Your Cup.’

‘Bring Me Your Cup’ is a track that releases when the band’s reggae blended theme begins to wear thin. The song, however, releases when the group is on top of the music game, lyrical wise and sound wise, making the track one of the best that the band composes. ‘I’ve got the bottle, bring me your cup.’ ‘Pop the cork, and try a sup.’ ‘And when you’re empty, I’ll fill your cup.’ ‘We’ll drink it down till the sun comes up.’

9. ‘Here I Am (Come and Take Me)

By singing the song, UB 40 brings a contemporary sound and adds it to their original reggae sounds. The shift is interesting, and it proves productive for the group. The song presents a different script of UB 40, one that few people think about. ‘Here I am babe, come and take me.’ ‘Here I am babe, won’t ya come and take me.’ ‘Take me by the hand, ooh show me.’ ‘Here I am babe, oah.’ ‘Laying all my troubles down.’

8. ‘Watchdogs.’

Some people argue that UB 40 is an underrated group because their jams are unique and their sounds are sublime. ‘Watchdogs’ is a classical album because the band’s sounds never grow old. The magical song blends everything that the band stands for, in only one record. ‘Give thanks for your protection.’ ‘Your watchdog of the night.’ ‘Who hold the hungry wolves at bay.’ ‘And keep them out of sight, out of sight.’

7. ‘Many Rivers to Cross.’

‘Many Rivers to Cross’ is a track that releases ahead of its time. During the song’s release in 1983, no track was reflective and forward thinking as ‘Many Rivers to Cross.’ The track is an iconic song in the vast catalog held by UB 40. ‘Many rivers to cross.’ ‘But I can’t seem to find my way over.’ ‘Wandering I am lost as I travel along.’ ‘The white cliffs of Dover.’ ‘Many rivers to cross and it’s only my will.’ ‘That keeps me alive.’

6. ‘So Here I Am.’

UB 40 experiences a small dip regarding music quality in 1982. The group goes through a case of chart shock, but they move over all challenges and produce a classic and iconic song called ‘So Here I Am.’ The track has a hypnotizing beat that is synth driven. The song allows you to listen to island rhythms that are crucial for the song’s success. ‘Seven on a Monday morning.’ ‘And it’s a sunny day.’ ‘It’s just too hot to be working.’ ‘But you’ve got to pay your way.’ This is one of the UB 40 Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘One In Ten.’

UB 40 is one of the first groups that uses British Reggae to talk about social issues. One of the tracks that bring social strain to the limelight is ‘One In Ten,’ released in 1981. The searing single strikes at the heart of corrupt and inactive governments. ‘I am the one in ten.’ ‘A number on a list.’ ‘I am the one in ten.’ ‘Even though I don’t exist.’ ‘Nobody knows me.’ ‘But I’m always there.’ ‘Static, a reminder.’

4. ‘Present Arms.’

‘Present Arms’ is a track with an incredible opening marching, which explains what the song is about. The song mellows out and turns into a slice of British reggae, making the band a household name. The song starts up as a hard track, but that is never to happen, it turns out to be an excellent slice of reggae. ‘You’ll be your mother’s pride and joy.’ ‘Her armed and dangerous golden boy.’ ‘A uniformed hero that shows no fear.’

3. ‘Food for Thought.’

One of the best political songs that UB 40 composes is ‘Food for Thought.’ The track speaks about hunger and the impacts of the same to poor people all over the world. The track is witty, biting, accessible and smooth. If you love tracks with political themes, ‘Food for Thought’ must be on your playlist. ‘Skin and bones is creeping, doesn’t know he’s dead.’ ‘Ancient eyes are peeping, from his infant head.’ ‘Politician’s argue sharpening their knives.’

2. ‘The Way You Do the Things You Do.’

The second most popular song the UB 40 ever did is ‘The Way You Do the Things You Do.’ The reggae-tinted sound blends with contemporary sounds, producing a legendary song. The track turns out to be a massive hit song for UB 40. ‘Well, you could have been anything that you wanted to.’ ‘I can tell.’ ‘The way you do the things you do.’ ‘And baby you’re so sweet.’ ‘You know you could have been some honey.’

1. ‘Red Red Wine.’

Whenever we think of UB 40, what comes to our mind is ‘Red Red Wine.’ The song was released ahead of its time, being funky and exciting. The track is sorrowful and fashionable, and that may be the reason why many people love the same. The song is the best track for the band, and it deserves the first position. ‘Red, red wine.’ ‘Goes to head.’ ‘Makes me forget that I’ ‘Makes me forget that I.’ ‘Still need her so.’

UB 40 Latest Song 2016-2017

Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

In their latest song, UB 40 sings about kissing a girl the last time, knowing they will never meet again. The song is emotional but entertaining. ‘Love is like a dying ember.’ ‘Where only memories remain.’ ‘Though the ages I’ll remember.’ ‘Blue eyes crying in the rain.’

UB 40 may be named after a form used to obtain jobless benefits for people in London, but the group is far from that. The band is a global thriller, and their music continues to entertain millions of people all over the globe. The band is the best as far as reggae is concerned, and they have held the position since inception. We honor you UB 40.

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