Sam Hunt Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Sam Hunt Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Sam Hunt continues to push his limits in the country music with R&B impacted sounds. He has proved that it is not a must for artists to stick to one music genre to be successful, a stereotype that continues to affect many musicians. He has had tours with famous artists such as Luke Bryan and Lady Antebellum, and his songs have gone platinum. Hunt boasts of nominations to CMAs, ACMs, and Grammys. Below are ten of his finest songs, have a look.

Sam Hunt Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Sam Hunt till 2017:

10. ‘Goodbye.’

‘Goodbye’ is a breakup track from the ‘Between the Pines’ mixtape. The musician sings about a girl who lied to him, making him leave her and telling her ‘goodbye.’ The singer’s vocals blend with beautiful guitar sounds to produce an excellent song. The girl tattoos his heart, but the other half of truth is what he did not know. He sings about sleepless nights, but he is happy it’s now over. Sam tells her that she murdered their love and now all he has to say is ‘goodbye.’

9. ‘Ex To See.’

Sometimes relationships get complicated, and a breakup becomes inevitable. After the unexpected happens, each of the partners wants to make the other one jealous. In the song, a lady uses Sam to make her former boyfriend jealous. Sam plays along with the woman’s game as the song nears the end. He tells the woman to come to him and kiss him when the former boyfriend gets in, and all he wants is the ‘ex to see.’

8. ‘Bottle It Up.’

All of us have special memories, those times that we wish could last forever. We are so obsessed with good memories that we want we can bottle the feeling up and stay with it forever. The song is about having happy memories to cheer you up whenever things look complicated. Sam sings about having fun at the beach, enjoying sunset under the palms after graduation. Hunt wishes he can ‘bottle up’ the feeling for future use.

7. ‘Vacation.’

‘Vacation’ is the best track when we are on holiday because all you need at that time is music, not phones or watches. The best relaxation music is reggae, and that is what reflects in the song. He sings that he is on vacation and might never go back home, as the fun is so much. He gets static to his reggae stations and says he needs no shoes, watches or phones. All he needs is to bury in the sand and enjoy the sweet ‘vacation.’

6. ‘Heartbeat.’

‘Heartbeat’ is a track in Carrie Underwood’s album titled ‘Storyteller,’ and Sam is her backup vocalist. Sam and Carrie’s voices blend, and the results are amazing, as expressed during the Grammy Awards 2016 when the two perform the song life. The performance thrills fans and propels the two artists to another level in their musical career. He tells the girl to stand with her shoes on his bare foot and dance to the tune of her ‘heartbeat.’ The track is a partying favorite. This is one of the Sam Hunt Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘House Party.’

A majority of fans would be happy to have a house party with Sam, their favorite artist. Hunt makes the track sound like a blast all through, with some beautiful guitar. The song contains a country music and is enjoyable to listen. In the song, Hunt tells his girl to stay in the house, for he will take the party to her home. She asks her to remain in whatever she wears, for he will make her a house party if she is a homebody. The song is a romantic and partying favorite track.

4. ‘Make You Miss Me.’

The song is about bragging in a humble way and making a lover aware of what she will lose in case of a breakup. Hunt does the same thing here, and he uses interesting lyrics to deliver the message in a very smooth way. He tells the girl that soon she will hear her favorite song play but will change the station, as she won’t love listening to it. Hunt says to the lady that it will be hard to leave, as he will make her miss him, and she will wish Hunt is calling every time she hears her phone ring. ‘I’m gonna make you miss me.’

3. ‘Leave The Night On.’

The song is number one, from the musician’s studio album titled ‘Montevallo.’ The song is catchy, funny and well written, no wonder everyone gets up dancing whenever it plays. The version on the ‘Between the Pines’ mixtape is, however, a different opinion about the song, and that should never be confused with the original track.He sings that the girl’s kiss makes him crazy, and he is not able to sleep with her on the brain. Hunt thinks that there is no need of going home, they can just ‘Leave the Night on.’

2. ‘Break Up In a Small Town.’

People who grew up in small towns and tried to date have something to relate to this song. The song is about the crazy feeling you get when you see your ex with a different person. The situation gets worse if you live in a small town because it is most likely that you know the person dating her, maybe he is even your friend. Sam sings about a similar experience, blending R&B and country to produce a fantastic track. The song is sincere, well written and profound.

1. ‘Take Your Time.’

The song is single number two from Hunt’s ‘Montevallo’ album. The song boasts of a double platinum and the same rises in the Billboard Charts in the country songs category. The track acts as a bridge for Sam to cross to radio pop territory, as the record contains R&B influences. The song’s vocals are smooth, making it the best he has ever done, Hunt’s most recognized song. The song is a hit, a thriller, and a global anthem.

Sam Hunt New Song 2016-2017

Music (Feat. Drake)

San Hunt recently released a hot new song titled ‘Music,’ in collaboration with Drake. The song is about a girl who loves his music, and he decides to chase her love forever, despite the fact that time waits for no man. He will chase her forever, even if he gets no love. The song is already a thrill.

Sam Hunt is an amazing musician, and he gives his fans no reason to doubt his musical prowess. The artist collaborates with artists such as Drake to ensure they produce the best tracks. His latest track titled ‘Music’ is a show of how far he heads, and we love him. Good luck Sammy.

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