The Lumineers Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of The Lumineers Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. ‘The Lumineers’ is a Colorado-based rock band that plays brilliant music, blending several genres to come out with the best. Their live performances usually include feet stomping and massive clapping, an indication that the band is a great thriller. The group has traveled globally, but the good news is that they are back in the studio, and all we can do is wait and pray for the best. Below is a sample of their best ten songs.

Lumineers Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by The Lumineers till 2017:

10. ‘Dead Sea.’

In the song, the band sings about going West, as New York had lied and they needed the truth. The girl tells the musician that he is comparable to the Dead Sea, and she can never sink while with him. The musician is happy that he is born to be her Dead Sea. He is glad that all the times he has been down, the girl has been there to comfort him. They sing about love, and how much it can bring comfort to a partner. They describe a salty version of love, and the results are amazing.

9. ‘Gale Song.’

‘Gale Song’ is a record whose soundtrack features on ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire.’ Regardless of whether you watched the movie or not, you can already tell that the track is an anthem. In the song, the group depicts a lonely road with tired people, something that is observable in their faces. The girl sings of loneliness because her boyfriend is miles away, but she decides to remain faithful because she knows he will be back. ‘But I saw the pictures, and you’re looking fine.’

8. ‘Charlie Boy.’

‘Charlie Boy’ is a song that makes people cry whenever it plays. The song raises patriotic feelings but at the same time leads to massive desperation to many individuals who are ravaged by wars and prolonged conflicts. They sing about fathers yelling as their sons become rebels, while the mothers touch crosses. They tell a girl named Lilian not to hang herself, as love should make her feel good, regardless of the war. ‘Charlie boy, don’t go to war, first born in forty-four.’

7. ‘Flapper Girl.’

‘Flapper Girl’ is a track that shows Wesley Keith and Jeremiah Fraites know a lot about the past. They sing to a girl and tell her to cut her hair, then they want to know what her boyfriend had to say: whether he did care, whether he did stop to stare at her. The musician asks her woman whether she would write and call back, because he is away but still loves her, so he needs her home. He compares their love to that of Juliet and Romeo. ‘Lovers come, lovers go.’ ‘She’ll come back to me.’

6. ‘Classy Girls.’

‘Classy Girls’ is a song that proves that the Lumineers can compose a song that tells a story, make fans clap their hands, stomp their feet and tap their toes. He sings about a girl who stood at a club, who she greeted but she surprisingly gave her a bottle of alcohol. He makes her laugh and shows her his expensive ring. The girl tells him of the amazing places she has gone. ‘She said, “that’s pretty cool.” ‘But classy girls don’t kiss in bars, you fool.’ ‘(No they don’t).’

5. ‘Submarines.’

The Lumineers use the song to open ‘Red Rock’ shows, thanks to its popularity. The musician sings about seeing submarines under the sea, with Japanese flags. He runs back to the bar and tells the news, but nobody believes him. He reports to the police, but they laugh, telling him that it is such a big joke. ‘In the end, it boils down to credibility.’ ‘I had none, so I will die with the secrets of the sea.’ ‘(Submarine! Can’t find me)’. This is one of the The Lumineers Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. ‘Elouise.’

‘Elouise’ is a track that performs best with a piano, coupled with non-stop vibrations. The song is both romantic and sad, leaving us to wonder what made the girl depart, and whether she will ever be back. He sings that lack of luck should not discourage anyone because he has been there and he still fights for the girl. He wonders why Elouise had to leave and pleads with her to sing his song. ‘Sing my song, patiently.’ ‘And I’ll return, Elouise.’

3. ‘Ho Hey.’

The song gains popularity and acts as a breakthrough to the radios. The song is laid back and mellow, and it is so popular that people play it in weddings with a millennium twist. The romantic track is simple, and it is based upon some profound topics. He tells the girl that they belong together and that she is forever her sweetheart. ‘I belong with you, you belong with me, you are my sweetheart.’ ‘Ho Hey, Ho Hey.’

2. ‘Morning Song.’

The song contains heavy opening chords, which makes it a mourning song, instead of a morning song. The song includes Paris, and it is the perfect description of melancholic and romance. He sings that everything he has to taste is bitterness, but the faith inside him gives hope. He sings about the girl packing and leaving for France, and the unequal relationship where he is always the one to wait, and it’s always the girl who is late. ‘May you return to love one day.’ ‘Well I hope, and I pray.’

1. ‘Stubborn Love.’

‘Stubborn love’ is Lumineer’s best song ever, and the track is sing during various tours by the band. The group sings about a girl who cheats and apologizes. The girl kneels down and pleads that she will not repeat, but she apparently does the same thing again. Strangely the guy still loves her, and she cares less about the behavior. ‘And I don’t blame you dear for running like you did all these years.’ ‘I would do the same, you’d best believe me.’

The Lumineers New Songs 2016-2017


In the latest track, he sings that he always felt remorse when young, but today he has a new girlfriend, and there is no remorse anymore. He asks heaven to help all the fools who fall in love. ‘Oh Ophelia, you’ve been on my mind girl like a drug.’ ‘Oh Ophelia, heaven help the fool who falls in love.’

‘The Lumineers’ is a favorite rock band that does compose romantic and exciting songs. With three band members, the band uses personal experiences to write their songs. They sing about love, lost partners, heartbreaks and healthy relationships. They express what we all face in life using music, and the product is always incredible. Their latest song ‘Ophelia’ is an anthem already, thanks to their unique style. We wish the band all the best.

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