The Kinks Top 10 Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of The Kinks Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time. The Kinks are a British rock band. The group was formed by both Ray and Dave Davies. They were both born and grew up in Muswell Hill, London. Unlike the likes of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the Kinks were not boldly innovative. They were, however, one among the most influential bands during the British invasion. The Kinks started off as an outfit doing R&B/blues. Unlike many of their contemporaries, the Kinks had a natural instinct for survival through the three decades of their active music career. Their early days in the music industry were so successful and yielded many of their greatest hits. We now take a look at their best ten songs most of which come from classic singles from the 1960’s.

The Kinks Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of The Kinks Top 10 Songs of All Time

10. ‘Tired of Waiting for You.’

This song was released in 1965 from their album titled ‘Kinda Kinks.’ ‘Tired of Waiting for You’ had a less prominent guitar which was not like their previous songs. This absence of a prominent guitar riff does not mean that the song was without a good guitar riff. In fact, the ringing guitar riff from Dave Davies was full of power. The Kinks also did a performance that was a notch above their previous works. This single was able to reach the sixth spot on the charts which was the Kink’s best position on charts by this point in their career. It was not until 1982 that another song from the band was able to match this performance on the charts.

9. ‘Celluloid Heroes.’

‘Celluloid Heroes’ was released as the second single from the Kink’s 1972 album titled ‘Everybody’s in Show-Biz.’ It was penned by Ray Davies who doubled as the band’s chief writer and lead vocalist. The song is some tribute to a Hollywood movie where it mentions some actors of the 20th century like Rudolph Valentino and Greta Garbo. The song did not chart but received some significant play on AOR radio stations. Despite its inability to chart, the song was a favorite for their fans, and this is mainly due to its strong melody and lyrics.

8. ‘Sunny Afternoon.’

This song was released in 1966. It immediately scaled the charts and reached the top spot on the UK Singles Chart and spent a whole two weeks while occupying the first position. The song is about the increased taxation that was being implemented by the British Labour government at the time. It fronts some powerful lyrics and an intense flavor. The song was quite impressive as it was able to chart outside Europe and was able to climb to the 44th position of the Billboard Hot 100.

7. ‘Till the End of the Day.’

‘Till the End of the Day’ was a song done by the Kinks. It was released in 1965 from their album known as ‘The Kink Kontroversy.’ It had a lot of similarities with other songs by the band during the era. It lasted two and a half minutes long and had some borrowed lyrics from their earlier work. Ray Davies penned this great tune that draws its strength from a power chord. The song reached #50 in the US and #8 in the UK.

6. ‘A Well Respected Man.’

This song was released in 1965 as a single. It marked the genesis of the growth of Ray Davies as a songwriter. It was said that the song had been inspired by some bad experience that Davies witnessed in some high-class guests at a luxurious resort. The song was composed to mock the high class for their self-satisfaction. The song is still popular to date, and its lyrics are still very much relevant. This is one of the The Kinks Top 10 Songs of All Time.

5. ‘Victoria.’

‘Victoria’ was the first song to be released from their album titled ‘Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)’ in 1969. The song also had a message of the mordant realities of life in Britain during the 19th century. They sang, “Though I am poor, I am free / When I grow I shall fight/ For this land I shall die.” Victoria was able to reach position 62 on the Billboard Hot 100 which was the best performance on the chart by any of their songs at the time.

4. ‘All Day and All of the Night.’

This song was the next great hit by the band after ‘You Really Got Me.’ The song had a quite complicated riff. It, however, had a power chord riff. The song had a B Flat chord after F and G. It shared several similarities with ‘You Really Got Me’ when it came to beats, structure and background vocals. The guitar solos and the progressions were also very much alike. It reached No. 7 in the US and #2 in the UK.

3. ‘Lola.’

‘’Lola was released on 12th June 1970 in the UK and later in the US on 28th June the same year. It was a song from the Kink’s album titled ‘Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One.’ ‘Lola’ is a story of an encounter between a probable cross-dresser and young man in a club. The storyteller is confused towards Lola; a person who had a woman’s walking style, and the voice of a man. Lola received a lot of positive reviews from critics and was played numerous times in their performances until their break-up.

2. ‘Waterloo Sunset.’

‘Waterloo Sunset’ is probably the Kink’s first single to be released in stereo. The song is probably one of the band’s widely acclaimed songs across the world. It featured on the band’s album titled ‘Something Else by The Kinks’ although it had been released as a single. The song charted across Europe and reached #2 in the UK. It was also among the top 10 in Australia, but unfortunately, it did not chart in the United States.

1. ‘You Really Got Me.’

‘You Really Got Me’ was the Kink’s third single. It was released in August 1964 and stormed into the UK Singles Chart reaching #1 only a month after it was released. It was ‘You Really Got Me’ that established the Kinks as one among the top British Invasion acts in the US after charting there and reaching #7. The song boasted power chords that were a great influence to many other rock bands.

New Songs by the Kinks

There haven’t been any new songs released by the Kinks in 2016. However, according to a Twitter post by Dave Davies on 5th November 2016, Davies said that Ray and him had not discussed shows at all but were trying to work on other stuff together.

The Kinks will be remembered as one of the most influential rock stars of the ‘60’s and the ‘70’s. Their contribution to the growth in rock music cannot be overstated.

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