Top 10 Best New Year Songs for 2017

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best New Year Songs for 2017. What is great about some of the top 10 best New Year Songs for 2017 is clear. It is that they do get us in the very best of all possible moods and make us be all the more celebratory when it comes to the approaching New Year 2017. Because, to be honest, it is music that does indeed promote a festive air that everyone does want to have overall.

New Year's Day, U2 Top 10 Best New Year Songs for 2017

List of Top 10 Best New Year Songs for 2017

1. New Year’s Day, U2

Without a doubt, New Year’s Day by U2 is truly number one when it comes to being a top New Year’s song, and why is abundantly clear. It isn’t just one of the very first of these songs that sort of stay in one’s memory after hearing it. However, it also is a song that is done by a top of the line rock group, who is no other than the legendary U2.

2. It’s Time To Party, Andrew W.K

It’s Time To Party by Andrew W.K. is a New Year’s song that gets it right. What this translates to is party and it is the ultimate feel good and get good at partying as much as possible on New Year’s Eve for a celebration like no other. You will definitely be rocking on constantly with this party jam tune.

3. “Auld Lang Syne,” Mariah Carey

Auld Lang Syne by Mariah Carey is a song that anyone would gladly view as being one of the top ten best of all New Year Songs for 2017. Because, to be honest, nobody does it better than this spot-on lady singer who knows how to get this song right and do it right for a special holiday as is New Years.

4. “Happy New Year,” Abba

Happy New Year by Abba is one of those special songs that touch not just your heart, but also your mind, and why is clear. The lyrics of the song describe New Years and all that it should be for those who are celebrating it. New Years is a truly special time and this song makes it all the more special to hear every time.

5. “Funky New Year,” The Eagles

The Funky New Year by The Eagles is also another fine New Years song that can be described as being one of the best. Funky New Year will definitely be a song that will put all who hear it in a good and celebrative mood for the New Year songs of 2017. “Funky New Year” was a hit for the Eagles back in the 1970’s and it was number five on the countdown then. The single was originally recorded to be a part of the Eagles album from 1979 and called “The Long Run.” The details of what the song is all about is New Years celebrating New Years Eve and chronicles the woes of drinking that go along with it.

6. “Let’s Start The New Year Right,”, Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby is such a wonderful singer. Everyone welcomes in not just Christmas, but also New Year, because of this man’s very warm and toasty voice that sings so wonderfully. “Let’s Start The New Year Right” is a great New Year Song that is totally got it for being a best song. It has sincerity, positivity, and most importantly puts one in a good mood for partying nonstop with those who matter most in the world. What also makes this New Year song extra special is the fact that it comes straight from the famed crooner’s Christmas classic movie called “Holiday Inn.”

7. “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve”, Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald is also another fine lady singer that sings some very wonderful songs that stay with a person after they have heard them. Her New Years Song called “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve” is every ounce a best New Year Songs for 2017 and for many years beyond 2017. This song first made its debut in 1947 and has been a classic ever since. It is a song that puts one into the New Years celebration mindset and keeps it there for sure. Ella Fitzgerald redid the song in 1960 and made it her own. It was a song that was originally recorded by the Orioles and it first charted billboards with them.

8. “1999,” Prince

Prince’s “1999” is a song that is not only classic, but also, every inch iconic in its own way. “1999” is a top 10 best pick for New Year Songs for 2017 for this very reason and then some. The song itself isn’t just iconic, it speaks its own special message, and if we party in 1999. We can party on in any other year in the very same way as if it were 1999 or earlier even. Prince’s “1999” is definitely a New Year’s song that is good for any New Year. The song was originally recorded in 1982 and it was a hit sensation. Therefore, now it can be, a New Year’s hit sensation too.

9. Maybe Baby, New Year’s Day, Sugarland

Maybe Baby, New Year’s Day, isn’t only a great song for New Year’s. It is also a song that will tug at the heart and return many loving memories to one’s mind at the very same time. Why is that? The answer is this. Maybe Baby, New Year’s Day has a special and twangy nostalgia that is all its own. No one can touch this song. It is a classic for all it says and does in its very own kind of way like no other song out there.

10. New Year’s Eve, Snoop Dogg and Marty James

If you like hip hop and rap, New Year’s Eve by Snoop Dogg and Marty James is the one definitive New Year’s song to have, and that is because it is truly a song that does make the grade for this holiday. New Year’s Eve by Snoop Dogg and Marty James was originally recorded back in 2010 and was a promotional single for Snoop’s 11th studio album called “Doggumentary.” What this song is, isn’t your normal musical song, but at the same time. It is a song that does seem to make a pretty awesome New Year’s hit in its own way.

What is great about the top 10 best New Year Songs for 2017 is clear. They are songs that represent the finest of all tunes that will help to bring smiles and best wishes for a brand new year ahead.