Stevie Wonder Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Stevie Wonder Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Stevie Wonder is a talented American singer who thrills his fans all over the world, thanks to his hit songs. He is an incredible musician who starts his singing career at a tender age of twelve years. His songs are mind blowing and irresistible.Despite him being blind from birth, he has made great success in music, showing the world that ‘Disability is not inability.’ Stevie Wonder’s songs explode after release, hitting the Billboard charts like thunder. The musician sings about love, empowerment, and world affairs. He does criticize racism, and that makes people love him more. Below are ten of Stevie’s finest songs.

Stevie Wonder Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Stevie Wonder till 2017

10. “Ebony and Ivory.”

‘Ebony and Ivory’ is fantastic track was released on the 29th March 1982. Stevie Wonder collaborated with Sir Paul McCartney to sing this song. This song features on Sir Paul McCartney’s album called “Tug of War.” The song topped both the US and the UK lists. This song addresses racism and unfairness due to racial discrimination. Wonder is empowering people in his song; he says “We all know that people are the same where ever we go” together with Sir Paul McCartney, they are aiming at eradicating the racial iniquity.

9. “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours.”

This song released in 1970 and it topped in the classic and R&B genre. The song is of romantic love and Stevie is regretful having left his lover. Now he is back, crying and begging for his lady to accept him back and to overlook all the stupid things that he did while he was away. He sings ‘I’ve done a lot of foolish things” The song’s chorus is emotional and amazing. It calls out for every lady out there to accept their lovers back and overlook the past. Forgiveness is necessary here.

8. “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing.”

‘Don’t You Worry’ released in 1973 in Stevie’s album “Innervisions”; however it has since been reproduced by other musicians. This song got to position 2 in the R&B chart, number 10 in the cash box chart and number 16 in the Billboard pop singles chart. The Latin piano beats that introduce the song captures your attention very well. The melody that fills the air with the vocals that follow the piano beats is very striking. In this song, Stevie is talking about the importance of taking everything positively and taking one step at a time.

7. “Boogie on Reggae Woman.”

This song in from Stevie’s album “Fulfillingness’ First Finale” and it was released in 1974. The title of this song may leave you wondering what it is all about but it’s not a Reggae track. This song topped the soul charts for two consecutive weeks as well as getting to number 3 on the pop chart. This track is an emotional, romantic love song that fascinates lovers. It addresses the essence of healthy relationships as portrayed by the dialogue in the song lyrics.

6. ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You.’

The track released in 1984 from Stevie’s album “The Woman in Red.” This track was a hit in the 80s when it earned Wonder two awards; the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe awards both for being the best original song. This track hit number one on the Billboard top 100 for three weeks in 1984. The song also became number one on the R&B chart. Talking about the vocals in this song, it is very great, and the rhythm of the instruments are entertaining. The track is one of a kind that highlights the essence of togetherness and maintaining contacts.

5. “Sir Duke”

‘Sir Duke’ is a classic soul track that released in 1976 from Wonder’s album “Song in The Key of Life.” Stevie Wonder composed this song as a dedication to Duke Ellington who was a composer as well as a jazz band leader. Duke was a role model Wonder; hence he decided to dedicate him a song after he passed on in 1974. The track is done as a tribute to Sir Duke. This is one of the Stevie Wonder Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. “Living for the City.”

‘Living for the City’ is one of the tracks by Wonder that made him proud. It was produced in 1973 from his album “Innervisions” under the genre classic soul music. This record made Wonder win the Grammy Awards with this track being the best R&B. This song has excellent teaching on the social life. It focuses on the advantages of being close to caring people in times of hardship. The track talks about contrasts that come with being in a beautiful place away from caring people where you can hardly get yourself out of the hardship.

3. “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)”

‘Uptight’ is the best classic soul by the wonder that was released way back in 1966 from his album “Up-Tight.” ‘Everything’s Alright’ is the first song that Stevie Wonder rewrote. It topped at number three in the Billboard pop singles in 1966. Surprising enough, this track topped the Billboard R&B singles chart for five consecutive weeks. In this track, Wonder is delighted that he has found the perfect girl he ever wishes to have. Despite the dirt and poverty, Wonder doesn’t care because is in love with the girl.

2. “Higher Ground.”

This track is among the best songs of Wonder from his album “Innervisions” and he released it in 1973. The song is a mind-blowing classic soul track. It is a great hit that appeared at number four in the Billboard Hot 100 as well as the top in US Hot R&B singles chart. Wonder describes how he felt recovering from the coma following a road accident he was involved. He says that he felt much better in a “spiritual place” (Higher Grounds) and this made him appreciate what he ought to do to reach this “Higher Grounds” once more.

1. “Superstition.”

It is a track from his album “Talking Book.” He released this track in 1972. This song hit at position one in the US as well as on the soul singles chart. The song also topped in the UK at number eleven. The track is educative, focusing on the adverse effects that superstition can bring in the community or into one’s life. Wonder is one person who rebukes superstition to the latter.

Stevie Wonder latest song 2016-2017

“A Time to Love”

This track is the twenty-third audio album. It was released on 18th October 2005 after the official iTune release by Apple. In his song, Wonder is criticizing racism, violence, and religious discrimination and instead emphasizing on love. He recommends people to love one another despite the differences that we may have.

Stevie Wonder is an incredible musician who entertains fans while at the same time teaching about life issues. His tracks remain relevant years after release, ant the songs still get airplay. He is an 80s king, and those who were born know what that means. Long live Stevie Wonder, we love you.

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