Rihanna Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Rihanna Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Rihanna is a talented Barbadian singer, also known as Rihanna Robyn Fenty. She is a girl with great talent that includes singing, fashion designing, and acting. Born and brought up in Saint Michael Barbados, Rihanna entertains her fans and the whole word with R&B, dancehall and reggae songs. Below are the best songs that the singer has ever done, from that time she started to sing up to now when she is a world superstar.

Rihanna Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Rihanna till 2017

10. Take a bow

‘Take a bow’ is an excellent song that combines some elements in it, being both entertaining and sad. It will be fair to say that the track is one of the best that Rihanna has ever made. A majority of fans feel that the song is horrid with a real mainstream style, depicting the real Rihanna. What a great song, ‘good girl gone bad.’

9. Diamonds

The song’ Diamonds’ made fans wait for the next album, Unapologetic impatiently. Even those fans who thought that nothing could be on top of ‘umbrella’ agreed that this track was capable of being on top. Shining bright like a diamond and being as beautiful as diamonds in the sky seems to be what this songbird is doing.

8. ‘What’s my Name.’

‘What’s my name’ is a great as well as an outstanding song. Fans consider the song to be one her best performance, as her voice in the song is very sweet, even being compared to that of an angel. The song is an all-time favorite for many fans who love it, and the beats are surely amazing. The song received a nomination for the MTV music awards as the best song.

7. Love the way you lie

Here comes another ironical song by Rihanna, ‘I love the way you lie.’ The song is great, and the wrap provided by Eminem fits the song. Rihanna’s voice is stunning, and it leaves girls wondering how someone would like to a partner to cheat on them. The voice is emotional, especially when she tells her lover that he will always be her hero, even if he lost his mind. Fans love the lyrics and the high catchy pitch.

6. Only girl in the world

‘The Only girl in the world’ has a catchy and amazing beat and tune, and Rihanna is damn hot in the video. Although ‘Umbrella’ is Rihanna’s anthem, this track looks more of Rihanna than any other in all her albums. The song is amazing and loved a lot, as it is superb and has a loving melody. Those who sing the song at talent shows win the competitions. ‘The Only girl in the world’ is a personal favorite of many.

5. ‘Disturbia.’

‘Disturbia’ means to throw into disorder. The song is one of the best Rihanna has done this far. The song has a distinctive voice, and the music its self is fantastic.’Disturbia’ is catchy and has different lyrics. The song has some incredibly crazy costumes, and the video is of the best quality. The song is about being in a chaotic state characterized by anxiety, confusion, and mental anguish. Hallucinations scare her, and she tries to get these strange feelings out of her mind. She feels like she is sleeping away as she tries to maintain her sanity. This is one of the Rihanna Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. Russian Roulette

A favorite Rihanna song, ‘Russian Roulette’ is an amazing song with a vocal range of passion. The song is great, and Rihanna’s voice sounds charming. The song is amazingly perfect, with memorable lyrics. Some fans say the song is scary, as it is all about taking dangerous chances with love. Although some people say that the song is about Rihanna’s personal love life, it is not clear whether that is true, the track is just a creation of the artist.

3. We found love

‘We found love’ is a collaboration song between Rihanna and another great musician, Harris Calvin. The song is a favorite for party goers and dancer, and it gets everyone to the dancing floor anytime it plays. It is an epic piece that has left fans wishing to be at a concert to get a taste of the song by a live performance. The song is from Rihanna’s album, ‘Talk that Talk’, and a must listen for fans. What a beautiful track with incredible beats and music and the video is crazy.

2. Love the way you lie

Truth first, the essence of this song is Rihanna’s voice. From a closer look, it sounds like Rihanna knows the frustration, anger, and pain conveyed by the song. The rapping provided by Eminem is just inconvincible and cheering, making fans hope to listen to such divinity forever. The video is superb, the lyrics are beautiful, the voice is great, and therefore the music is excellent.

1. Umbrella

Without any doubts in mind, ‘Umbrella is Rihanna’s signature song, and everyone sings it, young or old. Whenever people think ‘umbrella,’ they think Rihanna, and whenever they think Rihanna, they think ‘Umbrella”. Those who listen to it for the first time most likely fall in love with it, and they dance to its tune. Rihanna is ‘Umbrella,’ and as such, ‘Umbrella’ is Rihanna. The song has a lot of meaning in it, and it is favored to be Rihanna’s best song. Well done Rihanna, and well done your Umbrella.

Rihanna new songs 2016-2017

1. Kiss it better

‘Kiss it better’ is a trending track on Twitter, and an early fan favorite. The track is co-written and produced by Bhasker Jeff, a man who knows how to make a song sound this great. The lyrics leave the song open for interpretation, although the track is too sexual.

2. Work

‘Work’ is a track that is both catchy and repetitive, because the word ‘work’ severally repeats in the song. The song is mostly about sweet vocals by her pleasant voice, although it is less about the hooks. Drake makes the song even better, as the two are amazing artists, so the collabo is fantastic.

Rihanna is one of the best American musicians, and almost everyone in the world has heard her name. People sing to her sweet songs, and although some do not like her, they love her songs. She has come up well, and we can only expect more and more from her.

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