Radiohead Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Radiohead Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Radiohead is a very successful band in rock music. It traces its roots back to Oxfordshire where it was formed in 1985. They released their debut single,’Creep,’ in 1992 after signing to EMI Records the previous year. Their career has been so successful that they have been able to sell more than 30 million albums. Here are some of their best 10 songs.

Radiohead Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Radiohead of all time Till 2017

10. ‘Talk Show Host.’

‘Talk Show Host’ is one song that has been a favorite of many fans of Radiohead. It was related to ‘Romeo + Juliet’ and was released on side B on ‘Street Spirit’ single. It preceded ‘OK Computer’ that was released in 1997 to an equally impressive reception by fans. The song is now slightly above two decades in age, but its sound quality makes it relevant to date. A sparse guitar coupled with crawling bass lines on top of rhythmic beats is what makes it a good song even today.

9. ‘Reckoner.’

Radiohead has a strength that keeps them relevant after every song they release. The band incorporates fascinating musical aspects that attract every ear to their well-thought work. ‘Reckoner’ is one such piece of work. It’s spooky vocal, the lone guitar riff, and great percussive Pierce announces the song to the world in a unique way. Radiohead has often confessed to being inspired by R&B and soul music.

8. ‘Life In A Glass House.’

This song was released amidst major success by Radiohead. People never quite understood what had been inspiring the band since there wasn’t another band at that time that they could have possibly looked up to. They had been phenomenally creative. They attributed this creativity to a miscellany of musicians in jazz and germinal albums in their genre. ‘Life In A Glass House’ is a tune that has been underrated.

7. ‘How To Disappear Completely.’

This song may be peradventure the best song from the album ‘Kid A.’ It brought in a lot of significance for the band. Yorke’s lyrics sounded very personal. The words carry the advice he received from Michael Stipe that was meant to guide him on how to make do with the stress that comes with being a celebrity. The arrangement of the song’s strings made a name for Johnny Greenwood. It was also the song that landed the directors like Paul Thomas Anderson and Lynne Ramsay some prestigious soundtrack jobs. ‘How To Disappear Completely’ was quite a sensation.

6. ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out).’

Despite its gloominess, it had other significant aspects that a hit should possess. Radiohead displayed top notch artistry. They worked hard enough to push rock music into unexplored territories and brought a new taste to their fans. It was the perfect curtain raiser for the gigantic ‘OK Computer’ that later came to change fortunes for Radiohead and the whole modern rock music.

5. ‘Kid A.’

‘Kid A’ was an instant hit with Radiohead fans. It is perhaps the first song that we heard from the band that brought a distinction between their vocal ability. In the song, Johnny Greenwood extemporizes the melody as Yorke sings some original lyrics. If at all the song was an experiment, they were able to achieve compelling results that gave us one of the best tunes in the band’s rich discography.

4. ‘Pyramid Song.’

‘Pyramid Song’ is a display of great artistry. Just like the five rock geniuses that make up the band, the piano riff comes out very powerful. It is so powerful that it arouses eerie emotions in any listener. All the musical aspects are a clear indicator that the members of Radiohead are enthusiastic perfectionists. ‘Pyramid Song’ boasts an excellent sound and an overall great execution. This is one of the Radiohead  Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

3. ‘Exit Music (For A Film).’

This song is a unique one in Radiohead’s career. It is a quick tune that marks an important part of the band’s unique musical architecture. Yorke’s vocals enkindle an eerie musicality. Throughout the song, there is a buildup in want, pain, and anxiety that reaches the climax in a constant agitation of instrumental immediateness steered by the lead singer’s prowess in matters vocals and lyrics.

2. ‘Idioteque.’

This great hit was a creation of a viable experiment of computer music. The group was so lucky because this experiment by composer Paul Lansky turned out to be the best song of their career. The song had a blown-out electronic beat that was in every way violent. ‘Ideoteque’ was provocative of apocalyptic thoughts triggered by images of capitalistic exploitation as well as climate change. Yorke did not only personify this fear of the future, but he also became part of the noise. It became the band’s first major foray into electronic music. The song earned the band (and itself) global veneration.

1. ‘Paranoid Android.’

‘Paranoid Android’ was Radiohead’s first success in putting across an original artistic statement. The song was the foremost released single off the album ‘OK Computer.’ In the song, the chords don’t appear to go together, and it also feels as if the sections are jumbled. The lyrics have little if any sense at all. Much to anyone’s surprise, it is these odd things that make it the greatest song ever by Radiohead.

Radiohead New Songs 2016-2017

Radiohead released their 9th studio album titled ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ on May 8, 2016. The album is the band’s comeback since their last (The King of Limbs) in 2011. The new album has 11 tracks. Below we sample some of the songs from ‘A Moon Shaped Pool.’

1. ‘True Love Waits.’

The band is known to be complex in arrangements. We also know that they are experts when it comes to integrating a myriad of instruments in their songs. Simple piano kicks off the song and Yorke catches up with the lyrics. The song is, however, not as luxuriant as the rest.

2. ‘The Numbers.’

This one begins with more melody than other songs on the album. It has an acoustic guitar and a piano at the forefront that gives it some soothing quality.

When it comes to rock music, Radiohead has rocked the world for their fans. They have not only dominated the charts, but they have also been an inspiration to other upcoming rock groups. Radiohead has also contributed greatly to the improvement of the genre. Long live Radiohead!

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