Top 10 Strangest Competition in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Strangest Competition in The World in 2017. There are many competitions worldwide, but other have gone too much making them strange. We play to have fun and compete with other be it your competitors or your friends. There are indoor and outdoor games, and the winner will get gifts. You want to compete with others to prove to others and to yourself too that you are fit and worthy. If you put efforts during the competition, you will finally win.

Competition does not have to be sports or games, any range and almost all fields of life can make a contest in it. For example, in school, there is arts, debate and sports. In our careers, we work to either many clients and make more earnings than your co-workers. Competition is almost in everything we do. In this case, there are types of game that are strange, but people still compete every year or in every season. They are games that will freak you out. Some of the strange competitions 2017 are:

List of Top 10 Strangest Competition in The World 2017

1. Baby Crawling Competition


There are many strange competitions 2017, but the one who created this was crazy. Many new ideas come in our mind, and we have to implement them. In the competition, the babies are that participants. Do you think that kids crawling are too young to be involved in a competition? Since kids can’t run does someone badly need kids to compete the baby crawling game introduced.

Babies allowed in the competition are kids between the ages from six months up to two years. The competition is commonly held in Russia every year. Although this game seems strange, it is appealing and fun too. If you have kids you can also involve them in this competition, and it will be fun.

2. Ugliest Dog Competition


You must have heard the cutest, bravest, smartest and strongest dog competition. But what about the ugliest dog competition? Do they have to be left out? The ugliest dogs competition is also a part of the competition. Though it seems awkward and nearly mad, some dogs somewhere will fell more appreciated.

This game is an annual game and very common in California. The funny thing is that the ugliest dog is the one to win the award, which is extremely mad. If you think you have an ugly dog, try the competition, and you will go home with your dog loaded with awards.

3. Extreme Ironing Competition


The game also abbreviated as EI. I know you are wondering how this game was done. Although the game is extremely dangerous to some extent, you will enjoy this. The game involves ironing clothes as the game name suggest. It is a game that requires the coordination of the whole body. You have to engage your mind, the legs and your hands too.

When playing the game, your main aim is to iron on the iron boards at every point you are moving past. The winner is the one who will have the biggest number of points ironed. The game began in England in the year 1977 and is organized every year.

4. Pea Shooting Competition


The word “pea” is very weird and may leave you wondering what kind of a game. The meaning of the game is very simple. It is the pea of the vegetable. The game involves putting the pea in your mouth and throwing it out. You have to throw it with much pressure for it to go the farthest possible. The one who throws the pea farthest is the winner of the game.

The game can also go to an extra mile where the participants are to hit a targeted place with the pea. Whoever that hits the targeted place I the winner of the game. The game originated in the United Kingdom in the year 1971.

5. Cheese Rolling Competition

Cheese Rolling Competition Top Most Strangest Competition 2017

Is this very weird? It is not at all. It is a competition like any other. Although it is stupid, the competitors enjoy this. They will join the game in large numbers and a single wheel of cheese. It’s held on a hill, and the one who gets at the base of the hill first is the winner.

The game was held during the spring season in Gloucester in England but currently transferred to Columbia. You should be very careful when participating in this game because many competitors get injured.

6. The World Beard Competition

The World Beard Competition Top Most Popular Strangest Competition 2019

World Beard competition is a competition in which men who have long beard can show them. The men with the big beard have to style them nicely and get ready for the competition. The man with the beards that are uniquely styled, impressive and lengthy is the winner of the game.

This kind of competition was started in 1990 in Hofen-Enz, Germany and organized in Germany in every winter season. Everybody globally can also participate in the game.

7. Feet Wrestling Competition

Feet Wrestling Competition Top Popular Strangest Competition 2018

Feet competition is a contest where the participants are supposed to converge their big toes. The participants are to wrestle with their toe until one of them wins. It is not a recommendable game because you can end up with a broken toe or dislocated ankles. Although finally, you will receive some money for being the winner, you might spend the money in a hospital looking for medication to heal your broken toe.

The Feet wrestling competition held in 1976 in one of the pubs in Derbyshire in Great Britain.

8. Heal Marathon Competition

Heal Marathon Competition Top Famous Strangest Competition 2018

Heal marathon? I know that’s what you are wondering. Yes, it is a heel marathon competition. In the competition, the women are to wear high heeled shoe and run for over 100 meters. It is not funny at all because it can lead to a dislocation of your ankle that will make you spend months indoors on your bed. You need to be perfect in balancing on the heel for you to move on and participate.

9. Air Guitar Competition

Air Guitar Competition Top 10 Strangest Competition 2017

For you to be a competitor, you must have long hair and boots and perform special dance styles as if you are playing a rocking music holding a guitar but no guitar. The competitor with the best appearance of playing a real guitar is the winner.

Air Guitar Competition was first officially done in Finland in 1996. You have to synch your lips as if singing and hand moving as if you are playing the guitar.

10. Wife Carrying Competition


The game as the name suggest participates. They have to run lifting or carrying their wives and pass through obstacles before getting to the finishing point. The fastest couple is the winner of the game. The woman has to hang their legs upside down and their feet on the shoulders of the husband. The purpose of the game is having fun as a couple.

All these kind of competition are either held to have fun or fame. Participating in the game will show your courage and capability in different ways. Don’t think because this is a list of the strangest Competition 2017 means that you should not participate, you are very wrong. You should venture in these ways of having fun and enjoy the earth.