Top 10 Richest Video Game Developing Companies in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Richest Video Game Developing Companies in The World by net worth 2017. Most of the creativity innovations that started in the late 90’s and the early 2000’s has practically at the apex this year. This more so applies to the field of Information Technology and the manufacture of utility gadgets where massive revolutions have swept the relative industries. A perfect example is the development of games, more so the video games. The early 2000s were characterized by a very limited edition of video gaming, a fact that can be attributed to the unavailability of well-developed display technology. With the advent of Liquid Crystal, Gas and Plasma Display screens, the video gaming experience has changed altogether, incorporating a substantial touch of reality.

The video game developing companies have at the end of the game development ventures reaped very impressive financial benefits. Below are the top ten richest video game companies 2017 in order of their current net worth:

List of Top 10 Richest Video Game Developing Companies in The World 2017

1. Sony Computer Entertainment- $13.4 Billion


Sony Computer Entertainment definitely deserve their spot at the top of the video gaming world. This company has managed to fully transform the video gaming experience into a very realistic dimension that no one possibly thought could exist. Their Gran Turismo franchise that came to be since the year 1997 has been the best source of revenues so far. The racing game has evolved in such a substantial way over the years, thereby getting more and more fans with time. Sony also takes credit for the development of the God of War, a game based on a Greek Mythology. This is the one of the world’s top richest video game developing companies 2017.

2. Microsoft Studios- $ 12.82 Billion

Microsoft Studios Top Famous Richest Video Game Developing Companies 2018

Microsoft Studios has managed to maintain its consistent revenue inflows by having to develop games for Windows Phones as well as Windows PC. The company can also link its success directly to the Halo Franchise which dates back to the year 2001 minting the company over $3 Billion. Microsoft Studios is basically sails together with Microsoft, one of the leading technology units the world has seen.

3. Nintendo- $6.28 Billion

Nintendo Top Most Famous Richest Video Game Developing Companies 2019

All that the Nintendo Company is about can be summed up in the review of their journey going back more than 120 years ago. Their release of Super Mario formed a runway for their take off into massive success. The company diversified its portfolio to cater for the manufacture of gaming consoles such as GameCube, Wii and Wii U, which have been trending for the larger part of the 2010s. The company is the proud owner of Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda, the two of which have contributed to its financial success.

4. Sega-$ 4.9 Billion

Sega Top Largest Richest Video Game Developing Companies

Sega hasn’t possibly caused much of a stir in the confines of video gaming, but they have definitely managed to generate such a sufficient amount of revenues to make it to the top 5. This company was initially involved in the active production of its own games, but made a shift to assisting other video gaming companies to complete their projects. The company however boasts of its “Sonic the Hedgehog” series which has remained a favorite among many video game players.

5. Activision Blizzard-$4.85 Billion

Activision Blizzard Top 10 Richest Video Game Developing Companies 2017

Activision Blizzard came to birth as a result of a merger that saw Vivendi Games and Activision unite to scale up their game production capability. Since the merger in the year 2008, Activision Blizzard has managed to make major releases such as Call Of Duty, and World Of Warcraft which is among the biggest hits in the online gaming scene.

6. Namco Bandai-$4.74 Billion

Namco Bandai Top Most Popular Richest Video Game Developing Companies 2019

Namco Bandai is one of Japan’s gaming company which capitalizes on the distribution of arcade games. The company begun its long journey to fame as Namco in the 1980s when it acquired Atari. Since then, the company embarked on the creation of authentic arcade gaming characters, the most popular one being Pacman. In the year 2005, Namco merged with Bandai in a move that was viewed as a come-back into the gaming industry. The release of Naruto and Tekken has been the testimonial to the great works of this video game developing company.

7. Electronic Arts-$4.14 Billion

Electronic Arts Top Most Richest Video Game Developing Companies 2017

Electronic Arts has made the 21st Century video gaming experience a worthwhile experience, having managed to capitalize on sports gaming. Some of the best-selling games from this company include Need for Speed, Command and Conquer, Medal of Honor and Mass Effect which can be played by both Xbox and PlayStation users. The collaboration of Electronic Arts with LucasArts was possibly one of the well-calculated and strategically sound moves which saw the development of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which took over the video gaming scene by storm. EA boasts of being amongst the top three Independent gaming companies in the world 2017.

8. Konami-$3.24 Billion

Konami Top Popular Richest Video Game Developing Companies 2018

Diversity in the video gaming world is what Konami has capitalized on to get up the ladder of financial success and popularity. From the soft version of the Dance Dance Revolution to the hard and horror series such as Silent Hill, the company’s video gaming venture has been a sure success. The company however generates wealth from other avenues such as the sales of arcade games and slot machines.

9. Ubisoft-$1.85 Billion


Ubisoft stands out as one of the few independent gaming companies in the gaming industry in 2017. Since its establishment in the year 1986, by the Guillemot Brothers, this video gaming company has come a long way into satisfying the needs of gamers. Assassin’s Creed is probably one of the most popular video games that have hit the global scene, all thanks to Ubisoft for their stardom in game development. With other games such as Rayman, Tom Clancy, Far Cry, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six, the company’s creativity has been met with such impressive receptiveness. Ubisoft has seen major growth with their independence and originality being the major factors of success.

10. Square Enix-worth $1.26 Billion


Square Enix has been a major household name, more so from the year 2009 when they purchased Eidos Interactive. Square Enix had the ownership rights of the very popular Tomb Raider transferred to them right then. By the first quarter of 2014, Square Enix in collaboration with Disney had developed Kingdom Hearts whose popularity saw it sell 20 million copies globally. In the next three months, Square Enix was able to realize sales amounting to 110 million copies from the Final Fantasy. The Japanese company is also the proud owner of Dragon Quest which is among the best video games of the century.

The video game developing companies 2017 have all along worked unceasingly, putting the best and latest technology on the line to enhance their relevance to the ever-expectant clients. Video gaming is quite popular in most nations where all people, regardless, of their age engage in tournaments which create some of the most admirable bonding sessions.

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