Randy Travis Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Randy Travis Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Randy Bruce Traywick is a country musicians better known to his fans as Randy Travis. The incredible musician collaborates with his brother Ricky, after which he decides to use the name, Randy Ray, to support himself as a cook. In 1985, Randy signs himself to the ‘Warner Bros.’, which makes him adopt his professional name of Randy Travis, the way all of us know him today. He continues to receive credit for transforming country music from pop sound, which successfully makes shim the leading country artist during the 80’s and 90’s. Travis has hit the ‘Hot Country Singles’ chart 18 times over a period of two decades. Here is our list of his ten best songs of all time.

Randy Travis Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Randy Travis Till 2017

10. ‘If I Didn’t Have You.’

Randy Travis continues to display his lasting star muscles by releasing strings of hits over the years of his career with Warner Bros. The track called ‘If I Didn’t Have You’ is an upbeat and jaunty tune that opens with the first three lines blended with a bass thumping drum. After release, the record peaks at position one on the ‘Hot Country Songs Chart,’ that was around 1992. The song is a contemplation of how life would be had Travis been alone, without his sweetheart.

9. ‘Honky Tonk Moon.’

‘Honky Tonk Moon’ is a track emanating from the ‘Old 8X10′ album, penned by Dennis O’ Rourke. The record makes use of simple phrases to trigger powerful images. ‘Honk Tonk Moon’ is a position one hit for Randy Travis released in 1988, with a simple arrangement and a breezy tune supporting the ‘Easy on my soul’ excellent lyrics. The singer imagines his hands around the girlfriend. All his troubles go away, thanks to the girl.

8. ‘Is it Still Over.’

‘Is it Still Over’ is another single track from ‘LP Old 8×10′ album. The song takes a funny look at a man’s denial towards a broken relationship. Travis sings that since the phone is not ringing, he assumes it is not the girl calling. ‘Is it Still Over’ topped the list of ‘Hot Country Songs‘ in 1989, making it make history as Travis’ ninth position one hit. Travis sings that is very inconvenient to be without his girl. He is however not sure that he is done with the relationship.

7. ‘Diggin’ Up Bones.’

‘Digging Up Bones’ is a track by Paul composition that Travis makes into a hit. The song is the musician’s sixth position one track among the country charts in the year 1986. The track is the third one Travis released from the ‘Warner Bros.’ debut album known as ‘Storms of Life.’ The loss and regret track makes use of a driving beat to express grief over lost love. He tells the girl that he just dug her picture out of the drawer over the night, not believing that she is gone.

6. ‘On the Other Hand.’

In the track called ‘On The Other Hand,’ a common idiom is combined with a deep resonating voice by Randy Travis. The great composition turns out to be the ‘Song of the Year’ during the ‘Academy Of Country Music’ in 1986. Initially, the track fails to perform so well, not even making it to the ‘Hot Country Songs Top 100′. However, the same song shoots to position one in 1986, thanks to Don Schlitz, who co-wrote the track. This is one of the Randy Travis Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘Three Wooden Crosses.’

‘Three Wooden Crosses’ is Travis’ position one hit track after he moves to the ‘DreamWorks Record Label’ in the summer of 1997. The song was named as the ‘CMA 2003 Song of the Year’, which makes us give the same the much credit it deserves. As a ballad, the track tells a story of a ride in a bus that is already fated, as well as the temptations faced by the only survivor in the entire bus. Randy compares a teacher, a farmer and a preacher who ride on a midnight bus whose destination is Mexico.

4. ‘I Won’t Need You Anymore (Always and Forever)’

The song is first recorded by George Jones in 1981, in his album known as ‘Still the Same Old Me.’ Six years later, Randy Travis releases his version of the same, and it tops the ‘Billboard Hot Country Songs’ chart. The song is full of emotions and love, although the artist uses hyperbole to make the mood enlightened, saving the entire record from being sappy. He sings that once the fires of hell freeze, he will not need her anymore.

3. ‘Heroes And Friend.’

‘Heroes And Friends’ is written alongside Don Schlitz, and Travis decides to sing about the importance of reaching high ideals such as those of heroes. The track recognizes the importance of your friends and the support they offer you. The song boasts about rising to position three on the ‘Hot Country Songs’ charts in the year 1991. The track is an excellent dedication to friends and people who have never abandoned you, ‘through thick or thin.’

2. ‘Look, Heart, No Hands.’

‘Look, Heart, No Hands’ is a global anthem as well as a position one hit for Randy Travis. The track takes a whopping two weeks at position one in January of 1993. The opening verse describes the feeling the artist felt after obtaining freedom during his youth, riding bicycles hands-free down the steepest hills. The great bridge presented by the song blends the verses to compare the happy feeling to what he feels for all the people that he loves. The song is romantic and entertaining, a great dedication.

1. ‘He Walked on Water.’

Travis admits that his fans always tell him that they relate ‘He Walked on Water’ to their lives the most. The track reminds fans the times they often spent with their grandparents. The record gives tribute to generational memories that are long gone. The song is position there from Randy’s ‘No Holding Back,’ a debut album released in 1989.

Randy Travis Most Realistic New Song 2016-2017

Better Class of Losers

Randy Travis has lots of songs that are emotional, educative and hurting. However, ‘Better Class of Losers’ is a track with a lot of reality in it. The artist sings about moving out of his lavish suite and going back to his old folks, who are ‘what they seem to be.’ The song explains the reality of wealthy but unhappy people.

Randy Travis is a legend, and we will never forget him. One of his most favorite and incredible songs is ‘Three Wooden Crosses,’ which acts as a motivation to lots of people in the world. Randy Travis, we love you, come back to the ‘Better Class of Losers,’ where you will find ‘Heroes and Friends.’

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