The Strokes Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of The Strokes Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. The Strokes is a band that enjoyed an incredible hype before they dropped ‘Is This It.’ The release of that album makes all fans to believe that the band will; save rock ‘n’ roll. However, it is not possible to deny the fact that ‘Dragons’ is what rock is known for today. The band, however, produced over three albums composed of an okay album, indie rock bliss and another album consisting of three LPs. The group continues to receive an outsized reception, thanks to their greatness. Their music continues to bridge the gap between ‘Joy Division’s Faux-mechanical Orchestration’ and ‘The Velvet Underground’s reserved cool.’ However, the same music is well expansive and includes garage rock and hip hop influences. The Strokes music continues to be a breath of clean air in the rap and rock world, and here is a review of ten of their best tracks.

 The Strokes Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by The Strokes Till 2017

10. ‘Last Nite.’

The most disappointing thing about The Strokes is that they became prominent a decade after rock loses its relevance as the cultural force. However, the group’s experimentation and hard work makes a song that is purely enjoyable, and that is ‘ the Last Nite.’ Very few other bands can make such a track and get a massive following, only The Stokes can do that.

9. ’12:51.’

In life, there is a time when you are old enough, and you decide to spend many nights getting wasted at a local hotspot. However, you are never old enough to check out early as a result of the raft that is full of adult responsibilities. The song 12:51 is the soundtrack that talks about all the nights that always turned into contented mornings. The song is specially crafted to address an issue that faced by a lot of people in day to day life.

8. ‘Someday.’

It is always a tricky affair for a musician to compose a track that accurately conveys a different feeling experienced during youthful nostalgia. That is because a majority of young people have not yet experienced messed careers, broken marriages or alienated family members. However, you can love somebody on Monday and not be still in love on Wednesday. You then feel some profound loss on Thursday for the day when joy was not just an elusive ‘someday.’

7. ‘Reptilia.’

The Strokes produced an album called ‘Room on Fire’ in 2003, a second album that performed partially well. The album looked similar to others they had done before, but it turned out to be prettier than any other track they had released. Had the song performed as expected, then we would probably be having more songs like ‘Reptilia’ today. The idea was great, and it turned out to be worthwhile.

6. ‘The End Has No End.’

‘The End Has No End’ is a track initially released as the second side of ‘Clampdown’ by ‘The Clash.’ The song has more mush-mouthed vocals than usual blended with a punch drum fill done by Casablancas Julian, the lead singer. It becomes evident that the band has involved its self in mainlining ‘London Calling’ long before the recording of this track. ‘The End Has No End’ pulls the ‘Clash’s’ sound off, as opposed to the other tracks that always replicate the sound.

5. ‘Heart in a Cage.’

As the band’s leader, Casablanca boasts of being one of the best lyricists, something that adds strength to the group. The best stuff done by Casablanca reads almost like drunken ramblings from an overrated party boy, although there exists some vulnerability as well as sadness in the tracks. The band sings about going to a concert and fighting through crowds because of being overexcited. All that is done by a guy who thinks his girl was around. This is one of the Strokes Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. ‘You Only Live Once.’

Many artists have used the title, and that makes it be almost an anthem. However, the idea that Drake made the title famous is never real. He may have been the original mainstream figure to use the same as a hashtag, but believe you me that ‘The Strokes’ got there before and turned the recklessly hedonistic title into a rallying cry. The track explains why we should always have fun in life, as we only have one opportunity to live.

3. ‘Juicebox.’

By the year 2005, a strain starts to take toll on the band called ‘The Strokes.’ ‘Room on Fire’ gets an apathetic response gets stung, and the group tries to widen its sound to new heights, something that makes the band sound like they are out of their class. ‘Juicebox’ turns out to be a signature track for the group, and for that’ same reason, we have ranked it at position three.

2. ‘Under Cover of Darkness.’

‘Under Cover of Darkness’ is the band’s best stroke single. The song contains some passion and playfulness, which makes it a hit. What would you do ‘Under cover of darkness?’

1. ‘Hard to Explain.’

‘Hard to Explain’ explodes and hits the musical world like hellfire missile. The song makes rock music fun again, and the same takes ‘he Strokes’ to new heights, which is the reason the track is position one. You wonder why it rose to the top position? Well, the answer is because it is incredible, and beyond that, it is ‘Hard to Explain.’

The Strokes New Songs 2016-2017


In the new release, the band requests to be unchained because midnight has not yet come. In the group’s opinion, it’s better to ‘act like a fox but think like a sheep.’ The track is interesting, and the video is also classic. Watch the video if you haven’t watched yet.

The Strokes is a strong band that still does manage to produce incredible songs. The group has weathered through many challenges in their career to be where they stand today. Well done The Strokes for your service in the musical industry.

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