Sia Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Sia Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Sia is an Australian songwriter and singer known for composing songs for some of the world’s finest artists. Since the start of her career in the 1990s, she has collaborated with many artists including Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, David Guetta and Rihanna, and she has produced amazing songs with them. Sia also boasts about her fan thrilling singles and solo albums, which have topped many charts across the globe. Below are ten of her best songs, enjoy having a look.

Sia Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Sia Till 2017:

10. ‘I’m in here.’

The song is the fifth track from the musician’s second album, ‘We are born.’ The track is co-written by Dixon Samuel, and it is important to note that Sia worked on it when she suspected she was suffering from a condition known as bipolar disorder. The musician sings that she is already in and wonders whether anybody can see her. Sia also asks for help and regards herself as a historical prisoner. She is trapped in walls of sadness inside her, and she does not want to live that way.

9. ‘I Go to Sleep.’

Ray Davies from Kinks is the writer of the song, which covers Sia’s album titled ‘Some People have Real Problems.’ The song released as a single and picked to position 32 on the single charts in Australia, the same country where it is released. She sings that whenever she looks up from her pillow, she dreams her boyfriend is near her. She understands he is far but hopes he will come sometime. She imagines that the boyfriend is with her and goes to sleep. Whenever she recalls his memories, she goes to sleep.

8. ‘Don’t Bring Me Down.’

The song is number six on the 2004 album known as ‘Color the Small one.’ In this song, she sings to the light of dawn, praising its beautiful crowds and the soft world. She tells it that she is going down the drain and she does not want to change. She then begs the light of dawn not to bring her down. The face of the light becomes the sun, and she is happy with the joy brought by little things. She begs the light not to bring her down, as she wants to go down the drain, without any change.

7. ‘Breath Me.’

‘Breath me’ is a song in Sia’s album called ‘Colour the small one,’ released on 2004 in the United Kingdom. The song is lucky in many ways: it is used in commercials and TV shows such as ‘Hollyoaks,’ the Coca-Cola Olympic adverts and ‘Orange are the new blacks.’ She sings that she has hurt herself again, and has no one to blame. She pleads to anybody to act like her friend and wrap her up, warm and breathe her. She says she is lost and needy; she needs someone to warm and breathe her.

6.’You’ve Changed.’

The song is co-written by Flax Lauren, and released in December 2009 as the number one track from the album called ‘We Are Born.’ The song rose to position 31 on the ‘ARIA top 50′ chart in Australia. She happily sings to her lover that he has changed, although stealing love was his past time. She alleges to have seen girls falling off the hook, with him stealing kisses and throwing them aside. She asks him to hold her, and he does in front of the whole world, that is why she is happy that he’s changed.

5. ‘Big Girls Cry.’

The songs boast of a charter in Australia, immediately after its release. She sings that big girls have no time for love nor hate, they are always busy. She adds that ‘big girls’ cry ruining their make-up and washing away the things that have are already taken. However, they do not care about how they look, but the fact is that ‘big girls’ always cry when their hearts are breaking. She sings about big girls who are lonely and in a blackout but still manage to pour a glass of champagne for someone, depicting a big girl, whose soul aches. They only cry when their hearts are breaking.  This is one of the Sia Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. ‘Chandelier.’

‘Chandelier’ is the first track in Sia’s sixth album called ‘1000 forms of fear.’ The song is a success commercially and has topped on more than 30 charts globally. Some of those charts include: ‘Billboard Hot 100,’ ‘Australia’s Aria,’ and ‘UK Single Charts.’ She sings that party girls do not get hurt, and they feel nothing while learning. She smells love when her doorbell rings, and that is when she swings from one Chandelier to the other, like tomorrow never exists.

3. ‘Soon We’ll Be Found.’

The song is co-written by Nowels Rick and is song number three on the 2008 album called ‘Some People Have Real Problems.’ The song released in October 2008, and the favorite music video releases later, with Sia using an American Sign Language to sign the lyrics. She asks her boyfriend to close his eyes for sleep as they are tired. She sings that despite the fact that they are’ lost,’ soon they will be found. The song is another hit from Sia, who uses actual life experiences to compose songs.

2. ‘Day Too Soon.’

Sia is motivated by the eager to find a perfect match, and there she composes this song. The song releases on November 2007 as single number one on the album titled ‘Some people Have Real Problems. ‘She releases the song in the United Kingdom. She sings to her man, asking him to put her in his arms and carry her away from harm. She knows he is a good man who can never put her down. Sia tells him that he is not a day, and neither is he a day too soon.

1. ‘You Have Been Loved.’

The song is single number three from the album called ‘Some people Have Real Problems.’ The song is produced by Hogarth Jimmy and Peter Vettese and co-written by Jones Clifford. She sings about a guy who shoots her up, fills her cup and sails her boat with love. The man then leaves, and there she tells him that she wishes his new lover is right. She tells him that he has ‘been loved.’

Sia New Songs 2016-2017

1. The Greatest

In the latest release, Sia sings that she is running out of breath, but she has stamina. She wants to close her eyes but sees another mountain for her to climb, all because she has stamina. Sia needs another lover because she has the strength. She sings that she will not give up because she is the greatest. She does pray hard and works harder.

2.Cheap Thrills

Sia sings on a Friday night, a day she needs to do her hair and apply the make-up since it won’t be long before she hits the dancing floor. She sings to her boyfriend that she does not require a lot of cash to have fun, all she needs are cheap thrills.

Sia is already a great artist, but her latest release makes her more impressive. She knows how to use real life events to compose songs that attract many listeners. This girl is a thriller, her music is simply the best, keep it up, Sia.

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