Thomas Rhett Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Thomas Rhett Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Country star Rhett Thomas is born to be a musical king. The musician is part of the Rhett Akins, the musicians who sing ‘That Ain’t My Truck.’ Although Rhett’s songs may not have crass titles like those of his dad, his albums attract both fans and legions. Below, we have sampled ten of the best songs by Thomas Rhett, as well as some of the latest tracks he has released this far. Take a look.

Thomas Rhett Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Thomas Rhett till 2017:

10.’Something to do with my hands.’

The video to this song explains everything he wants to do with the hands.Thomas strums the strings inside a bar, jamming and smiling as sexy ladies stroll around with beers. Rhett sings about male topics with the examples of fishing, and he says that he needs somewhere to put his hands, and the best place according to him is inside the back pockets of a woman’s jean. Rhett sings that he does smoke and fish, but he needs ‘something to do with his hands’, so as to satisfy a girl. He suggests running his hands through her hair because he needs something to do with his hands.

9. ‘Get me some of that.’

The song is mid-tempo and is another track that explains why Rhett is looking for a lady. Just for this time, Thomas has his eyes on one specific woman. He admires the way she does swing her hips and her hair, and her love for tight jeans. All know that the musician is on a prowl, and everyone hopes that Rhett gets his girl. He sings to the girl that she is the prettiest he ever saw and that he has watched her drink her wine. He thinks that her kiss is a soul saver, and he tells her to get him some of that.

8. ‘Take You Home.’

‘Take you home’ is a mellower song by Rhett. He wants to get a beautiful woman to go home with her. The musician croons about going home with her and influencing her to stop texting an unworthy man, who advances towards her. He tells her that he has a shotgun seat and a radio, and it’s, therefore, the right time to take her home, since it’s late. Rhett applies less guitar in the song, allowing him to use good vocals. Rhett tells her that he has enough gas to take her home and that he will settle for anything, even a kiss on the pouch, provided he takes her home.

7. ‘American Middle-Class White Boy.’

Thomas looks like a ‘bad boy,’ and here he is again. The theme of ‘American Middle-Class White Boy’ contains a concept of understanding Jesus, but still drinking beer. The guitar driven track keeps moving in a melody that is edgier. Some off beats are also used to make the song interesting, and the song seems new before it gets to the original rhythm. Thomas discusses his parents, which portrays a relationship that is full of conflicts.He sings that they were neither poor nor rich and that his parents divorced and left him driving a truck. That is why he thinks he is an ‘American Middle-Class White Boy.’

6. ‘Make Me Wanna.’

Despite Thomas discussing love with a majority of his songs, the track ‘Make me Wanna’ is about global human emotions. The musician is madly in love with a special lady. His guitar plays as fast as the lyrics get poignant, and he is in love and committed. He tells the girl to stop for him to kiss her and hold her close. He wants to get drunk with her, without any alcohol. He tells her that if she does not stop the car, ‘she makes him Wanna.’

5. ‘Call Me Up.’

‘Call Me Up’ starts with some bluesy, jazzy guitar, with Rhett wishing some girl ‘calls him up.’ Rhett meets an ‘independent woman’ spending a night alone one Saturday. He gets philanthropic and offers to pick her all the time so as to give a buzz to him, coupled with some excitement and fun. A jazzy guitar turns up again towards the end of the song, and a drum lining adds to the no pressure and casual lyric of the track. All that Rhett wants is for the girl to call him so that he takes her places. This is one of the Thomas Rhett Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. ‘The Way Things Go.’

‘The way things go’ is an upbeat and fun track that talks about growing up and being young. The theme of lost love gets to the song as Thomas recalls that he never went to college to study music. He sings that anyone can dream big or small, but the painful truth is that it ‘all comes down to the luck of the draw.’ Rhett suggests that life depends on luck, fate, and destiny. He does not subscribe to the idea that dreaming big or small impacts on a person’s life, and that is ‘the way things go.’

3. ‘It Goes Like This.’

The track discusses Rhett’s love with a lady, making the song vulnerable. He sings to the girl that it starts with a smile and ends with a slow kiss, and it goes like that. He tells the woman that she tempts him to drive her home, where thy will be only the two of them. Thomas tries to convince the woman to kiss him and go with him. The song is another piece of art that shows how much Rhett is in love, but it’s okay. ‘it goes like that.’

2. ‘In a Minute.’

Rhett uses a hard guitar to put emphasis on his point while at the same time digging deep on the song. ‘In a minute’ is about enjoying life to the fullest, without taking anything for granted, for you only live once, and you never know where you will be tomorrow. He tells everyone that he is leaving in a minute, and does not care what the boss will say. He promises to spend his money on buying beer and having fun, in a minute.

1. ‘Beer With Jesus.’

‘Beer with Jesus’ is a song that is not soo typical with Rhett, although it performs well. It rises to position one on the ‘Bubbling’ and on other various charts. Rhett describes the encounter he would like to experience with his creator. He wants to get answers to many eternal questions that are unanswered on earth, and he will do so sharing a beer with Jesus. Thomas gets emotional and asks God whether he hears his prayers, what happens after death and when Jesus will come back to take both the living and the dead. He wants to ask all these while having ‘ beer with Jesus.’

Thomas Rhett new songs 2016-2017

1. Vacation

In his new release, Rhett sings about a vacation, most likely during summer. He sings about enjoying a holiday with his girl, who dresses in a bikini. Rhett adds beer to his coconut water and enjoys being on vacation. He holds the party like he is on vacation.

2. Die a happy man

Thomas introduces his new song with them having a happy night, drinking wine and dancing under the stars. He sings to the girl that all he needs is her love, and that way he will die a happy man. Thomas does not care not seeing the Northern stars or the Eiffel tower, all he wants is her love. With love alone, he will die a happy man.

Thomas Rhett is a king, as far as love country music is concerned. He uses real life events to compose romantic songs. The reality in his songs thrills his fans. ‘Beer with Jesus’ is an example of reality which many people think about all the time. His new release is also fantastic. We wish him well.

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