Toby Keith Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Toby Keith Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Was is not for the fact that you know Toby Keith better, I know you would confuse him for a wrestler. The guy is over six feet tall, has a booming voice and a cowboy hat. He has engaged in feuds with politicians and country music stars, on top of routinely speaking his mind on political and social issues. His presence in country music continues to be dominant, making him a popular and catchy star in country music. Here are Keith Toby’s best ten tracks.

Toby Keith Top 10 Songs of All Time 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Toby Keith of all time Till 2017

10. ‘Courtesy of the Red White and Blue.’

The reaction of America to ‘9/11 terrorist attacks’ is not viewed favorably in many circles. ‘The Iraqi invasion,’ nationalism and polarized political parties are a result of those attacks in 2001. At those trying times, Americans needed a song like ‘Courtesy of the Red White and Blue,’ and that’s exactly what they got, an incredible patriotic song. The song is about being confident and proud of yourself, your origin and values.

9. ‘Huckleberry.’

‘Huckleberry’ is an excellent way to woo a girl and make things happen, using the maraschino cherry romantic track. The incredible record is about young love and the moments in life when something simple like a kiss, a thrilling carnivore ride and holding a girl’s hand seemed so romantic. Huckleberry is heartwarming, uplifting and melodramatic in each and every way. It speaks to the souls that yearn for romance, making the track a beautiful wedding song.

8. ‘I Love this Bar.’

Ever though what would happen if you played a country song backward? You will be sure to get your house back, your truck back and even your girl back. What if you then decide to play the same track forward? You will get ‘I Love This Bar,’ a record rich in country music cliché and proudly done by Toby Keith. The song creates a real texture, making it delicious. The record id not entirely about ‘This Bar,’ it also feels like it.

7. ‘Honkytonk U.’

Many people wonder how Toby Keith came up with a sound similar to that of a train or a sharp razor. Yes, that is ‘Honkytonk U.’ Toby Keith sings about his upbringing, and it is evident that lots of the musician’s creativity pungency flow since that time. The real nature of ‘Honkytonk U’ is that the band is at home, even if his fame fades or his star diminishes. He prefers to be at home and happy, in a ‘Honkytonk Bar,’ playing music with friends. The message is universal and should be carried by all people, who like doing things that make them happy.

6. ‘Beers Ago.’

Country music never mixes with mathematics, and the two are like oil and water. Oh, or should we say math never mixes with music? However, an integral component of a track concerning boozing turns makes ‘Beers ago’ fascinating, creating a rare occasion where music combines with Maths. Many people think about the number of beers involved, as the track progresses, making the track infectious and memorable. This is one of the Toby Keith Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘High Maintenance Woman.’

Have you ever knocked it out of a park and met a lady in a café or restaurant? Assume you did that and made all the right moves, saying everything that should be said. What if the woman ‘Swingers’ you cash without you knowing, and the next minute you are damn broke? The song talks about such a scenario, where Keith deals with insecurity from a success perspective. ‘High Maintenance Woman is a track about a person who is yet to achieve international acclaim but spends all their money with ladies.

4. ‘Beer for My Horses.’

‘Beer for My Horses’ is a ‘we need hard justice’ song that creates mixed feelings, depending on various socio-economic factors. The track is one of the best in regards to ‘we need hard truth’ tracks, teaming up Willie Nelson and Toby Keith, the country music legends. The duo sings about the old days when people had to fight for their freedom. The combination makes the track magnificent, which is why we give the same song position four on this list.

3. ‘It Works for Me.’

‘It Works for Me’ is a track for all the people who get pressured by the things happening in their lives, despite them giving a ‘finger’ to the same. According to the musician, the only secret to happiness is comfortable with oneself. If you deal with life issues the way they should be addressed, then you are the happy person. Despite the track having some particular message about city life, the record is universal. If something works for you, keep doing it until it works no more, then try something different.

2. ‘Should’ve Been A Cowboy.’

Country music is loved by people from the country as well as those who are not. In the same way, those who love gangster flicks are not necessarily gangsters. In that same spirit, country music transports you to a romantic and fun place, although you may never want to live there. In ‘Should’ve Been a Cowboy,’ the notion of simple time while riding the horse appears wildly appealing. The track is filled with references to pop culture, heroes of films as well as television.

1. ‘How do You Like Me Now.’

It is a feel-good sensation to give the middle finger to those who doubted you before, regardless of whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Liberal. ‘How do You Like Me Now’ is a triumphant, middle finger and a feel-good revenge fantasy track. The song criticizes people who do not believe in you and treat you like trash, only to come back to you when you get successful.

Toby Keith New Songs 2016-2017

A Few More Cowboys

In his new song titles ‘A Few More Cowboys,’ Toby Keith imagines a world with more cowboys. He imagines that the President of the United States is a cowboy, and the White House is in Texas, instead of Washington. The cowboy known as Toby Keith thinks that the world would have fewer crimes and would be a better place to live with a ‘Few More Cowboys.’

Toby Keith is a successful country music stars whose songs are known by people all over the world, from the fans of country music to those who are not. A real country music fan has at least one or two favorite songs by Toby Keith, and that is the spirit of country music. Toby Keith’s songs are a ‘huckleberry.’

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