Top 10 Most Romantic Hollywood Movies of All Time

Take a look at the below List of Top 10 Most Romantic Hollywood Movies of All Time till 2017. Any list of the top 10 most romantic Hollywood movies of all time is bound to instigate debate, argument and some of the most legendary insults in the history of insults. A significant portion of the population, for instance, actually believes that Titanic is one of the most romantic love stories ever told. And, indeed, it is…and has been for the roughly 421,279 times it was told before James Cameron got around. No, Titanic will not be finding its way onto this list of romantic Hollywood films. And if you ever find it on any list, you should immediately stop reading as the person compiling that list has just proven they know nothing about Hollywood history.

List of Top 10 Most Romantic Hollywood Movies of All Time till 2017

10. Black Narcissus

black-narcissus, Most Romantic Hollywood Movies of All Time till 2017

Black Narcissus is a 1940s movie about nuns trying to run a school and hospital high in the valleys afforded by the surrounding Himalayas. Romantic? You wouldn’t believe it. What is even more astonishing is that Black Narcissus the prime example of the romantic movie spectrum that trades in the market of repressed passion exploding to the surface. The climactic sequence of Black Narcissus features a performance by Kathleen Byron that is the very quintessence of repressed sexual urges climbing their way into the conscious mind and out onto the body. Unforgettable romance in the mountains of Asia and here’s another incredible thing about this movie: it was shot entirely inside a studio. You won’t believe it when you watch it.

9. The Princess Bride

the-princess-bride, Most Romantic Hollywood Movies of All Time 2017

The book is better. By far. But as far as romantic swashbuckling fantasies go, The Princess Bride in movie form is hard to beat. Some may well prefer Errol Flynn romancing Olivia De Havilland, but modern audiences by a substantial margin are likely to find the love story of Buttercup and Westley more enthralling. Plus, you get the subplot of Inigo Montoya avenging his father’s murder which, in a way, is an even more satisfying love story than the central romance.

8. Brokeback Mountain

brokeback-mountain, Most Romantic Hollywood Movies of All Time

Amazingly enough, not every single romantic Hollywood movie is about heterosexual love. Brokeback Mountain broke ground by placing two recognizable, up-and-coming stars into an actual homosexual relationship: in other words, they not only kissed, but got naked and simulated lovemaking. A far cry from most “brave” movies about homosexuality featuring “brave” performances by stars.

7. The Good Fairy


The most amazing Romantic Hollywood Movies of all time till 2017. One of the lesser-known examples of screwball comedy today, this is exactly the sort of 1930s comedy that laid the foundation for today’s rom-coms. Don’t let that dissuade you from catching The Good Fairy, however, as this perplexingly complex little peek at romance screwball-style is more fun than Bridget Jones attending five weddings and two funerals. Viewers will immediately notice what is missing from today’s cookie cutter romantic comedies within the first half hour of watching this love story. First, it avoids the Nora Ephron Effect by forcing its characters to actually talk to each other rather than convey their emotions in five or six musical montages. Secondly, screwball comedies are preferable to romantic comedies precisely because of the necessity for oddball humor and bizarre gags.

6. The English Patient


Some call it boring. Most of those people also equate great romance with the turgid potboiler passing for a love story aboard the Titanic. What they really mean by “boring” is complex and what they really mean by complex is seductive. The plot of this romantic epic is all about the nature of seduction and The English Patient is a brilliant example of form and content fusing together to create a fully realized aesthetic.

5. A Place in the Sun


Montgomery Clift. Elizabeth Taylor. And director George Stevens at absolutely the top of his game. A Place in the Sun actually stands up much better than the number two film on this list, but since the lead character may or may not be a cold-blooded killer, you have to make some exceptions. Nevertheless, the single most romantic scene in the history of Hollywood film is found in A Place in the Sun. Here’s a hint: tell mama…tell mama all.

4. Let the Right One In


Yes, Let the Right One In is a vampire movie. Yes, it more than qualifies as a horror flick. But deep down beneath that patina of blood is the most remarkable tale of young love in the history of the movies. Okay, yes, this example is a bit of cheat; it’s not exactly a Hollywood film. But since there is absolutely nothing analogous to Let the Right One In in Hollywood history—with the caveat that the Hollywood version titled Let Me In is actually one of the superior remakes of a foreign horror film—it cannot be ignored. So don’t ignore it. This is one of the Top 10 Most Romantic Hollywood Movies of All Time till 2017.

3. UP

What a romantic movie! The entire plot of the film is about filling the one hole in an otherwise perfect love story. The only problem with what is in all other respects an irrefutably perfect film is that in order to fully appreciate the real depth of romance that its story plumbs, you may very have had to find the love your life. If UP is about anything—and it is about so much more—it is about sending a message of hope to everyone out there who thinks they will never find the right person with which to fall in love.

2. Gone with the Wind


Gone with the Wind is the ultimate Hollywood romantic love story. Like the number one choice that is even more romantic, however, it defies the expectation that Hollywood love stories must end either irrefutably happily or tragically. The ending of Gone with the Wind is neither happy nor tragic…it is ambiguous. And it deserves some major respect for being willing to end on such an ambiguous note. Less deserving of respect is that the audience must wade through four hours of its heroine not realizing the love of her life is not the hero, but a significantly less enthralling strip of wet rug. Seriously, Gone with the Wind may be the only major Hollywood love story to have as its not-the-romantic-hero a character that even not one single female viewer could possibly prefer over the character its heroine so cavalierly overlooks and tosses aside.

1. Casablanca


Anyone who wants to argue that Casablanca is not the most romantic Hollywood movie of all time is welcome to forward their reasons for believing so. To which anyone who knows their movies will counter that the sheer number of romances at play in this movie are enough to populate two tearjerkers, a romantic comedy and the next fifteen love stories scripted by James Cameron. Casablanca is a romance between Rick and Ilsa, Ilsa and Victor, Rick and Sam, Rick and Capt. Renault, Rick and America and the audience and democracy. Whew! That’s a whole lotta love going on in just one story. And that isn’t even to mention love story of Annina and Jan that Renault tries to exploit for his own pleasures. Casablanca is the ultimate Hollywood romantic film because it manages to end both happily and unhappily for the two figures at the center at the same time. Or, put another way: there is more complexity even in the love story of Annina and Jan than there is in the entire three hour slog aboard that Titanic bore of Rose and Jack.

So, these are the Top 10 Most Romantic Hollywood Movies of All Time Till 2017. Love comes in many forms and it is to Hollywood’s credit that their romantic movies over the past century have touched upon nearly all of them. Some may well argue that their favorite love story belongs on this list and maybe they are right. But they didn’t composed this list, so stop complaining and make your own list!

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