Top 10 Scariest Music Genres Ever

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Scariest Music Genres Ever until 2017. Music regardless of its genre has existed for thousands upon thousands of years. It has the ability to give one the inspiration to write, dance, sing and cry, but lately the effect on the human brain hard core and scary music genres have is controversial.

To classify music of this genre is also difficult for without truly knowing the attraction it has on a particular minority, it can only remain inconclusive therefore, the list of the Top 10 Scariest Music Genres Ever is presented in no particular order or sequence.

List of Top 10 Scariest Music Genres Ever until 2017

10. Brutal Death Metal

brutal death metal, Top 10 Scariest Music Genres Ever 2017

Aggressive and excessive, this music genre is in many opinions not a genre at all but instead a myriad of direction-less vocal screams with no particular tune accompanied by heavy guitar distortions. Brutal Death Metal is a sub-genre of Death Metal that incorporates highly irritating distortion of low tuned guitars, growling and screaming vocals with powerful drum beats. Like evil personified, lyrics often refer to religion, occultism, torture, rape, necrophilia and cannibalism. Greeting death and vengeance come with bands like Slayer, Venom and Celtic Frost.

9. Witch House


This is a genre that lost its power through thoughtless composure of lyrics that had nothing more to offer than rape, murder, drugs and witchcraft. Inspired by the TV show ‘Twin Peaks’ the music is a collection of radically slowed remixes of hip-hop. Originating in early 2010 it is occult-themed with an unimpressive use of synthesisers and drum machines, indiscernible vocals that are simply repetitious. Nothing about this genre carried impressive lyrics thus, it has not been well received.

8. Pagan Black Metal


Having originated in Europe, Pagan Black Metal has threaded a confused tapestry of extreme heavy metal music that leans heavily toward pseudo-satanic Devil worshipping. The lyrics make little sense since they are written in archaic languages and are usually sung by extremely bad voices, hence the lack of impressive following. In fact while some lyrics are sung in the language of their country, it is usually bad spirited stuff and is doom and very bleak. It’s a genre that had nothing impressive to offer at all.

7. Powerviolence


Powerviolence is a hard-core punk rock genre that originated in California in the late eighties. Harsh and inharmonious, the ‘music’ is loud with grizzly, discordant vocals. Closely related to thrashcore, although only an amplification of hardcore punk, it has nothing to offer but blasts of drum beat without rhythm. The sound rapidly changes tempo switching from extremely fast to beyond slow then back to fast. Lyrics are incomprehensible over the strident and very aggressive music. Powerviolence creates chaos with its unpredictable sound.

6. Rock Against Communism


Born in the United Kingdom, this form of punk music originated in 1978. It was a genre of rock music that had people shaving their heads, covering themselves with tattoos and wearing bomber jackets. It’s a genre that expresses racism and for a time, while it survived, proved unhinged and frightening, particularly whilst expressing prejudiced sentiments. Led by small minded vocals it was a genre that eventually faded although there are remnants that remain.

5. Crack Rock Steady


This genre is alternative Indie; a combination of ska, which originated in Jamaica in the late ’50’s, punk, reggae that also originated in Jamaica and hard-core metal. With expressions of anti-establishment, the lyrics are rapidly screamed and encourage atheism with frequent swearing. Crack rock steady bands, called such after the drug, crack cocaine also encourage vandalism, squatting, and theft. It’s a genre that originated in New York City and endorses suggestions that urge listeners kill police and burn down the churches and smoke crack cocaine. This is one of the Top 10 Scariest Music Genres Ever until 2017.

4. Juggalo


Founded in 2000 this is a mixture of genres. Predominantly hip hop and rock, there is horrorcore and hardcore similar to that of Psychopathic Records artists. Juggalo is recognised by its clown image rather than it’s sound. However, its music calls for fans and bands to wear clown face paint whilst communication is via gang signs. The music leans toward violent hard core hip-hop and encourages robbery, assault, selling drugs, and even murder.

3. Gabba


Gabba is purely electronic sound that cannot claim the title of being music. It is hard-core electronic noise with a bass drum that is so rapid it sounds harsh and aggressive. The vocals are distorted screams and often altered in pitch. Gabba meaning ‘Buddy’ in Dutch, is often punctuated with cursing with an emphasis on drug use and committing violent acts. Gabba is a sound that hails from Rotterdam in the Netherlands. It remained in ‘vogue’ for a decade in the very early eighties to nineties and was sped up techno. Its bass was distorted and its drums were from machines which gave no foundation to the voices that sang. The lyrics and sound is irritating and harsh and simply failed to impress.

2. Horror Punk


Like it’s name, this genre is inspired by horror movies and takes much of its sound from science fiction. Its lyrics harbour a sound of punk rock with macabre lyrics and repulsive imagery designed to horrify and shock. This is a genre that embraces the Gothic tones of the seventies and was adopted by the band, the Misfits. Horror punk’s focus is on horror and murder with lyrics that are redolent of brutal death metal. Generally, although the songs relate to violent acts its sound is melodic, not grating or discordant.

1. Oi!


This music genre is purely British and embraces subcultures with odd musical movements. From an era when skinheads were the exception rather than the rule, the London punk band Cockney Rejects sang a song titled “Oi, Oi, Oi,” and tried desperately to inspire a genre that stemmed from punk rock instrumentation and themes in support of workers’ rights. Their aim was purely rebellion against the police and hinged heavily on their distrust of the government. This genre was more for rebellious acts and fighting in the streets but it was more an immature act of rebellion that would often just provoke fights between young men at concerts. It failed dismally to impress thereafter.

These above are the Top 10 Scariest Music Genres Ever until 2017. Punk, Hardcore and sub-genres of death metal is the breeding ground for prejudice, malevolence and hostility and like an addict, once it has penetrated the mind, it is difficult to release. It is the ‘musical’ expression of masculine anger, rebellion and insurgent behaviour. It is the preferred genre of a minority group of people who in their misguided ways are searching for the essence of complete and utter happiness. How disturbing that they could possibly find it here.