Simon and Garfunkel Top 10 Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Simon and Garfunkel Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel made it possible to produce a bunch of work that no musicians have been able to surpass or match. The duo made music between 1966 and 1970, but their work will live to be enjoyed by many generations. From ‘I Am A Rock’ to ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters,’ the folk rock band explored many themes as they broaden their incredible musical horizons with every track. Here are their ten best tracks.

Simon and Garfunkel Top 10 Songs List

Top 10 Songs List by Simon and Garfunkel of all time:

10. ‘My Little Town.’

‘My Little Town’ released in the year 1975, as a simple track that talks about getting away from a little town. It is evident that the record is bleak but is descriptive lyrics do create an urgency of getting out of Dodge. They sing about how they grew p believing that the almighty God keeps an eye on all of them because their town is small. They recall how they came home after school and flew their bikes over the gates after leaning on the walls of their ‘little town.’

9. ‘The Boxer.’

‘The Boxer’ is contained in the ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ album that has many songs that rose up tp become classics. ‘The Boxer’ happens to be one of those songs that did very well on the album. The song is made famous by a catchy chorus that says ‘lie-la-lie,’ telling a story in the entire song. The track starts by giving a depiction of a poor boy who later becomes a man who can stand for what he believes in. He recalls leaving home as a small boy, only to meet strangers at a railway station.

8. ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters.’

‘Bridge Over Trouble Waters’ is the title track off the hit album that shares the same name. The track continues to hold up many years since its release, and it is incredible to mention that various artists have covered the same track, singing different versions of the record. The song is an assurance that whenever the girl is worried or tired, the man will wipe her tears and make her happy again. He reminds everyone that few friends will help you when in problems, just as it is hard to find a ‘bridge over troubled waters.’

7. ‘Scarborough Fair.’

The song is well known due to its long collection of herbs that include sage, parsley, thyme, and rosemary. The track is about many series of impossible tasks, something that makes it interesting and a fan favorite. The English ballad has an understated arrangement that is updated, which is the reason why you should listen to the record. He remembers he has a lover who lived there some long time ago and tells anyone going there to say hey to her.

6. ‘We’ve Got a Groovy Thing Goin.’

The track is purely pop, and it exemplifies the song of all time. The short track runs for slightly over two minutes, and he asks the girl to stay, as he wants her forever. The track starts by the musician screaming that he has some bad news, you may think someone had an accident. However, he goes ahead to say that the bad news he heard are that the girl is leaving, and she asks her to stay with him. He pleads with the girl and reminds her all the good things they share as lovers. This is one of the This is one of the Simon and Garfunkel Top 10 Songs of All Time.

5. ‘Homeward Bound.’

‘Homeword Bound’ is a track that is funny in that it builds in the first verse and then expands in the chorus. You can almost predict that your toes will be tapped during the entire song, that is if you do not nod your head. He sings about relaxing at a railway station with a ticket for the destination ready at his hand. However, he is headed for one night stands, and he carries the guitar with him, with plans available for all the places he will stand. However, his love waits for him at home, and he wishes he was a ‘Homeword Bound.’

4. ‘Mrs. Robinson’

What comes to your mind when you think about the 1960’s? Your answer may be anything, but you are most likely to think about music, and there comes the track called ‘Mrs. Robinson.’ The song is always in the first position on lists of tracks done in the 60’s era, as it released in 1968. The song is featured in the acclaimed movie called ‘The Graduate.’ Mrs. Robinson is a collection of ideas and musical styles that were unique at the time the track is produced because not many artists had the ability to create such a record by that time.

3. ‘Sounds of Silence.’

‘Sounds of Silence’ is the track you should hear whenever you are experiencing a bad day. The song has some isolating lyrics and a melancholic music arrangement, which makes it hold up since it was released over five decades ago. He greets darkness, which happens to be his old friend. He wants to talk to darkness because a vision crept at night and planted in his head, and that same image still exists ‘Within the Sound of Silence.’

2. ‘Richard Cory.’

‘Richard Cory’ is a track inspired by a poem by Arlington Edwin Robinson that carries the same name. The track is a dark one, and it displays the two musicians’ musical arrangement and songwriting at its finest. The song is the second on our list because many people love to listen to it and it continues to inspire many individuals across the globe. Any real fan of the band will sing the song from the beginning to the end.

1. ‘Cecilia.’

Listeners know they are almost having some nice time whenever the opening beats of this song play. The track employs complexity as a style to explain a ‘two-timing lover.’ The musician is keen to return to the arms of Cecelia, and that is what leaves many fans wondering why he is so crazy about going back to that girl. For a song to be ranked position one, then you know it must be utterly incredible, like Cecilia.

Simon and Garfunkel are two talented musicians whose songs deserve to be on the list of all favorite bands. The duo entertained the world, and we thank them for that. We love you, Simon and Garfunkel.

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