Twenty One Pilots Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Twenty One Pilots Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Twenty-one pilots are a musical duo from the American state of Ohio (Columbus).Formed in 2009 by Joseph Taylor, Chris Salih, and Thomas Nick, Twenty One Pilots later broke up in 2011.After the breakup, two of the members remained in the group, who are Josh Dun and Joseph Taylor. The duo is doing some amazing work in the musical field, and here are the best songs by the group. The ten songs are sampled from the best and remain to be the highest ranked tracks.

Twenty One Pilots Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Twenty One Pilots till 2017

10. ‘Addict with a pen.’

The song’s official title is ‘addict with a pen,’ but it has another unique title, only known to fans, and that is ‘the 2009 debut.’ The piece of art is a perfect representation of why fans love the band, right from the start. The song involves a conversation with God, where both spiritual desolation and genuine admission of failure are expressed in the piano driven song: ‘Addict with a pen.’ The song is slow but only spares those who are honestly genuine. The song carries a lot of emotions and makes people cry and change for the better. The song is most felt especially because of the conversation with God, and the lyrics are down to earth, not forgetting the upbeat rhythms.

9. ‘Tear in my heart.’

‘Tear in my heart’ is a song that shows the real nature of these group of musicians, which is that they are playful. They sing about tongue in cheek and a girl being a tear inside the heart. The two sing that the songs played on the radio are fantastic, but the real taste of music is in the sweetheart’s face. The uplifting romantic song harnesses to a buoyant chorus. However, the song is a happy one, and a majority of the fans believe that it is a dedication to Jenna, who is Tyler’s wife.

8. ‘Migraine.’

Joseph is capable of doing more than just rapping, and ‘Migraine’ is the perfect example of the musician’s gawky style. The song talks about his struggle with stress and depression, and he goes ahead to sing that it becomes necessary to kill the mind, so as to survive. According to them, death is better than the ‘migraine’ inside their head, and that they are not as good as they look, behind their eyelids are ‘islands of violence.’ The musicians reinforce some wonderful, hopeful undertones using the raised hook. Tyler Joseph admits that these are some of the best lyrical lines he ever wrote and that they are his personal favorite.

7. Heavy, dirty soul

‘Heavy, dirty soul’ is the first song that the band released in 2015, and the track has all the elements that fans expect. The record features another prominent musician Eminem. He raps the song neither a rap nor a hip hop. The piano-led chorus to demand that his dirty soul and heart need a savior. They go ahead to sing that gangsters never cry and that death is an inspiration to them, just as dogs inspire rabbits. The song is catchy, and it sticks in the head, especially with its different melodies. The song is an instant thrill for the fans.

6. Holding on to you

‘Holding on to you’ is another great song that gives a different way of fighting depression, according to Joseph. This time, the musicians emphasize on a spiritual subtext, making the song rise to the number one national hit, with everyone singing it. The two sing about tying a noose around the nose, one that is loose and allows breathing. They go ahead to sing that they will entertain their faith so that it learns how to rock. The song is incredible, and fans all around the world get thrilled by it. It is surely one of their best hits.

5. Trees

Some songs by Twenty one pilots offer lyrics that lead to discussions. However, ‘Trees’ is not one of them, but the song has some enigmatic statements. The musicians sing about standing silent between trees, which sends an instant message to the fans. The song ha sheer beauty and a tempo that rises gradually, ending with a bombastic finish. The song’s meaning makes Tyler emotional during performances, despite making fans smile whenever they feel like they are ready to break. This is one of the Twenty One Pilots Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. Guns for hands

‘Guns for hands’ is the exact opposite of ‘Trees.’ Despite that fact, it is Joseph’s metaphor that gives the hook, not the song. The song goes ahead to persuade those who contemplate to harm themselves to turn ‘guns for hands.’ The song sounds happy, but its meaning thrills fans, whichever the way they interpret the whole track. The lyrics are dark, and the song is upbeat, brilliant and booming.

3. Car Radio

There is no amount of distraction that is enough to mask the reality offered in this story about his stolen car radio. One of the strangest things in life is to face it without adrenaline raising distractions like those present in the song. The scream heard at almost the end of the song is a confirmation. The stolen car radio makes the musician live in absolute silence. He goes ahead to sing that music is sometimes more violent than silence. The song holds some bitter truth: sometimes we hide through music and pretend that we are not in our situations, something that adds up to denial.

2. The Judge

In ‘the judge,’ Joseph makes a confession that he does not know if the song is a reveal or a surrender, or of it’s about him or the devil. The song stands unique from the entire ‘Blurry face’ album. The track is one of the best pop songs that the group does release. The musician sings that he knows his soul is freezing but believes hell is hot with good reason. The song contains amazing lyrics that cheer listeners up, making them smile.

1. Ode to Sleep

‘Ode to Sleep’ is the song that best combines all elements that make twenty-one pilots famous and beloved. The song is a manic, tempo mashup of hot hip-hop with indie rock, not forgetting the heart-stopping chorus that drives away the demons. He goes ahead and urges the dark not to take prisoners at night. The message in the song explains the difference between thinking during the day and at night. The song contains anything a fan wants to know about Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph in just five minutes.

Twenty One pilots new songs 2016-2017

1. Heathens

The group has a new song, and the song is controversial, as usual. The track starts by calling all their friends heathens, who think that seeing guns in their rooms turn the brains into hand grenades. He cautions that you never know the sycophant or murderer seated next to you. The prison setting makes the song sound like a liberation track. Rumours has it that the song is part of a grudge with some R&B and pop stars.

Twenty-one pilots is a talented group, despite the fact that some members have left. Their new song titled ‘Heathens’ is a manifestation of how good the group is doing. We keep waiting for their next release, and we hope it will be hotter than ‘Heathens.’

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