Top 10 Most Famous Youtube Videos of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Youtube Videos of All Time till 2017. When YouTube first went online in early 2005, it started small and viewers could watch one of the co-founders at the zoo. But quickly, once YouTube became the one place that people could watch new and old music videos from their favorite bands, not to mention many other videos, it got bigger; it helped that Google bought them out. Now, you can watch videos for tv shows, recordings, trailers, blogs, and educational videos, as well as many many more videos to watch. Some videos will always stand out to whoever watches the new content that pops up on the site. This is my list of the top ten most famous YouTube videos of all time till 2017.

Top 10 Most Famous Youtube Videos of All Time till 2017

List of Top 10 Most Famous Youtube Videos of All Time till 2017

10. “Here it Goes Again” by OK GO

The video OK GO did before this one got them some attention, but this video really raised the stakes and made everyone know who they were. Most remember as the video that sees the group on treadmills. It got them a Grammy for Best Short-Form Music Video in 2007 for their choreographed routine that sees them on moving treadmills. The whole thing, supposedly only took one take for them to shoot.

9.”Chocolate Rain” by Tay Zonday

The video with Zonday singing a song, written by Zonday, that was uploaded in 2007, gave him a short amount of fame. He cashed in and sang the song with different lyrics for a soda commercial. The video, not to mention Zonday’s voice, is odd and full of odd captions, but it is worth the watch, even still. You get to see Zonday show off his skills on the keyboards.

8. “Dramatic Chipmunk”

It is hard to believe that a video lasting only five seconds could leave a lasting impression, but maybe its lack of length is why it has gotten nineteen million views. With the added score, there are different interpretations that can be made from the video. Maybe the chipmunk has been caught in the act of something dastardly or maybe he has seen some other people who have been doing some shady stuff.

7. “Leave Britney Alone”- Chris Crocker

Chris had been using his blogging to deal with being a gay teen in the southern part of America. He posted a video after Britney Spears did a horrible performance at a 2007 award show defending (tearfully, too, I might add) his idol. This act made him a household name. He dealt with many different people threatening to kill him and other homophobic comments. Both things come with temporary fame.

6. “David After Dentist”

57 million views for this next video. David Devore, a seven year old, just on his way back from the dentist after he had surgery. The medication they had David on sure made the kid profound. Some found the video to be exploiting the kid, but he has since stated that he did not mind all the attention. The attention for the video was just about enough to put young David through college.

5. Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

That newswoman was simply trying to get an interesting quote about from a kid dressed like a zombie. That is all. She did not know that there would be a viral video in her future. She had no idea that he was going to say he liked turtles and she certainly had no way to respond. A very spontaneous television news moment that involved a little kid stealing the spotlight.

4. “Keyboard Cat”

The video of a cat in a blue shirt looking like he’s playing keyboards did not do very well when it was first released. However, someone found the video and put it at the end of their video and for a time, it was used to be added to other videos that involved awkward or absurd situations. The video combines awkward or absurdity with our love with cats.

3. “Miss Teen South Carolina”

Caitlin Upton was put on the spot about people’s lack of geography knowledge and she did not sound like she could articulate why they could not figure it out either. She said a whole bunch of words that did not make a whole lot of sense. Despite that slipup, she was still able to finish third runner up.

2. “Hello” by Adele

This video was viewed quite a lot, and is his her much anticipated follow up single to “Skyfall”, it is also the first single from her also much anticipated follow up to her big second album “21”. It took only 87 days to reach one billion views, the fastest for any video.

1. “Gangnam Style” by Psy

The most watched Youtube video of all time till 2017 with 2,650,000,000 views. “Gangnam Style”, the single from Korean popstar Psy that serves as his eighteenth single and first from his sixth album. The video took off due to how catch the beat in the song is and how amusing Psy’s dancing is in the video. “Gangnam Style” won an award from MTV Europe’s Music Awards and made the Guinness Book of World Records list for most liked video on YouTube. This video also made the list for most disliked viewers. It has held its record since November of 2012.

Some videos will stand the test of time and will be stuck in the minds of all that have viewed them, for good or for bad. That is just how things work. YouTube has become a huge site that everyone visits quite often, and the amount of content that has been uploaded hopefully satiates those viewers. Some of the stuff that I found I could not work in due to the fact that it was actually video channels like “Will It Blend. That was my list of the top ten most famous YouTube videos of all time till 2017, Thanks for reading it.