The Weeknd Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of The Weeknd Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. ‘The Weeknd’ is a talented Canadian musician who has made it rise to stardom in a short time. He has already composed songs that are much loved by his fans. However, his latest track with Drake titled ‘Is it too late’ explains who ‘The Weeknd’ is in the real sense, and the far he is going. Below is a compiled list of 10 of his best songs, as well as his latest releases. Check out to see whether your favorite track is on the list.

The Weeknd Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by The Weeknd till 2017

10. The Hills

The Weeknd knows how to name his songs, and there is no limit to the titles he gives. He names a song after anything, including girlfriends and ‘The Hills,’ a name he partly borrows from a 2000 drama on MTV. ‘The Hills’ is a vain song about him going to some dark cavernous party in the town. The love song raises emotions whenever played, with its diorama. The song’s writing includes a blast of dubstep near the end, which is an icing on the cake. The Weeknd is his own self’s Parody. He sings that the only time he calls the girl is past five when she can touch him, not feel him.

9. Often

‘Often’ arrives during summer, taking the world by a storm, perhaps due to the celebratory summer period. ‘Often’ is a song that is wonderfully done by seven writers, and the track is as good as seven songs combined. He sings that he usually loves to sleep alone, but asks the friend to come with a pal. However, he cautions that they will not even sleep, as he is a young ‘god’ in his city. The girl is infatuated by the status of ‘Weeknd’ and wants to ride in his car. The romance in this song continues with the girl falling for Weeknd. The track is a creative composition.

8. The Morning

Weeknd is a night person, and his universe knows no day. He shares similar barbarism with people like Miguel and Drake. ‘The morning ‘comes as a reprieve, showing some sunbeam squeals in a chorus. He sings about much money, and how the money is a motivating factor. Wow, at least Weeknd now sees things the way they are in the real sense. ‘The Morning’ is an important cornerstone, but a deep cut at the same time. The beat is smooth, and the background guitar is romantic. The bass lines are a phenomenon and the bass lines incredible. The song is a perfect representation of who Weeknd is in the real sense.

7. What You Need

A majority of the fans regard the song as the first one in the catalog. The song captured a blend of narcotic quiet storm and shoegaze and released online before people knew who Weeknd is, but incredibly they love his songs. At that time, nobody covered R&B, as almost all blogs stuck with indie rock. ‘What you need’ acts as a sea change, creating a legacy that lives on today. He romantically sings to the girl that he is taking her somewhere, but it is a surprise. He tells her that he is the drug in her veins, and she just has to fight it through the pain. Weeknd drives the girl crazy with romance.

6. Earned It

‘Earned it’ is a song that propelled Weeknd to a greater stratosphere. After releasing the debut album, it looked like he would settle for a consistent, nice career of midtempo ballads and lovelorn, but then he released ‘Earned it,’ which is one of the best tracks he has composed so far. Weeknd is known as a premier and destitute playboy, and the release of this song comes as a new relief, as it is about relatable devotion and genial. It is fair to add that the song struck some cord, and the evidence is its extended stay at the ‘Billboard Hot 100,’ for up to 18 weeks. This is one of the The Weeknd Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘High For This.’

‘High for This’ is one of the most epic songs in the musician’s catalog, which has a lot to do with its aesthetical positioning. The song is important as it puts a notice on all of us and kicks down the doors, to keep away the rumors that the ‘House of Balloons’ is not an original composition. The song, however, boasts about being one of the best track in his entire ‘House of Balloons’ album. The interest in the song and the fantastic bass sessions makes it sweeter. He sings to the girl that despite her not knowing what is in the store, she knows why she is with him He requests her to close her eyes and lay beside him, for the duo need no protection or attention.

4. Love Me Harder (Feat. Ariana Grande)

The strangest fact about this song is that it is not a Weeknd song, technically speaking. The track appeared on Grande’s breakout album, ‘My Everything’ and made it to position seven on the Hot 100 songs(Billboard).As usual Grande gets emotional, although the heart lies on the last verse. Weeknd then takes over, kicking things to overdrive. Weeknd is one of the few male artists with a sexy soprano that matches that of Ariana Grande: is it tit for tat? The song also proves that if he wants, Tesfaye can be lighthearted, a little. He tells the girl to take his breath and never let it go, for he will invade her space and take the pleasure.

3. Can’t Feel my Face

‘Can’t feel my face’ is the scintillating bombshell we have all waited to hear from Weeknd. Fans have much love for the song, and its produce Martin Max does amazing work, making an expensive sound dance music. One surprising fact about this song that many fans do not know is that it is the only song Weeknd sings without a swearing. He sings that although he knows she will be his death, at least they will be both dumb. He assures the girl that she will always get the best, for the worst is yet to come. The girl assures him that she will always be with him, and he should never worry.

2. ‘House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls.’

If you thought that ‘What you need’ put Weeknd on the radar, then ‘House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls’ is the track that made him a superstar. The musician samples a dose of the Banshees and Siouxsie and flips it to a story concerning drugs, muddiness, and despair. The song makes Weeknd ‘the prince of Malaise. ‘Today, this musician is too wealthy and successful, and he no longer wallows in melancholy. Doing well is great, but the sad thing is that we may not listen to bangers like this any longer. He sings that he has been at a different level since the girl came, a level without pain.

1. Wicked Games

‘Wicked Games’ is the best song ever done by Weeknd, and the track is a thrill to fans all over the globe. The song sets the start of the modern era in the musical world. The musician sings that she leaves her girl at home because she loves her no more, but the girl does not know. He tells a different girl to offer him love in exchange for shame, and drugs in exchange for pain. The song is such an excellent piece of work by Weeknd.

The Weekend New Song 2016-2017

Is it Too Late (The Weeknd feat. Drake)

Weeknd has collaborated with the great American musician named Drake to produce another hit song, ‘Is it too late.’ The singer asks the girlfriend on the phone whether it is too late for him to come because he is on the way, at 3 a.m.! He tells her that he know she doesn’t trust her, but accepts it’s his fault. He pleads that it ‘s hard without her, and he always thinks about her. The song is moth romantic and apologetic, and The Weeknd is going far with this.

The Weeknd is a superstar indeed, and his music explains his great talent. However, his latest release with Drake tells us of the maturity with the musician, and the progress he is making in his musical career. The Weeknd, you are the best, keep it up, man.

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