Top 10 Best English Songs of All Time

When it comes to choosing the greatest songs in the English language there are many great titles that people can select. Many of these songs have been around for years and some of them are not that old. The following top 10 list will describe the best latest English songs 2018 of all time. Keep in mind that this list is subjective but there are some good titles on here that most people would agree are truly the finest songs that are available in the English language.

English Song Top 10 Best English Songs of All Time


10. She Loves You by the Beatles

She Loves You is the Beatles number one selling song of all time. This single sold close to 2 million copies and is considered the 8th top selling single in all the U.K. John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote this song which was released in 1963. This song is about a guy who tells another dude that his girl is thinking of him only. Many people liked this song because it made them feel like that special someone was thinking of them. It also helped that the top rock and pop group of the time, the Beatles, sang this hit.

9. Thriller by Michael Jackson

The King of Pop released his Thriller album back in 1982 and it took the world by storm. The theme song on this historic musical masterpiece was titled Thriller and it is now considered one of the best songs in all of history. Thriller took the world by storm and people all over the planet grooved to it. This song helped Michael to become an international music sensation. This particular song is definitely considered one of the best in all of western history.

8. Jailhouse Rock by Elvis

Michael Jackson might be the King of Pop but Elvis is just the King. In 1957 he released Jailhouse Rock and this song made his fame and career skyrocket. Over the years, Elvis had built himself into a towering figure in music.

His voice, his shows and his amazing ability to entertain people is why he captured the pop culture throne as the best musician in American history. Elvis’s Jailhouse Rock song was “the Jam” way back in the day. People everywhere could not help but to get up and groove to this one. Believe it or not, it still continues to get people up and dancing today.

7. America’s National Anthem the Star-Spangled Banner

America is a highly rated countries in many respects. This is even true for its national anthems. In the 2016 summer Olympics it ranked number 3 in the best anthems that were used for the games. It is considered the best national song of any speaking country. More people from around this world know this song and they respect it – even if they are from another nation. The Star Spangled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key in 1814 and it still remains a powerful and moving song in modern times.

6. What a Wonderful World

Bob Theile & George David Weiss wrote the song What a Wonderful World and Louis Armstrong sang and performed this hit. It was released in1967 and when it quickly became an instant hit. This song was made during the height of the Civil Rights era when so much racial tension seemed to be ripping America apart.

When people heard the song, it gave them hope that things would get better. It also helped people to believe that everything they were experiencing in the world would no longer be an issue. This song was included in the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999 and it is considered one of the best songs to have ever been recorded.

5. Stand By Me by Ben E. King

Ben E. King sang Stand by Me in 1961 and since that time this song is now one of the best songs that has ever been made. Sam Cooke supposedly is the person that influenced the making of this song. Apparently, it was based on one of his other music titles known as Stand by Me Father. There are literally over 400 recorded versions of this tune. Many artists from different genres have all taken a shot at covering this great musical piece. This song is also performed on many street corners and in public performances. It was even the theme song for the 1986 movie called Stand by Me.

4. The Twist by Chubby Checker

The Twist that performed by Chubby Checker was not an amazing song in terms content or emotion. It was a strait up dance tune that people simply could not resist at the time. No matter how they tried, people had to get up and do “The Twist”. It was just too much fun not too. This is the only single in the history of music to make to the number 1 position two times.

The song hit the number 1 spot in 1960 and then it went to the top of the charts once again in 1962. The first time around this song made the young people Twist the night hours away. The second time around it was the adults who were “Twisting” themselves into a frenzy. The Ed Sullivan Show made the song popular once again and the adults enjoyed every minute of it.

3. Imagine by John Lennon

After John Lennon released the song Imagine it eventually went on to become one of the most important songs in the history of music. It has literally shaped the music genre of Rock and Roll and has forever established John Lennon as a musical force to be reckoned with. It is in the top 3 greatest songs of all time and it is arguably the most-performed song in the history of the English language. Imagine is truly a masterpiece of music that will not be easily forgotten by any generation once they hear it.

2. Amazing Grace by John Newton

When it comes to powerful and moving songs that inspire people with faith, hope and purpose, then Amazing Grace is the song that fits this mode. This song was created by John Newton back in 1779 but it continues to inspire and uplift people in the modern era. Newton wrote this song based off of his experiences as a former slave trader who came to see the error of his ways before a mighty God.

After this song was written it slowly went on to become one of the greatest songs in the history of Christianity and it even influences unbelievers as well. The song was recorded by Aretha Franklin, James Cleveland and the Southern California Commission Choir. In 1999 their version of the song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

1. Hey Jude by the Beatles

Hey Jude is considered the greatest song in the English language. It was written by members of the Beatles and performed by this group in 1968. The song is about John Lennon’s son Julian who is watching his parents go through a divorce. This song was created to comfort him through this unnatural and unwanted process. Hey Jude has been recognized by many people as an enduring musical classic and many people do agree that it is the best song to have ever been made in the English language.

All of these songs are the best in the English language and they will forever be considered great hits that will entertain future generations of fans.