Rachel Platten Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Rachel Platten Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Rachel Platten is a pop artist who has been in the industry for some time. Her first album released in 2003, with the second one releasing eight years later, in 2011. Her songs are made successful by TV airplay, and she finds national acclaim after signing a deal with Columbia records in 2015. Platten’s studio release is now exploding, with a majority of the singles hitting Billboard charts. Below are ten of her best songs.

Rachel Platten Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Rachel Platten till 2017

10. ‘You Don’t Know My Heart.’

The song is in Platten’s album named ‘Wildfire,’ and it has a standard message. Rachel is unable to open up to somebody, something that makes her think that the person does not know her. She compares the man’s heart to a hurricane but wonders whether he cannot realize her pain. That makes Platten know that the guy does not understand. ‘I just hope you could open me up and see all the confusion.’ “Cause tonight, it feels like you don’t know my heart’. Feels like eh, you don’t know, you don’t know my heart.

9. ‘You’re Safe.’

The song signifies a significant turnaround to the career of Rachel. After release, the slow ballad plays on MTV’s ‘Finding Carter’ as a hit song, something that exposes the musician at a time when he is little known. The song is about being loving and caring, and she sings about keeping those she loves in her arms, free from any danger, trouble or storm. ‘Hey now don’t you run away, don’t you run away.’ ‘Hey, now don’t you be afraid don’t you be afraid.’ ‘You’re safe.’

8. ‘Better Place.’

‘Better Place’ is a new melodic song by Rachel, with an excellent tone in the track. The metaphor in the record communicates appropriately, with an uplifting imagery. The track depicts a better life after she finds a special someone for herself. ‘And the sun paints the skies and the wind sings her songs.’ ‘It’s a better place since you came along.’ ‘It’s a better place since you came along.’ ‘Now am alright, now am alright.’ ‘Everything is alright.’

7. ‘Beating Me Up.’

‘Beating Me Up’ is a song that is famous with its beats. The record has some aggressive tones and strong lyrics. In the track, she sings about her intentions to get out of a broken relationship, but strangely she is still attracted. ‘It’s getting louder and louder.’ ‘Every time I think about you, about you.’ ‘I’ll be better off without you, without you.’ ‘I wish my heart would stop, wish my heart would stop.’ ‘Beating me up.’

6. ‘Stand By You.’

One of Rachel’s biggest tracks is ‘Stand By You.’ The song has a message that always gets deep into the listeners. The song is about being there to support and encourage another person, as a good friend. ‘And Love, if your wings are broken, borrow mine till yours can open too.’ Cause I’m gonna stand by you.’ ‘Even if I can’t find heaven, I will run through hell with you.’ ‘Love, you’re not alone, “cause I’m gonna stand by you.’ look at the top 10 Rachel Platten songs.

5. ‘Overwhelmed.’

‘Overwhelmed’ is a track from Platten’s album called ‘Be Here.’ The song shows the musician’s ability to compose excellent music, as the record is relatable and connected. The song is about life and the way we get down sometimes, but amazingly we always get up through obstacles. ‘It’s just the beating of our hearts and the still of the midnight air.’ ‘And I get so overwhelmed since it’s hard to tell.’ ‘What am thinking.’ This is one of the Rachel Platten Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. ‘Congratulations.’

‘Congratulations’ is an anti-bullying song about a person who abuses the family, but finally, he breaks down. That means that the victim is the winner and the wrongdoer losses. ‘Congratulations, you got your shot, and you wore me down.’ ‘And I really don’t think you get it now.’ ‘No I really don’t believe that you get it now.’ ‘It’s killing me, I admit now.’ ‘Congratulations, you tore my heart out, congratulations.’

3. ‘Speechless.’

The song is contained in the ‘Wildfire’ album, and it is a favorite performance song for Rachel. The beats are simple and straight forward, and the language is placed well within the entire song. The song is an unusual request to a lover to take the relationship to the next level. ‘Cause you make me speechless.’ ‘You quiet my demons.’ ‘So why don’t we hold tonight and just kill me silently.’ ‘I don’t need a reason when you make me speechless.’

2. ‘Lonely Planet.’

Rachel’s national release has a bonus track called ‘Lonely Planet.’ The song has an everlasting message and a haunting melody. The song tends to touch all the strangers in the world, who have no idea of each other. ‘We are spirits dancing on a lonely planet.’ ‘Is this all we, all we are?’ ‘All we are is spirits dancing on a lonely planet.’ ‘Does it ever break your heart.’ ‘And I wanna know your name, wanna feel your charm.’

1. ‘Fight Song.’

‘Fight Song’ is the best track that Rachel has released in her entire music history. The song is her signature, as people associate her with the record. It helps put her on a global stage, thanks to its empowerment anthem. The song peaks at position six on the Billboard, and it features in movies and commercials. The song encourages people always to fight for their rights. ‘I will scream them loud tonight.’ ‘Can you hear my voice this time?’

Rachel Platten New Songs 2016-2017

1. Better Place

In her new song, she has decided to let all people know that the world has suddenly turned into a better place since she found her sweetheart. Rachel compares his touch to sunlight through trees and his kisses to the ocean breeze. ‘It’s a better place since you came along.’

2. ‘Hey Hey Hallelujah.’

In her new song, Platten sings about turning a man up, then on. The man thinks of danger, but Rachel knows that his heart is drunk. She tells the man that he cannot help it with her. ‘Singing hey hey hallelujah, hey hey hallelujah.’

3. ‘Angels in Chelsea.’

In her new song, Platten sings about seeing a suit giving a buck to a bum. She sings of a teenage girl being drunk, waiting for the bus. ‘Brown bags, sky-high, I see angels in Chelsea.’ ‘Wall Street, chic life, I see angels in Chelsea.’ ‘And everywhere I look tonight, I see angels in Chelsea.’

Rachel Platten is a beautiful and talented musician. She thrills her fans with pop music any time she opens her mouth to sing. Her long time experience in music allows her to compose hit song after hit song, which makes her an incredible artist. A majority of her songs revolve around love, hate, and relationships. That makes her music emotional and real. All the best Rachel Platten, you have a singing talent.

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