Top 10 Most Romantic Korean Movies of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Romantic Korean Movies of All Time till 2017. There comes other times when we want to feel good and revisit some of our emotions that we ignore or try to push out of our mind. However much as much as we try to ignore it, they may still be a little sweet inside us after all. These romantic movies are able to bring back some of the old memories about an old lover or even rekindle your present love affair, give you some warmth, and also help to bring back your trust in love.

The Korean movies are well known for having a lot of romantic drama. Below is a list of the best romantic Korean movies of all time till 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Romantic Korean Movies of All Time till 2017

10. Hello School Girl


This is a story about a 30-year old man that bumps into a student who is in high school as they move upwards in the same elevator on his way to go to work. The boldness of this teenager makes his heart to start pounding. When they reach a subway station, KANG Sook cannot stop glaring at the beautiful, long haired Ha-kyung. They break with Ha-kyung shortly after they have just met. But he was already in love with Ha-kyung. Some of the stars of the movies are: Ji-tae, Jeon-an Chae, and Yeon-hee Lee.

9. My little Bride

my little bride, Top 10 Most Romantic Korean Movies of All Time till 2017

This is story about a girl that tries to live her normal school and social life, when her grandfather forces her to marry a man in his twenties. Some of the film stars of this movie are: Sun-Yeon, Geun-youn Moon, Bo-kyeong Kim and Rae-won Kim among others.


architecture Top 10 Most Romantic Korean Movies of 2017

The story is about a 35-year old man named Seung-Min who is paid a visit to his office by a woman. Seung-Min is not able to recognize the woman at first, but later realizes the woman is called Seo-Yeon. Seo-Yeon was her first love but has never seen her since her fresh days in college. Seo-Yeon comes to Seung-Min with a request. She would like to hire him to rebuild her Jeju Island home. They met 15 years back during their days in architecture study in college. Their first meeting was in Architecture 101 class. They then start to fall in love while working on a class project together. But back onto the present day, he refuses to accept Seo-Yeon job offer. However, she persists and even goes to his boss, Seun-Min has no choice but to accept the job offer. Old memories and heartbreak will resurface again; these two will find themselves at different crossroads in their lives again.

7. Love Phobia


It was on a sunny day, a young man by name Jo-Kang gets to meet a young curious girl who is dressed in a bright yellow raincoat. The girl tells anyone in school who cares to listen to her that she is an alien and in case she touches anyone then the person will be harmed. But Ari loves to tell Jo-kings stories, this boy believes everything that this girl says and is willing to do anything for her. One rainy day Jo-kang and Ari crouch together in a yellow raincoat, time later Jo-kang falls sick with measles. Later Ari disappears. Some of the film stars of this movie are Hye-jeong Kang, Jin Yeong Jeong, and Seung-woo Cho among others.

6. Once in a Summer


The movie is a melodrama/romance South Korean romantic Movie. Some of its film stars are Soo Ae and Byung-hun. This film won the Best director and the Best film during the 15th Film Awards in the year 2007.

5. My Sassy Girl of 2001


This a love story based on a true story posted by one Ho-sik Kim on internet. He narrates how his love affair with her girlfriend began, is a big hit that is often compared to that of Titanic. This movie takes us through the experience of how certain things can be overlooked when one gets attracted to another. Some of its star casts are In-mun Kim, Wok –sun Song, Tae-hyun Cha, Ji-hyun Jun among others.

4. Always (2011)


The stars of these movies are Shin-il Kang, Hyo-ju Han, Ji-hyun Jun, and Wok-suk Song among others. This is a kind of love story that centers on an ex-boxer, Chul-min, and Jung-hwa, who is a telemarketer. You have to watch this movie to discover the hidden emotions that are displayed when romance is involved. It may cause you some heartbreak and at the same time some warmth at the same time.

3. Marriage is a Crazy Thing


The stars of this movie are Jeong-hwa Eom, Woo-Seong Kam, So-Jeong Kang and Won-sang Park among others. Jun-Young who goes by name Kam Woo-seong in this movie is a young man who is in his early thirties. This young man has seen his brothers and many of his friends get married but for him he is yet to commit himself to any serious relationship. But he is arguably enjoying life without any sense of direction or ambition. We meet Yeon-hee who is a girl close to click thirty years and very desperate to get a good husband. However, she is searching for a husband on the basis of economic and social status rather than love. Later they meet on a blind date where they find out that they are incompatibility intellectually.

2. My Girl and I of 2005


The casts of this movie are Yun-seok Kim, Jung-Hee Moon, and Tae-hyun Cha among others. The movie talks about a very beautiful student Sun-Eun who comes to the aid of his fellow student that was drowning in the ocean. However, Su-Ho is not able to figure out who rescued him, until Su-Eun later decides to tell him. These results in the love between the two which starts to grow slowly. But later something terrible happens. This one of the top 10 most romantic Korean movies of all Time till 2017.

1. A Moment to Remember of year 2004


The stars casts of this movie are Ye-jin Son, Woo-Sung Jung, Sun-Jing Lee, and Jong-hak Baek among others. The movie talks about a love story that is tested when one of the lovers is diagnosed with unknown kind of Alzheimer’s disease. The movie comes with a lot of lessons. The movie is about a very beautiful affair where one lover falls ill; it takes as out of a comfort zone, and teaches as how to love even in difficult and tricky situations.

These are the top 10 most romantic Korean movies of all Time till 2017. Korean has more other romantic movies such as: Sad Movie, The Classic, Pairan, More than Blue, and Windstruck, which did not make it to this list yet they remain to be among the best romantic Korean movies.